Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2022


Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2022 DB

When We don’t have any balance on our sim card we often take the emergency balance from the Airtel SIM. We take the help of emergency balance when we cannot Flexiload or recharge due to various personal problems or at the moment of need. Our topic today is the airtel emergency balance code on an Airtel SIM if you occasionally use it. In this, you can be careful in using your emergency balance. So those who do not know how to check Airtel emergency balance will learn the rules of checking through this article. You can then check your Airtel Emergency Balance yourself later.

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How To Get An Emergency Balance In Airtel?

To get the emergency balance on your airtel sim, dial *141# or *8#. You can get an emergency balance if you have less than 10 takas in your SIM. The amount of emergency balance given to you will be deducted later. I would like to inform you that Airtel provides an emergency balance of a minimum of 12 takas and a maximum of 100 takas.

After taking the emergency balance, you must go to your mobile’s dial option if you want to check that balance.

  • By dialing this code *778#, you can check your Airtel Emergency Balance money balance. A menu will appear on your screen when you dial this code. In this menu, you can see a certain amount of money, and the amount of money you will have to pay with interest will also be mentioned. Here the amount of Airtel emergency balance according to the serial number and the amount to be paid at the time of payment will be written. Now you must type the serial number of the amount you want to take as an emergency balance of your choice in an empty box below. And this is how your emergency balance will be accepted.
  • You can also check your Airtel Emergency Balance balance by dialing *1#.
  • Dial *8444*88# if you want to check the Airtel Emergency Balance internet pack term balance.
  • If you want, you can check your Airtel Emergency Balance by dialing this code *3#.

Airtel authorities will pay a fixed amount as your emergency balance based on your recharge. There is no option of your own choice. In this way, you can receive the emergency balance in another mode other than your Airtel SIM.

The codes mentioned above are Airtel Emergency Balance Check Codes. Many people get into trouble because they don’t know these codes. If you read our article carefully, you may not get into this trouble in the future. This information is very useful and is not usually available. You will always find accurate information on this website.

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Airtel Emergency Balance Code 2022

The number of Airtel users is increasing daily. Although Airtel has maintained its service quality better in urban areas than in rural areas, the number of Airtel users is constantly growing. Airtel is currently serving its customers through 4g internet. Today we will discuss all the information about airtel emergency balance code 2022. Emergency balance is mainly taken when a person’s main balance is too low or empty. 

A service charge of 2.67 is applied to the Airtel SIM emergency balance. A 10 taka emergency balance must be paid with 12.67 takas at the time of payment. If your Airtel SIM balance is less than 10 takas, you can take an emergency balance. Emergency balance, internet data, and the minute loan can be availed by dialing *141# on Airtel SIM. And balance check code is *1#.

Almost all of us who are Airtel customers need Airtel Instant Balance or Airtel Loan at times. But I can’t take it because I don’t know the code or way to take the emergency balance for various reasons. Many people know, but the Airtel authorities can’t update their lending codes already. Thus overall, an Airtel customer is prevented from taking emergency balance at the time of his need. So without prolonging the discussion, let us know in detail about the Airtel loan or emergency balance, taking code numbers, ways, etc., for the convenience of customers.

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Airtel authorities have consistently published emergency balances on their official site. The emergency loan amount, service fee, and total amount are highlighted nicely. And because of that, for the convenience of the readers, today’s article presents the chart list-

Loan Service Fee Total Takas
12 taka 2.67 takas 14.67 takas
15 takas 2.67 takas 17.67 takas
22 takas 2.67 takas 24.67 takas
25 takas 2.67 takas 27.67 takas
32 takas 2.67 takas 34.67 takas
50 takas 2.67 takas 52.67 takas
100 takas 2.67 takas 102.67 takas

Airtel Emergency Voice Minute Loans

Price Minutes (any number) Duration
5 5 4 hours
8 10 5 hours
13 15 16 hours
20 25 24 hours
26 35 24 hours
36 50 2 days
53 75 7 days

Airtel Emergency Internet Loans

Price MB Duration
14.67 70 MB 3 Days
25 300 MB 3 Days
37 1 GB 3 Days
50 1.5 GB 3 Days
104 2.5 GB 7 Days

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Airtel Emergency Balance Code FAQ

1 . What is the emergency balance?

Mobile phone operators offer the Emergency Balance Service to enable users with zero or low balances to get loans and access mobile operator services. Users can access the service via SMS and USSD.

2. Does Airtel Money offer loans?

Customers can take a certain amount of emergency balance or quick balance from the mobile operator if they want. This is basically done through borrowing, which is repaid through subsequent recharges.

3. What is my airtel app?

This is Airtel SIM’s own app. This app is available on Google Play Store. It is easy to check different offers when you open an account on the My Airtel app.

Conclusion:  We have tried to present all the information about the airtel emergency balance code 2022 above. We are trying to present the correct information according to the readers’ needs. You can safely use this information from us. One thing to note is that the airtel emergency balance code will be deducted from the next recharge.

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