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Best online payment gateway in Bangladesh 2022

Online payments are the backbone of modern business. The development of online payment gateways has significantly reduced the time required to complete payments, reduced fraud risks, and increased the speed of transaction settlement. It also reduces the need for physical payments processing centers which are expensive to maintain. In Bangladesh, it is one of the most common online payment methods. Here’s a list of the best online payment gateways in Bangladesh.

What is a payment gateway in Bangladesh?

Payment gateway in Bangladesh is used to facilitate Paypal or Credit Card payments. These payment services are built into the website that accepts these Kinds of payments because there is no need for customer information to be passed through a third party by post office etc.

Best online payment gateway in Bangladesh


Portwallet is the best transaction gateway of payment options in Bangladesh. There are some special features available for this gateway that were not before present, like strong security, support 24 hours, and the facility to send payments through international transfer (SWIFT).

Which is the best online payment gateway

Currently, PortWallet works with local banks only but hopes to receive funds transferred via Western Union within a short period. Besides Dw Payment gateways IP, the other option can also accept transfers from eBay through debit card.


ShurjoPay also works as a payment gateway and is useful to visitors of online shopping sites. The payment transfer is easy with this service because, without registration, you can use any card or bank account for sending funds using debit/credit cards, etc.

What is the cheapest online payment gateway


Moneygram has been working in Bangladesh since 2013 and now provides its services through Softbank (Overseer), Digitweb (SendAnything). It provides faster money transfers with different money transfer options available.

Unlike other payment gateways, it is the only person to give their customers the option of applying for new accounts with just one click. Through this service, you will get all the benefits of online registration on your application form. Hence, you can also apply via the internet through a computer or smartphone in Bangladesh.


AamarPay Online is a quick and easy cash transfer service. Users can send money from any part of the world to Bangladesh through convenient payment options such as Western Union, MoneyGram, or Skrill without having to go anywhere or even leave their homes.

Various payment options are available, such as Western Union, MoneyGram.

S manager:

S manager is an interesting service that allows you to open a BTC Wallet in your name. You will reduce your costs by not taking a bank account and developing flexibility within the system, extending its trade worldwide (with currencies like USD, European Currency). You can create a BTC Wallet on their website, which you have to download and install on your computer. The main advantage of S manager is that its fees are lower than most payment platforms unless the Buyer/Seller deposits more currency. Overall, it’s still one of the cheapest options available.

The company accepts online credit and debit card payments through Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. It also accepts bKash, OK wallet, Nagad.


Easypayway (also known as Epayway, Easypay A business bank, Mobile Pay Way) Payway is an online payment network. Bankruptcy member Easy Money-BTC claims to be the cheapest rate for bank transfers services in Bangladesh.  

Services like these are generally used by businesses that wish to accept BTC directly into their bank accounts without having customers deposit funds into an escrow system that meets Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations. This means payments can only be made anonymously within the same networks where local banks do not exchange currencies – otherwise, individuals transferring money internationally could look suspiciously when receiving it.

How many payment gateways are there in Bangladesh

MasterCard, VISA, MasterCard Maestro, BlackBerry, DBBL Nexus, and Q-CASH cards are all accepted. is a US-based payment technology company often used by internet retailers and eCommerce platforms to process credit card payments without requiring users to have a merchant account with one of their banks or acquire a debit card for direct bill transactions. Users can either buy bitcoins through SEPA, international wire transfers via SWIFT or through USD/NEFT transfer into bank accounts that are pre-authorized at Authorize.NET’s account payment system. Advantages include:

  • Same-day authorization time.
  • Automatic monthly billing for unused funds.
  • A fully digital money flow with no debit or credit card chargebacks.

If you want to use such firms for your crypto merchant business, consider that both transparency and trust are of utmost importance.

Transferring USD/NEFT into bank accounts via SWIFT or other international wire transfer methods.


The Paddle is referred to as the simplest bill payment platform. The platform works on P2P (peer-to-peer) without the involvement of any financial institution or intermediary. It uses cryptocurrencies as a payment method and offers users an opportunity to save money via online shopping/ eCommerce through Pattiaddle PAYMENT GATEWAY.

In comparison to other prepaid payment methods such as PayPal or Visa, Paddle charges 3% for debit card transactions and 2.5 % for credit card transactions. These fees are very low, and it doesn’t take long for people to make the payment through Paddle.


 2Checkout, a leading third-party checkout system for e-commerce.2Checkout is an online payment system that allows you to accept payments for your products and services online. One of the great things about 2CO is that it supports US-based customers and international ones.

To use 2Checkout, you have to sign up for a free account with After you have registered, you can access the Merchant Interface through your account.

The Merchant Interface is where you configure all your products and services that you want to sell online, along with payment methods and marketing settings, such as coupons. 2Checkout is very flexible when it comes to setting up your products and services.

You can set up simple products, like downloadable files (e-books, music, videos) or physical products (tangible goods), and more advanced ones like memberships and recurring billing subscriptions.

The process is very convenient. Just fill out the necessary fields then buttons to “buy” or “send money.” In minutes, your transaction will be complete. Exchange rate volatility can help save you from one big headache called waiting a long time.

2Checkout supports many payment methods, from credit/debit cards to online banking services and other alternative methods such as mobile payments and purchases on the invoice (except checks).

How much does it cost to use a payment gateway?

It is free to use. These prices are based on your selling volume. Still, it generally ranges from $0 – $5 per transaction depending on whether you make an ATM deposit option for credit card purchases or MDR (Merchant Discount Rate), which means that the price will be charged according to Merchant’s Sales.

Important information: The maximum usage rate for direct debits can not exceed 1% of total sales; Existing business class services will be applied if we believe that special attention and support is needed to ensure good service for our customers; Foreign currency, such as Euro or US Dollar, will apply an exchange rate commission of 2.5% (rounded up to the next 100000 Tk Taka).

What are the benefits of using a payment gateway to process online payments?

Using a payment gateway can bring many benefits to an online business, such as:

Secure online transactions: All sensitive data is encrypted and sent through a secure server when you use a payment gateway. As a result, people can ensure their details are safe and that transactions will not be intercepted.

– When you use a payment gateway, all sensitive data is encrypted and sent through a secure server. As a result, people can be sure their details are safe and that transactions will not be intercepted. Payment collection – In some cases, the payment gateway company will also collect payments on behalf of other businesses. Examples include Paypal and Worldpay. This means the merchant does not need to worry about setting up credit card processing themselves as all this is done by the gateway company, who will take a commission for their services.

– When you use a payment gateway, subscriptions can be set up easily, making it easier to bill customers who use the monthly subscription model. Fraud protection – Payment gateways can provide their own fraud protection by using real-time risk analysis tools. By doing this, e-merchants will be able to practice an extra layer of security without having to do it themselves.

The benefits of using a payment gateway can help improve the cash flow and security of an online business, which many merchants choose to use. Payment gateways are also often one of the few services that charge no upfront or hidden fees, making web-based it easier for businesses to set them up.

Online payment gateway Q & A

1. How many payment gateways are there in Bangladesh?

There are around 40 payment gateway providers in Bangladesh. There is no official figure. But to be acceptable in the market, there are high-quality payment gateways in Bangladesh. The buyer/merchant chooses the best provider available at their convenience, depending on what is fitting.

2. Which is the best online payment gateway?

The best online payment gateways are the ones that have more features, a user-friendly interface, and most importantly it has strong performance. That is why various merchants choose different providers at their convenience, depending on what fits them most. Let’s see how to find which provider can be your best choice for getting support from customers directly into your e-shop via an online payments gateway!

Before Choosing A Payment Gateway Provider For Your Online Store, you have to consider some things:

Even though there are many payment gateways available in the market, which are completely secure and suitable for merchants, the buyer needs to be very careful while choosing them as it can determine their choices. The following factors should be considered: The availability of payment methods.

Payment systems are safe, reliable, and productive. The seller should also consider the costs needed to be paid by him for using this payment gateway. Its popularity in the market (the more merchants are using it).

3. What is the cheapest online payment gateway?

There are various types of online payment gateways in the price range from BDT500 to BDT10,000, along with malls or outlets that offer the same services. You can use an online shopping cart website (for example, purchase artwork online/get a payment gateway), a merchant account (a web-based software package), and add features like free shipping for a percentage of sales as desired. While finding the best payment solution for your business should be considered mindfully.

The following guide lists certain factors to consider before choosing suitable online payment gateway tools: 

Ensure that you are using a service that allows customers to pay safely and protects both parties two (buyer & seller). The other thing is whether they accept credit card payments or not. The payment gateway provider should provide good security services to avoid unauthorized transactions. Comparing customer reviews about their products, including ratings, comments, and feedback, is not an accurate method to understand the best payment gateway. Sometimes, customers will leave both positive and negative reviews.

Sometimes, those feedbacks can be misleading as well. Good reviews/comments depend on the account holder’s type and spend more time on your product than that of other companies such as online stores. And it is not always true because small business owners usually consider security concerns first before adding all facilities for them.

4. Which is the best payment method in Bangladesh?

There are various payment methods that you can consider, but among all those payment means, most card payments have been accepted because of the growth in online life and to reach customers from different parts, not just through physical addresses.

Payment gateway even accepts credit cards as well. In Bangladesh, almost every internet user has at least a credit/debit card, especially due to introducing the latest POS machines called – Point-of-Sale or Pay Point. There is a great chance for a merchant/shop owner to gain more trading customers by accepting other payment types than only credit cards.

Conclusion: An online payment gateway is a simple and easy way to accept payments from customers. It has no cost for the merchant, and it’s very useful in increasing your business sales. If you are looking for the best online payment gateway in Bangladesh, you can try this most reliable payment gateway available in most countries.

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