Banglalink Emergency Balance Code


Banglalink Emergency Balance Code 2022

Banglalink is the third largest mobile service provider in Bangladesh. Many people in Bangladesh use Banglalink SIM.

Banglalink included emergency balance long ago. When a customer takes an emergency balance on his mobile, he takes it as a loan and later pays it back through recharge. While the words are easy to listen to, it greatly benefits the customer.

Banglalink  Emergency Balance comes in handy at times when the recharge runs out when the shops are closed. So if you are a Banglalink user today, we would discuss the Banglalink Emergency Balance Code for your convenience, so let’s not talk about it now. Let’s discuss the topic Banglalink Emergency Balance Code in detail.

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How to get an emergency balance in Banglalink?

Banglalink is one of the telecom companies in Bangladesh. If you are a Banglalink user, then today’s article is for you. Because of this article, I will share the Banglalink Emergency Balance Code or how much code to check Banglalink numbers. Read the article carefully.

We usually take emergency loans when we don’t have enough balance on our mobile phones. If we are in danger, we take emergency loans. If you don’t have any money or for some reason you can’t recharge or buy the balance, but you need to call or send an SMS urgently, then you can use the emergency balance.

Banglalink provides a maximum emergency balance of 200 takas. If your original balance is less than 20 takas, you can take an emergency balance. You can take any service with this emergency balance. After taking the emergency loan, the balance will be deducted during your recharge.

Today we will discuss Banglalink’s emergency balance in detail. It’s a great customer service feature since this emergency balance is only available when The customer is in danger. If you want to get your emergency balance from Banglalink, follow some steps:

  1. First, you must go to the mobile dial pad.
  2. To take an emergency balance, you need to check if you are covered, and to check that, you need to dial *874*9#.
  3. If you are under the emergency balance, dial *874# on this USSD code to get the emergency balance.
  4. Immediately, you will get your emergency balance through confirmation on your mobile.
  5. However, the emergency balance amount is determined based on the customer’s monthly usage.

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Customers who have read the above section must have understood how easy it is to get the emergency balance from Banglalink. You can take the emergency balance from Banglalink only by adopting this process.

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code

You suddenly feel that mobile credit is finished while talking on the phone. Or you have forgotten to recharge your Banglalink SIM card, and now your mobile phone has no balance when you need it. What can you do in this situation?

 If you are a Banglalink customer, then good news for you. Because Banglalink customers can take emergency balance up to 200 takas if needed. You can meet your needs with an emergency balance of up to Tk 200 on your Banglalink SIM when required.

A Banglalink SIM user can take the emergency balance in two ways. You can get it directly from the Banglalink SIM official app My BL. The second way is to use a code. You can do this by dialing the Banglalink Emergency Balance Code  *874# on the dial pad. Only then will you be able to check your Bangladeshi SIM emergency balance. Banglalink SIM cards give you a minimum of 20 taka and a maximum amount based on how much you use each month.

You obtained an emergency balance from Banglalink, but you are concerned about how you would return this balance. In reality, an emergency balance is a loan you may repay with your next mobile recharge. This is an automated Procedure; you may pay off the loan gradually or entirely with consecutive recharges.

If you have taken Banglalink Emergency Balance once before and do not repay that loan, then you cannot retake Banglalink Emergency Balance. By repaying the previous loan again, you can take the emergency balance.

There are some conditions to take Banglalink emergency balance. The balance should be taken by following the terms and conditions of the Banglalink Emergency balance.

Terms & Conditions of Banglalink emergency balance

  • You must be eligible if you want to take an emergency balance. Your mobile balance should be 20 or less. Usually, we take an emergency balance when the balance is zero.
  • If you want to get taka 15 or more as an emergency balance, you must pay 2 taka more on SMS charges. This SMS charge includes VAT and AC charges.
  • You don’t have to pay extra charges to get 10 taka emergency balances. You need to dial this code *874*10# to get a 10 taka emergency balance.
  • If you are a Banglalink new customer, you must wait 30 days to get this offer. After 30 days, you can avail Banglalink emergency balance offer.


Banglalink emergency balance checks

If you want to check your emergency balance status, dial a USSD code. You can check Banglalink emergency balance status by dialling *874*0# or *121*1#.

There is also another way to check the Banglalink emergency balance. If you use an Android mobile phone, download the My Banglalink app from the Google Play Store.

If you log into the My Banglalink app with your Banglalink number, you can see your Banglalink emergency balance whenever you open the app later.

Offers USSD Code
Emergency Balance Code *874# 
Emergency Balance Check Code *874*0# or *121*1#.

Banglalink Emergency Balance Code FAQ

1. How can I get a 100% loan through Banglalink?

If you are a banglalink user or you want to get a 100 taka emergency balance, dial  *874#.This balance will be deducted from your next recharge.

2. How do I get a Banglalink data loan?

If you want to get banglalink emergency balance, then dial *874#. You can easily get the Banglalink emergency balance by dialing *874# code.

3. How do I check my Banglalink balance?

Quickly open your phone’s dial pad. Then dial *124# or install the My Banglalink app. Available via the Google Play Store.

Conclusion: Is your mobile balance finished? No need to worry. Banglalink has brought emergency balance service for you. If you want to get a banglalink emergency balance, you need to dial  Banglalink emergency balance code *874#. You can easily get the Banglalink emergency balance by dialing *874# code.

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