Check Mobile Number GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink


How to check mobile number GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink?

How to check mobile number GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, or Banglalink? It is quite difficult to know the type of mobile number you have. If your current mobile number is not working or you cannot receive SMS/calls, it might be time to find out what type of number you have. But how can you do that? Here are some easy steps to check mobile number GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, and Banglalink?

How to check GP Number?

If you have a new or GP SIM, and you don’t know its number. So do you want to know the GP number check code? Please dial **2#. The number will appear on the screen.121*11# will show your number. You can check the number of an old GP SIM by dialing *121*11#.

How to Check Robi Number?

The Robi company is yet another telecom provider in Bangladesh. A 4.5G network is available throughout the country for the first time in Bangladesh. Robi Axiata powered by Robi Axiata. The process of verifying Robi numbers is very simple. Any user can check the Robi number by dialing **140*2*4#.

But if you can’t register the *222# service for any reason, then you can check out your number by sending an SMS. You have to send “EITA <phone number>” and you will get an SMS with your mobile no within the next 5 minutes (after submitting the SMS).

How to Check Banglalink Number?

Suppose you want to know the Banglalink number, dial *511#. It is the Banglalink number check code for Banglalink users. Nowadays, Banglalink is the most popular company in Bangladesh. It has many good quality products. But it gives service to all classes of people. But considering this fact, Banglalink doesn’t drop its quality of service. I’ll show you how to check your mobile number status.


  1. First of all, open your Banglalink number setting.
  2. Now, you will find an option that is “Number.”
  3. After tapping, the Number screen comes up with two options- Do not know and Check balance service.
  4. Tap on check Balance service. A new screen will appear.
  5. On that screen, find a line that is written as “rate me.” Tap on it.
  6. There, you will see a form to fill in with a Banglalink number and password. Fill in those necessary data carefully and submit it.
  7. After Submitting successfully, your Banglalink num, ber check will be performed.
  8. Now, you can see your Banglalink number service detail.

How to Check Teletalk Number?

If you want to check your Teletalk number check code, dial *140*2*4#.After entering the number, you will see which company is your Teletalk sim. This number will block the call on its own. This is very useful for any work or something else, so you can get your closest member back to you by using this. At first Teletalk sim service is a very important thing.

This company offers various services to the users to make their life more useful or easier for them. The main aim is that by using this service you can access many people’s numbers on the internet, and it will help you make calls to others individually without worrying that anyone may call on your side. If someone attacks your cell phone, no one knows who called them before inside the protection system.

How to Check Airtel Number?

Airtel is a cell phone service provider in Bangladesh. Airtel has its own sim card to use in any mobile device anywhere across the country, which can be used without changing location. You can instantly use this number without any problems. Airtel service providers have already passed some innovativeness as it provides broadband s to the subscribers in Bangladesh.

So, anyone will be able to access the internet using their devices at the lowest costs to enjoy unlimited communication services, including voice calls and SMS and cricket scores of all matches they want. Apart from that, Airtel also offers many communication services at very low prices.

It has service area facilities regarding website availability to its users, which are quite popular across the country, and the services its users with the best internet solutions for them to use their products easily. So among their servicers, Airtel number check code is one of them to open your phone’s dial pad. Then enter *2 #.

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How to check mobile number GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, Banglalink?

Operator USSD Code
GP *2#
Robi *140*2*4#.222#
Banglalink *511# *511#
Teletalk *140*2*4#
Airtel *2#


Conclusion: Today, there are many mobile phone operators in Bangladesh. You can check your mobile number with different mobile companies like GP, Robi, Teletalk, Banglalink, and Airtel. To check mobile number you can use code numbers; this process is very easy to use.

How to check mobile number GP Robi Airtel Teletalk Banglalink

How To Check Mobile Number FAQ

1. How to find a mobile number if you forget?

If you forget your mobile number, many services can help you to find out by knowing.

I) You can check the websites of companies which have info about customers’ databases. If not found at their websites because the system is full, then look the company directory for different people who know you well and screenshot it from paper or print so give them the link saying I want this information. Even search social pages where customers bought cell phones or accessories with you if you can’t find the contact company or number, contact customer service of the respective company.

ii) Call your nearest cell phone retailer from that telecom operator, including Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, and GP, and give them a note saying I want to know where I am. Say your phone number name connected with the user id, which matches the database. Turn off the data roaming option on mobile & check their website for info. Even search for the given number on top of the tower.

2. How to Check GP Internet Balance?

At the bottom of each GP, mobile internet balance is a “Check Balance Online.” If you cannot find this online check option, do as follows:

A.Go to a website and click on a link labeled ‘How To Get Your Internet Value.’ This will open your browser and lead you to an area that reads: ‘Click here to find your balance.’

3. How to check Airtel’s internet balance?

Airtel prepaid and postpaid balances can be tracked through the app and USSD codes. This includes the daily data and SMS amounts, as well as the primary balance. Please contact customer service to find out more about your Airtel balance, validity, and other details.

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