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Best Free Instagram Followers App 2022 [100% Working]

As Instagram is a significant influence on the world’s communication medium, it gained its name as one of the most famous apps in the world.

So in today’s world, people are gathering on Instagram, and they are exploring ways to make their name on it. They consider every activity more seriously now with their virtual entity. For both business entities and individuals, these days, Instagram Is one of the most used social media platforms on the internet. Every month Instagram is used by more than 400 million people worldwide, and the numbers are still growing by every day.

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Especially if you are new to Instagram, it is not easy to get several followers within a few times. Some best free Instagram followers apps on the internet aim to help Instagram users gain free Instagram followers. But sometimes, some apps become unsafe or don’t work as expected. We selected some best free Instagram followers apps for you in this article that boost Instagram and get free followers.

The best app to get Instagram followers for free

Here we are mentioning the best free Instagram followers app on the internet. It has some unique excessive features that make it individually the best of all. GetInsta is the app we are talking about. We will be discussing its features and others right below.

GetInsta is the best app to get Instagram followers for free in 2022. It provides users with the safest and free platform where real users worldwide can follow and like each other. By selecting and following different posts, everyone can earn free coins from them.

Currencies you make, you can convert to likes and followers for your account. GetInsta will get you real and active Instagram followers. The app provides a more organically and reasonably increasing mode, unlike other free Instagram followers apps.

The best app to get Instagram followers for free

GetInsta considers safety and privacy above all. A professional and experienced team developed this app. They make sure there is no virus, leak, nor risk. They value and protect users’ privacy as they promise to give the safest service. So as they provide the most reliable security and service, you won’t have to worry about increasing followers if they are fake.

In their best security system, you can get the real growth of Instagram followers. Only from active and real Instagram accounts will get you followers and likes.

Likes will be increased at the same time your followers are growing, and in a reasonable time, all followers and likes will be sent to the account. Also, you will have no risk of being banned or punished.

Best Features:

  • GetInsta is 100% safe, virus-free, and clean.
  • It protects all users’ privacy.
  • It provides real Instagram followers.
  • GetInsta is free.
  • Quickly earned coins let you gain followers and likes.
  • Synchronously, you can get more Instagram likes on your photos and videos when you get more followers.
  • In a reasonable time, this app will deliver you followers and likes.


  • Completely free Instagram follower app.
  • Safety & privacy.
  • It provides accurate and active followers.
  • No ads.


  • There is an energy limit to earn coins for users.

Best free Instagram followers app for android:

Followers Gallery is the top Instagram follower app for android. Followers Gallery is commonly known as the application that allows users to get likes, comments, and followers from Instagram. But It is more than just any other application. It is a new diverse social media tool that has unlimited options for fans in which you not only follow but also get comments, hearts, and many other benefits.

There are millions of registered users in this application. They know what you are looking for, and that’s why they pick and give coins in response with many extraordinary features. So the users can use their earned cash to get more services later for their accounts.

Followers Gallery allows you to create high-quality social posts for yourself. It also has a free photo editor, and it offers a variety of effects, filters, and styles to enhance the quality of images. The best use of the editor will turn your photo into stunning artwork. A good photo edit prolongs the reputation, and you can share it on Instagram with satisfaction. You can create more quality social content with this feature, which will get you more attention from your friends and to others, of course.

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It is not possible to choose unique and interesting pictures for your posts easily and interact with other people at the right time. Generally, with other apps, you do many things to get some fans, likes, and comments. Also, posting too many images at once makes your followers ignore your content. However, everything gets more accessible with the Followers Gallery. This powerful app can get you up to 1000 followers and 5000 likes in a day.

Best free Instagram followers app for android

Instagram is programmed with a robust algorithm to prevent fake choices. As soon as Instagram recognizes it, these Fakings are removed immediately. Followers Gallery guarantees you no loss of your followers as Followers Gallery only allows real Instagram followers and Instagram users like you.

So with this application, you can gain popularity quickly and expand your fan base with the help of follower boosters and other exciting features. This app has some exciting features, and you will discover it is interesting as well.

Key Features:

  • 100% genuine followers.
  • Security and confidentiality are assured.
  • 2-step process to obtain the desired sheets.
  • Safe community to interact.
  • Get free followers and likes on Instagram
  • Simple and easy task lets you earn coins
  • Customer service
  • Immediate followers
  • Easy to use user interface
  • No advertising
  • Free story templates
  • Colorful background themes
  • There are many Impressive font styles for writing a text on posts.
  • Cute stickers for pictures.
  • Cool photo filters and effects.

Followers Gallery Pros and Cons

  • Fully secured.
  • Photo editor included.
  • No ads.
  • Customer service.
  • Easy interface.

Best free Instagram followers app for iOS:

InstaBox, a great iOS application that allows Instagram users to get unlimited followers, likes, and comments. There are millions of people out there already using Instagram. To make a rich account requires plenty of followers, hearts, and more. So now, to grow your Instagram qualification, all you need is a good tool.

The app does coin-based work. The coins you earn help you get followers. Fortunately, the app has accessible coin-making features, such as commenting on others’ posts, following, or liking profiles. So you can imagine that all the followers out there follow you are just like you. They are real users like you.

Primarily, your every following, like, or comment gets you a coin. So it is pretty easy to collect many coins within a few times. Downloading the InstaBox app and sharing it with contacts or friends on social media networks will also help you earn plenty of coins. Though it has a purchasing system to go extreme with followers, anyone can have its free benefits. 

Thus, you might be feeling inferior that you are not a celeb or an established brand. InstaBox app will always provide you with genuine and organic followers, likes, and more on your Instagram account even if you don’t purchase.

One of the most incredible benefits you will have from the InstaBox app is that to make your Instagram account popular, it will provide you with unlimited followers instantly. This app has the most user-friendly interface and is arguably the most suitable to use. 

InstaBox provides you with an ads-free experience with the highest security out there for your account. Since this app already has millions of users worldwide, it is significantly safe. So you have nothing to worry about the security of your account.

Best free Instagram followers app for iOS

Within the shortest time possible, the app allows you to build your profile rich and grow your business.

InstaBox Photo Editor Features:

  • Browse the most popular hashtags easily and pictures.
  • Full-screen view efficiently by tapping on the screen icon.
  • Instagram full features.
  • Like photos easily by touching the heart icon and get more likes for Instagram quickly.
  • Follow them back who follows you. 
  • Get more followers on Instagram by following other people as they follow you back.
  • Access the best top tags section to see the most popular tags and view social images related to those tags by tapping on them.
  • With a 3D Cube interface, it introduces a revolutionary way to browse your social share app.
  • Ads-free experience
  • InstaBox is frequently updated to make sure it’s compatible with the newest iOS releases and bug-free.


  • Browsing popular hashtags
  • Tracker function
  • Saves story
  • 3D Cube interface
  • Downloads story
  • Full Instagram features


  • Energy limit for you to earn coins.

Best free Instagram followers app for iPhone:

Have you ever wondered about whom you get blocked from or unfollowed on Instagram? We are talking about Followers Insights that reveal all the confidential admirers, fantasy followers, or probable spammers you have. The Instagram tracker app will help you find those accounts that are unknown to you. These facilities are accessible.

With Followers Insight, you can efficiently operate and trace multiple accounts. This feature is so accurate that you would be satisfied with its performance. Followers Insight is a very accurate Instagram analyzing account tool. It also finds out all the gained and lost followers for your most popular posts.

You can find out all your Unfollower, ghost followers, and blocker with Followers Insight and can clean your Instagram account by removing or blocking them. It also notifies your most liked and commented post to know what type of post is gaining the attention most.

This app has a unique quality with features. It is not like any other app that helps only to get followers but also it reveals many secrets that you never know. This application is so well programmed that it does a great job of spying on your account. This feature is beyond the Instagram feature.

Best free Instagram followers app for iPhone

However, an Instagram following app that provides higher security for your account and the most exciting features with spy features is worth an appreciation.

Key Features:

  • Check out followers you gained and whom you lost.
  • You can see who blocked you.
  • It switches Instagram accounts to track more than one.
  • Detect the anonymous appearances.
  • Show who you liked and commented.
  • It lets you automatically unfollow many non-followers at once who unfollow you.
  • Find out real fans and active users.
  • Premium features are also 100% free.
  • Faster, accessible, and saving data!

To enjoy all the features properly, you need to have a stable network and a 2GB RAM mobile phone.


  • Followers analyzing  
  • Find out who blocked you on Instagram.
  • Find out who gives most or least likes and comments to you.
  • Let’s know your most liked or comments post.
  • Keeps your privacy and works as a spy.

The best app to increase Instagram followers FAQ:

Q. How much money can I get from 1000 Instagram followers?

A. Typically, you start earning from 1,000 followers. Brands pay anywhere from $10 to $500 for every 1,000 followers. The increase of the money depends on your niche and engagement with your followers.

Q.To get my account verified, How many Instagram followers do I need?

A. You have to have at least 10k followers If you want to get your account verified.

Q. Are our Instagram following apps safe?

A. Not all of them are safe. Some provide these features professionally. There are sure to be some apps that contain high-security elements along with other exciting features. But also, there are scams.

Q. Is there any application that I can promote my Instagram account for free?

There are several applications out there that provide Instagram users free promoting services along with many other free services.

Compatibility Of Apps

App Name Price Compatibility Get Likes Get Followings
GetInsta Free Android, iOS, PC Y Y
Followers Gallery Free Android, iOS Y Y
InstaBox Free iOS Y Y
Followers Insight Free iPhone Y Y


Some of these apps are built for several operating systems. We have collected data on every operating system performance of the same application. We experienced that there is little difference in providing service that varies with operating systems. Though it doesn’t affect the performance, we gave importance to the best experience.

A Brief History of Instagram

In San Francisco, a mobile check-in app, Instagram, began to develop as Burbn. Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger programmed this app. Systrom and Krieger refocused on photo sharing with their app. Later it became a popular app that was interesting and new among the Burbn users. After a few years of research, they renamed their app ‘Instagram.

In October 2010, Instagram was initially launched for iOS. This social communication app rapidly gained popularity. Within two months, one million accounts were registered and 10 million in a year. 

The Android Operating System was released in April 2012, the Fire OS app in June 2014, and an app for Windows 10 in October 2016. Mobile manufacturing companies developed their devices within these years. So more people were able to get in touch with Instagram at that time. As of June 2018, 1 billion accounts were registered on Instagram, and over 40 billion photos had been uploaded In October 2015. Cristiano Ronaldo was the most followed person in June 2021 with over 300 million followers, and Ariana Grande was the most minded woman as an American singer.

Why Do You Need Instagram Followers Application?

Today’s Instagram doesn’t only make fame but also money. Primarily, it was used only with individuals. Circumstances have changed. Many of the brands around the world are getting on Instagram. Also, individual people who create artistic content have an excellent chance to earn from Instagram. Having plenty of followers on Instagram is a significant thing in social media. It matters because who doesn’t like to be famous or make money with their creativity.

Instagram is also a platform to expose your talent. Usually, people stick to their accounts, post, comment, and do other things like any random user. People who are desperate to gain fame faster can spend money to get Instagram followers reasonably. So the point is whether you spend money on not, you have ways to gain followers sooner or later, and a large amount of followers makes a difference in your virtual world.

Conclusions: When things are unique, you can not compare them to each other. Because to reach, you need the same energy to specify the difference between the performance. Our research is telling us that each of these applications has its unique quality to provide a more incredible experience with Instagram along with getting your following and other things.

Important: delete your Instagram account

So in this article, we have tried to bring out some of the best free Instagram following apps. Our research came out with several following apps that are free and safe for your account. And on each iOS, Android, iPhone, we tried to find the most appropriate out. We discussed all the information about the best free Instagram following app as thoroughly as we could. It will be our pleasure if this article comes any good for you. Thanks for staying with us.

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