Akash DTH Price In Bangladesh 2022


Akash DTH Price In Bangladesh 2022

Akash DTH is one of the biggest pay-TV platforms in Bangladesh. It provides multiple services, including digital TV, satellite TV, and Internet through fixed-line or wireless technology. Akash DTH launched its DTH service in 2007, providing up to 40 channels for its customers to enjoy. It has also introduced HD content which allows customers to watch high-definition television programs on their set-top boxes at no extra cost.

In this article, we will be looking at Akash DTH Price in Bangladesh TV services that have been changing over the years. The main thing that has remained constant is the satellite TV price in Bangladesh, but for a long time, it was very low compared to countries with a higher per capita income. Today, with the advent of new technologies and innovations in telecommunications, many people have started enjoying affordable TV services through their home or office televisions.

What is Akash DTH?

Akash DTH is a big name in the television industry in Bangladesh. It provides satellite TV services using Ku band that reaches across a vast area, including Dhaka and Chittagong, where it has set up its customers from scratch since 2007.

Today, the company has 36 million clients who already use its satellite TV service through their home or office televisions. In addition to this vast reach, it also targets many international customers from Dhaka and Khulna districts for them to get connected with digital channels from across Bangladesh by using their set-top boxes at an affordable cost.

Akash DTH Price in Bangladesh 2022

Akash DTH Price in Bangladesh varies for different consumers since several factors are responsible for the change. This is due to variations between continents, while technology has also played a vital role in making its cost higher than some time ago.

Even though Akash DTH’s price remains constant on their website, this does not mean that it only changes whenever it feels like amusement by adding or removing extra expenses over and above usual rates to increase its profits.

Since customers in Bangladesh are paying monthly installments as part of their DTH subscriptions, Akash DTH price in Bangladesh has been reduced along with various offers by the brand because they need reactions and reviews from customers to maintain their hold in this field.

Therefore, companies do not want their prices to remain steady from one month to another and regularly fluctuate depending on their demand. This is applicable only to the annual packages while Akash’s customers have not yet reached their demarcation point for this particular satellite TV pricing.

This will become evident once they enter into contracts with these brands after knowing everything about them in detail. Despite having entered into long-term relationships with other companies, awareness of it among customers has still not taken place widely enough despite heavy television and print media campaigns that continuously broadcast relevant stories about the satellite television brands.

Akash DTH package price

Akash DTH Price in Bangladesh There is only a Tk 499 monthly charge for the standard package and only a Tk 250 charge for the light package. According to the company, they will soon determine their pricing of channels, so if a person watches 100 channels, he will pay one price, and if a person watches 20 channels, he will pay another rate.

akash dth package price

 What is Akash DTH recharge offer?

Akash DTH scheme provides a recharge package offer to the customers to encourage them to take an interest in its services and keep themselves updated about all other things occurring around their favorite channels. These offers are given only within the first three months after enrollment for monthly subscriptions. Following this, there will be no such special deals being offered by any company except those mentioned below:

 The rates for these plans are:

Standard package (TK 5000) = First 3 months free of charge and remaining 9 months will be charged at half the price. (Rs 380/month). Plus wireless set-top box which has 20 hours battery life and some extra accessories after rebate on the purchase cost. Normal subscribers get a 50% discount from this rate, while Senior citizens get a 25% maximum discount only if the card balance is high enough to cover the maximum discount.

High definition premium package (TK 8000) = First 3 months free of charge and rest 7 months, will be charged at half the price. (TAKA 1250/ month ). Plus wireless set-top box which has 21 hours battery life and a selection of additional accessories after rebate on the purchase cost.

The company plans to offer multiple plans for its users to retain them with an incentive program similar to those given by telecom companies.

The advantages of such a loyalty plan include:

They are allowing users to choose from a range of digital services. Complementary ad-free cable channels with the option to pay per channel and also 2.5 GB free hard disk space for each line at no cost unless they opt out in the agreement period mentioned below after three months of signing up. They save additional money on subscription fees when consumers purchase services through their company’s website instead of the official website run by [Aakash] or Analog Vision Limited.

 Akash DTH channel list

The list of Akash DTH channels are:

  1. Bangladesh Television
  2. BTV world
  3. ATN Bangla
  4. Channel I
  5. ETV
  6. NTV
  7. RTV
  8. Boishakhi TV
  9. Bangla Vision
  10. Desh TV
  11. My TV
  12. Mohona TV
  13. Bejoy TV
  14. Asian TV
  15. SA TV
  16. Channel 9
  17. Deepto TV
  18. Nagorik TV
  19. Bangla TV
  20. Ananda TV
  21. Star Zalsa
  22. Zee Bangla HD
  23. Colors Bangla
  24. Ruposhi Bangla TV
  25. Sony 8
  26. Akash 8
  27. Bangla
  28. CTVN AKD Plus
  29. Starplus
  30. Star Bharat
  31. Zee TV HD
  32. Sony Entertainment Television
  33. Sony SAB
  34. Colors
  35. Colors HD
  36. Zoom Turn On
  37. National
  38. Star World
  39. Comedy Central
  40. Colors Infinity
  41. KBS World
  42. TV5MONDE
  43. SONY TEN 1 HD
  44. SONY TEN 2
  45. SONY TEN 3
  48. DSPORT
  50. Jalsha Movies
  51. Zee Bangla Cinema
  53. HBO
  54. WB
  55. Star Gold
  56. Zee Cinema HD
  57. ZEE Action
  58. ZEE Bollywood
  59. SONY MAX
  65. SCI
  66. DISCOVERY turbo
  68. TLC
  71. Travelxp HD
  72. Duranta
  73. NICK HD +
  74. CN Cartoon Network
  75. CN Cartoon Network HD +
  76. Pogo
  77. Independent
  78. ATN News
  79. Sangsad Bangla
  80. Somoy TV
  81. Channel 24
  82. Ekattor TV
  83. Jamuna TV
  84. News 24
  85. DBC 24/7 NEWS
  86. NEWS
  87. CNN
  88. Aljazeera HD
  89. DW
  90. NHK World
  91. Voice of America
  92. CGTN
  93. RT
  94. Gaan Bangla TV
  95. S Bangla
  96. B4U Music
  97. M TV

Akash DTH helpline number

16442, Akash DTH complaint number, contact address customer care service for Akash DTH complaints. Akash DTH broadcasts more than 6000 DTH channels. On the whole, 19 companies are gathering this spectrum capacity.

akash dth helpline number

Without satellite dish coverage of the country, it is very difficult for the individual to get good quality channels through digital TV. Still, local signals can be received on any sort of Internet connection with an internet explorer browser.

Akash DTH F&Q

  1. What is the price of Akash DTH?

You’ll get all channels for 5000 TK each on Digital Boxes installed by Akash DTH within 3 months without an additional installation charge; 24-hour DTH services are valid for more than 27 days.

2. How many channels does Akash TV have?

Akash TV has more than 6964 channels. So, you will get all regular TV channels in digital format and many other regional and national news channels.

3. How to activate the Akash DTH package?

The customer has to register for the DTH service. After payment, you will have an access number to call your activation person and view the full setup instructions.

4. How do I log into Akash DTH?

You will find it very easy to log in by entering your Akash DTH activation number and entering the user ID and password.

5. What is Akash self-care?

Akash self-care is the facility by which one can check your DTH Service and the number of channels the customer receives.

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Conclusion: Akash DTH Price in Bangladesh 2022. Akash DTH is a new Satellite TV service provider in Bangladesh. They provide the best quality TV channels to their subscribers at a low-cost price.

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