Airtel Internet Offer 2022


Airtel internet offer 2022: All best packages

Are you having trouble finding an updated Airtel Internet offer 2022? Airtel data offer price is very low. It always brings good offers at low prices. So we are always looking for Airtel packages. After reading the content you no longer become too bothered. Because today I will discuss the Airtel data package.

Airtel is the best telecommunication service provider in Bangladesh. All over the country, they serve the best network. More than 10 million consumers have airtel operators. They always provide amazing features of packages. Airtel internet offers are wonderful for both postpaid customers and prepaid.

With this info, I will ascribe you the best reasonable airtel internet pack. Also, how can you discover the best packages according to your conditions? Furthermore, I will inform you about code packages and recharge packages.

Airtel internet offers 2022:

Newly, airtel updates all their packages of internet. They construct their packages stingy than the earlier year. Their packages are reasonable and very useful. You will be able to talk to your special ones as you want. Now I accord you the latest airtel internet offer 2022. Each consumer has reasonable internet packages for themselves.

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I conserve inexpensive and the latest packages here. When we desire to buy an affordable internet pack. We have to suffer different difficulties. It ruins our money and useful time. Let’s see airtel internet offer 2022:

Airtel 3GB internet package

This is the best package on airtel internet. You can buy only 59 Taka with VAT and SD.  You can buy this offer by recharge or USSD. You can use this offer on any network. This pack is eligible for both prepaid and postpaid users. We provide the offer details below:

  • Total: 3 GB
  • Price only: 59 Taka.
  • Validity: 03 days.
  • Activate code: *123*059#

Airtel 7GB internet offer

It is a 10 days pack. You can purchase the offer for only 179 Taka ( with SD and VAT). Both prepaid and postpaid users can purchase this offer. This offer can be purchased by recharge and code. Anywhere and any network it can be consumed. We provide the offer details below:

  • Total: 7 GB
  • Price: 179 Taka. 
  • Validity: 10 Days.
  • Activate code: *123*179#

Airtel 5GB internet offer

This package is a weekly pack. The pack cost 129 Taka ( with SD and VAT). If you weekly basis packs user then you buy this package. Any consumer can purchase this pack. You can buy the pack by recharge and code. We provide the offer details below:

  • Total: 5 GB
  • Validity: 07 Days.
  • Price: 129 Taka.
  • Activate code : *123*129#

Airtel 2GB internet offer

If you desire to purchase packages for a month. Then the pack is for you. You can consume this pack for the month. The pack cost is only 229 taka with VAT and SD. You can purchase this offer by code or recharge. You can consume this offer on any network. Both postpaid and prepaid consumers can purchase this pack. We provide the offer details below:

  • Total: 2 GB.
  • Price: 229 Taka.
  • Validity: 30 days.
  • Activate code: *123*229#.

To know minutes balance *778*0#, account balance *1#, and Internet balance *3#.

Airtel internet packages:

Airtel net packages can be bought in many ways. Each offer can be buy-in several ways. Over recharge and code, you can purchase an airtel internet offer. Some of the packages are applicable for each user. Also, You can amass which package is suitable for you.

You can purchase some offers through codes. And some packages can be purchased through recharge. Some packages are just for the net. And some packages hold SMS with the net. These offers are called bundle packages.

To help my honorable strangers, I conserve all affordable packages in a list. With the list, you can protect valuable time and achieve inexpensive packs.

From the list, you can purchase the pack of your choice smoothly. Create the list with total internet. cost, and validity.

Let’s check the airtel internet offer in 2022:

Total internet Price Activate Code Validity
500 MB 29 Taka *123*025# 03 Days
1 GB 22 Taka *123*022# 03 Days
1.5 GB (4G) 38 Taka *123*038# 03 Days
1.5 GB + 50 minutes 98 Taka *123*098# 07 Days
1.5 GB 89 Taka *123*089# 07 Days
2 GB 59 Taka *123*059# 05 Days
2 GB 44 Taka *123*044# 03 Days
3 GB 104 Taka *123*104# 07 Days
1 GB + 100 Minutes+ 100 SMS 148 Taka *123*148# 07 Days
3 GB 54 Taka *123*054# 03 Days
1 GB FB + Instra 12 Taka *123*012# 30 Days
1 GB only Pubg 33 Taka *123*033# 30 Days
2  GB 299 Taka *123*299# 30 Days
5 GB 129 Taka *123*129# 07 Days
  5 GB 159 Taka *123*159# 10 Days
6 GB 159 Taka *123*159# 10 Days
6 GB 148 Taka *123*148# 07 Days
7 GB 179 Taka *123*179# 10 Days
7 GB 498 Taka *123*498# 30 Days
10 GB 399 Taka *123*052# 07 Days
20 GB 500 Taka *123*053# 28 Days
30 GB 998 Taka *123*998# 28 Days

Airtel internet offer recharge:

With help of the modern communication technologies, we can converse with others in just a few minutes through mobile. So we always desire to purchase inexpensive internet packages. To fulfill our needs airtel always comes with stingy internet packages.  So the number of airtel users is broadening day by day.

Various aspects you will able to purchase internet packages. Some of the packages are only applicable for recharge.  You just recharge enough balance of your plan. This package automatically turns on your appliances. I inform you of all affordable packages which are available for a recharge.

Let’s check the airtel net recharge offer list 2022:

Total internet Recharge Code  Validity
1.5 GB 38 Taka *123*038# 03 Days
2 GB 44 Taka *123*044# 03 Days
2 GB+ 1 GB 4G 54 Taka *123*054# 03 Days
2 GB 59 Taka *123*038# 05 Days
1 GB 4G 22 Taka *123*038# 03 Days
500 MB 29 Taka *123*038# 03 Days

Airtel internet offer check code:

airtel internet packages are accessible in several ways. Some of the packages are acceptable only for code. Those packages have a unique code so you have to dial the code to purchase the package.

Airtel internet packages are stingy and satisfying. Because if you have a sufficient amount you can activate your package anytime. Hence, I accumulate the latest airtel internet offer code in a table. The table generates total internet, code. price and validity.

Latest airtel internet offer code 2022:

Total internet Price Activate code Validity
1.5 GB  89 Taka *123*089# 07 Days
3 GB 104 Taka *123*104# 07 Days
1.5 GB + 50 minutes 98 Taka *123*098# 03 Days
5 GB 129 Taka *123*129# 05 Days
5 GB 159 Taka *123*159# 10 Days
7 GB 179 Taka *123*179# 10 Days

How to activate the offer on your phone:

To purchase a useful package, you have to find the best internet packages. Then you will be able to choose the fairest one according to your emphases. 

  • Select an offer from the table.
  • Amass the packages activate code.
  • Open the phone dial pad and type the code.
  • Then usually activate the pack on your device.
  • You will get at an activation SMS. 
  • Now, check your internet’ amount. Dial *3#.


Airtel internet offer 30 days

1 GB likee 30 days 49 taka

Airtel always brings various types of packages. This is a social pack. This offer you can use on likee. Also, it is a monthly pack. You can purchase this offer only at 49 Taka (with VAT, SD, and SC) and recharge. 

12 GB 30 days 398 taka

This is the best offer for monthly pack lovers. Here you receive 12 GB internet only at 398 BDT. You can use the offer for 30 days. If you are willing to spend huge time online. Then this pack is perfect for you. Then just dial *123*398# and enjoy your pack. But must ensure that your account sufficient amount. Because your account has to 398 BDT(with VAT, SD, and SC) to activate the offer. Also, you can purchase this offer by recharge.

16 GB 30 days 497 taka

This is another better Airtel MB package for Airtel users. It’s also a 30 days offer. Here you need 497 BDT(with VAT, SD, and SC) to get 16 GB internet. Which can be consumed for any net and everything. To start the offer, dial *123*497# and recharge 497 Taka. After that, you will get an activation SMS. All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase this offer. 


  • Some packages may not be usable at this period. 
  • To buy a pack make sure your account has sufficient money.

Conclusion: In the above content, you will know the latest affordable airtel internet offer 2022. Also, you will be able to select the best offer according to your requirements. Furthermore, you find the latest Airtel MB package code. You can purchase the offers at any time. If you have a sufficient amount in your account.

I anticipate that the above packages are very effective for you. Also, you can communicate with your individuals by hours. If you have profited from this article. Then don’t miss sharing with your relatives and friends. always arrives with your educational and technology-related update data. Like job circular, solutions, online income, routine, results, job exam questions, all operator SIM offer,s, etc. 

If you have any doubts about the above article just leave it below the comment box. To learn all updated knowledge visit our site regularly. 

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