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BKash To Bank Transfer Charge 2022

People are curious about BKash to bank transfers. It is becoming more common to transfer money from BKash to bank accounts. It is a milestone for BKash to have funds transferred to a bank account. Mobile wallets now allow consumers to make so many purchases. In the coming days, BKash money transfer will be increasingly popular. As a means to meet the demands of its customers, Bikash created the BKASH money transfer system.

What is Bkash?

Bangladesh now has the ability to use advanced technology. Bangladeshi citizens are using mobile banking services, an advanced form of banking that is one step ahead of internet banking. Bkash, launched in 2011, makes it easier for rural people to send money to distant areas with their mobile phones.

How to transfer money from a Bkash account to a bank account?

bKash users will primarily use this method to withdraw money from their personal accounts. Customers with bKash Personal Accounts can transfer money to the listed banks directly from their personal bKash numbers. If you wish to send bKash money online, you also need a bKash account to transfer money from bKash to bKash.

Step 1: Add your Bkash account to your bank account:

First of all, for BKash to transfer, you have to add your Bkash account to your bank account. However, to add your account, you have to use the BKASH mobile app. Now login into the Bkash app and go to the home screen and select the MORE option. Then tap on the transfer money option.

Which bank is available for Bkash to bank transfer?

After that, you will need to choose your bank account and add that account to your Bkash.

Bkash to Bank account transfer charge

Step: 2 Send money from Bkash to bank account:

Tap the More option again and then the Transfer Money option after adding your desired bank account to your bKash account. The “Saved Banks” option will now display the bank accounts you have added. Pick a bank account from the list of accounts you have added here and transfer the money to it.

How to reset Bkash PIN?

Which bank is available for Bkash to bank transfer?

With Internet Banking, you can now transfer money from your bank account to bKash instantly. You can now instantly transfer funds from the following banks when using internet banking.

  1. City Bank
  2. Agrani Bank
  3. BRAC Bank
  4. IFIC Bank
  5. Sonali Bank
  6. Community Bank Bangladesh.

In the Covid-19 crisis, the service has been a great assistance to customers; They can Add money to the bKash accounts of their family and friends from anywhere 24/7.

Combining cash-in and Add money allows customers to bring a maximum of Tk30,000 in five transactions in one day and Tk0.20 million in 25 transactions in a month.

Bkash to Bank account transfer charge

If you have done a Bkash to Bank transfer, you have to pay the charges. The transfer of money from bKash to a bank account now incurs a Tk 20 per thousand service charge. The service fee amounts to 2% of the transfer amount.

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How to create a BKASH account

It is now possible to open the Bkash online as well as offline. EKYC Method for Digital Registration In a few minutes, you can set up your own Bkash account.

To start your own Bkash account, you will need a smartphone. If necessary, you can create an account with someone else’s phone.

  • Open your own bKash account online by downloading and installing the BKash app.
  •  Now tap the login/register icon on the bKash app.
  • Tap the next option at the bottom of the app when you have the number you want to Bkash.
  • SMS verification will be sent to you.
  • A SIM registered to the phone will automatically fill in a verification code if the device is connected to the set where the app is installed.
  • Take a picture of two sides of your NID CARD—tab to the next button with the information you need. Take your picture now.

How to reset Bkash PIN?

Step:1 Dial *247#

  • Your pin number must be in 5 digits.
  • You should set only numbers when giving pin numbers.
  •  You can’t use None of the previous three PINs to create a new PIN.
  • If you input the incorrect PIN three times in a row, the PIN will be locked.
  • You can’t use zero as the first digit of the PIN.
  • You can’t change the PIN in eight hours.
  • PIN numbers with consecutive or identical digits are not permitted.

Step:2 Set pin in BKASH app

You may now use the bKash app to open the bKash PIN lock. After getting a temporary (temporary PIN) SMS from bKash, click the “Forgot PIN” option on the bKash app login screen. After this step :

  • Now, enter your Bkash app number.
  • After that, enter the One-Time Password (OTP) and the temporary PIN received through SMS.
  • Now choose five random numbers to make a pin for yourself.
  • You can successfully change your bKash account number using the same PIN.

Conclusion: The popularity of Bkash is growing over time. In mobile banking, there is no pair of Bkash. You can use various features through this mobile banking app. One of the features of Bkash is Bkash to bank transfer. With this feature, you can send money from your Bkash account to your bank account.


1. Do I need a BKash charge in bank transfer?

Sanding money from Bkash is not free. You have to pay charges for a money transfer. BKash, a mobile banking provider, will no longer charge fees for transfers to five preferred numbers of up to Tk25,000 each month.

2. Does Bkash need a cash-out charge?

Yes, if you want to cash out from Bkash you have to pay charges. For 1000 taka, the cash-out fee will be 15 to 20 taka.

3. How do I check Bkash’s balance?

If you want to check the Bkash balance:

  1. Go to your mobile mane and dial *247#.
  2. Select the “my Bkash” option, then select the “Check Balance” option.
  3. Enter your Bkash pin.
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