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Airtel is one of the best mobile telecom operators in Bangladesh. Airtel is constantly providing benefits to their customers and offering one after the other. Most of the customers in Bangladesh have expressed interest in using Airtel. But many customers don’t know the Airtel number check code.

If you are an Airtel customer and want to know the airtel number check code, then this article is for you. We’ve tried to simplify things as much as possible throughout the process. The company has separate USSD Codes for checking numbers. The Airtel Number Check Code was recently released to provide more convenience to customers. Using the new Airtel code, the customer can easily remember the one-digit USSD code and retrieve his SIM number at any convenient time.


How to check the airtel number in Bangladesh?

We all know that Airtel is one of the biggest network providers in Bangladesh. With its strong services, Airtel is steadily growing its user base. In Bangladesh, Airtel granted the Robi SIM network provider its initial license. Airtel is a network operator company licensed under Robi Axiata Limited. They provide various offers to their customers. So their customer numbers are increasing.

Everything from mobile recharge to package purchases will require your mobile number. Your cell phone numbers allow you to carry out all your significant responsibilities. You must provide your cellphone number to apply for a job. Applicants for passports and visas must provide their cellphone numbers. We frequently forget or cannot recall our crucial cell phone number, so the mobile number check code is necessary.

Nowadays, most people use multiple SIMs. Due to this, sometimes, people forget their own SIM number. Here is how you can check the sim number on your airtel phone.

1. Check your number with the USSD Code.

  • First, you have to go to your mobile dial pad.
  • Then, you have to dial*2#
  • Now, your airtel sim number will show on your mobile screen.

If you cannot view your number, there must be a network issue; thus, try again later. Or the 5-digit USSD number *121*7*3# that prior Airtel subscribers had to provide. If you like, you can use that USSD code.

2. Check your number with the My airtel app.

Alternatively, you can download the My Airtel app on your smartphone and log in to access your number and other SIM details.

  • Your first step is, you have to download my airtel app from the google play store.
  • You must then register and log in to this app.
  • It will show your registered phone number, which you can click on.

By using the Airtel app, you can enjoy all the benefits of Airtel very easily because the Airtel app has all the interesting features.

3. Check your number in another way.

If you have another mobile phone, you can make a call. You can then view your call log on the other phone. Alternatively, you can call 121 to find out your phone number.

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The SIM number could be difficult to remember at first for new customers. You can obtain it if you don’t know your Airtel number or have forgotten it. Airtel numbers can be checked using the methods listed below.

The mobile number may be forgotten or not remembered. Many people have trouble memorizing mobile numbers. When people have several SIM cards Close together, they often fear forgetting their SIM numbers, or they cannot be deciphered separately. It is then necessary to read the code to check the mobile number. Today we are here to discuss this issue in detail. We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need to end your worries.

The question in the mind of many is how to see the Airtel number. Airtel number checking rules. The way to check the airtel number is very easy. To view the Airtel number, you can dial the following code number from your mobile to view the SIM number. If you want to see the number of the SIM, dial a code from that SIM to see the number.

Services Codes
Balance cheques/due bills *1#
Mobile Numbers *2#
Data MB check *3#
Purchase of internet pack *4#
Popular vases off and on *5#
package and call tariff *6#
Promotional SMS off and on *7#
Prepaid Air Credit *8#
Request to stop all value-added services *9#
Minute bundle *0#

Airtel customer care service codes.

  • Contact Airtel Customer Care on 121.
  • Users should call 198 to report any complaints about their Airtel network.
  • Dial 1909 to activate the DND service.
  • Dial 123 for airtel recharge.

Airtel Number Check BD FaQ

1. How to Check Airtel Balance?

You can check the main balance, daily data, SMS, and other information about your Airtel prepaid and postpaid balance through the app and USSD. Customer service can obtain airtel balance, validity, and other information with *1# code.

2. How to check Airtel postpaid number data balance?

Airtel postpaid customers can dial *121# to check their data balance.

3. How to check internet offers?


Airtel customers can know about Airtel internet offers directly from their mobile phones. The mobile you are looking at must have Airtel operator SIM activated. Then dial *121# to know about your operator’s internet offers.

4. How to check Airtel Minute offers?

You can check Airtel minutes, Airtel balance, internet data, and other issues by dialing only one USSD code. You can check your Airtel minutes by dialing *77885# or *778*8#.

Conclusion: Hopefully, you now know the Airtel Number Check Code. It is sometimes difficult for us to remember numbers. If someone purchases a new SIM, they must see the number. So we need to know the number at that time. Therefore, we will provide you with the code to see all SIM numbers. By dialing the code, you can easily find out the SIM number. If you want to know if you have forgotten your SIM number. If so, then make sure to read this article from beginning to end.

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