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BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh provides updated information regarding the documents needed to get a driving license in Bangladesh. From this article, you can learn about the eligibility criteria, the form, and other details about getting a driving license in Bangladesh. If you wish to use this service, your mobile number and valid ID proof are all needed. This will allow the authorities to check whether you are fit to drive or not. This can be done through an SMS or by logging on to the official website of BRTA driving license check online in Bangladesh.

BRTA driving license check online Bangladesh

BRTA Driving License BRTA is also known as Bangladesh Road Transport Authority BRT authority. BRTA is an agency of Bangladesh responsible for enabling quality public transport and safe road travel across the country by enacting necessary laws and implementing the BRTA Act 2007 and BRT Act 2010. BRTA Driving License is mandatory for driving BRTA Licensed Vehicle.; the BRTA license is valid for one year. BRTA license can be renewed within 90 days of expiry if you are driving without any prohibitory note or legal action against them.

BRTA Driving License Renewal Procedure The BRTA driving license renewal process starts 60 days before the BRTA driving license expires. BRTA Driving License Renewal Application BRTA driver license renewal application fee is BDT 400. BRTA Driving License Re-Exam When your BRT driving license expires, you have to pass the BRTA re-exam.

BRTA Driving License BRTA driving license is required for buses, Tempos, CNGs, and other vehicles. BRTA driving license is also required to drive VIP or escort cars. 

BRTA Driving License Requirements

The first step is to apply online and download the BRT Application form. Fill BRTA online BRTA  form and attach the BRTA driving license photocopy with the BRTA  form. BRTA BRT driving license renewal is required after five years of holding a BRTA driving license. When your BRT driving license expires, you have to pass the BRTE re-exam. BRTA driving license application may be completed online or offline.

For the BRTA driving license, you have to fill up the BRTE DL-103 form and keep one copy of it while going for the knowledge test for your BRT DL renewal or re-exam. If you want to drive any type of public transport, you must have a valid driving license for BRTS Driving License;

BRTA Driving License Requirements

driving license status

First, you must pass the knowledge exam. There are two types of tests for your BRTA driving license. They are:

  • – Supervisor Test (written)
  • – Operator Test (driving) BRTA Driving License Knowledge BRTA Driving License Requirements You have to pass the Supervisor (written) test (if you want to drive public transport vehicles like buses, minibusses, and tempos).
  • – Applicant should be at least 18 years old.
  • – Must hold a valid class-V Driving License.
  • – Applicant must have good eyesight (u/a 6/6).
  • – Document verification should be done for identity. BRTA DL Renewal You can apply for a one-year, three-year, or five-year BRTA driving license online. For one year BRTA driving license, you have to pay TK. 1200, for three years, BRTA driving license TK. 2100, and BRTA driving license TK for five years.

How to check driving license status in Bangladesh?

According to the official BRTA driving license check online in Bangladesh, you need to log on using your government-issued ID proof. You will then be asked for your Identity card number or passport details, including name, date of birth, and photo. You will also have to provide the date on which you obtained your driving license.

You will also be required to provide your contact number and address, which you can use if there are problems related to the license. Professionals have designed different sections of this website to make it easier to access them if possible. You will need to fill out your information and look at the type of driving license available. You must then opt for an appropriate one based on the passport holder’s nationality. At each stage, you will need to give important information about yourself so as not to have various issues in the future due to revenue collecting agencies or even higher authorities.

How to check driving license status by SMS in Bangladesh?

Now it is very easy to find out driving license status by sending an SMS. Here are step-by-step instructions that you may follow to check your driving license status.

  • 1) You need to send an SMS ‘DPL<Space><10 digits DL no>’ to 2244.
  • 2) Then, you will receive a reply within 3 minutes.
  • 3) Then, you have to reply with 1 for Conditional Driving License Status and 2 for Unconditional Driving License Status.
  • 4) After replying with 1 or 2, then within 3 minutes, you will receive another SMS about your driving license status.
  • 5) This service is available only in the Dhaka city area.
  • 6) This service is available only for those who have their Driving License number. If you don’t know about your DL no, then you can use the Reverse Look-up feature, i.e., by sending SMS ‘DRIVER<Space><Your Name>’ to 16222 or call 1111 and ask helpful operators to search for your name.
  • 7) This service is not available when the server crashes.
  • 8) Maximum charge for this service is Tk 1/SMS.
  • 9) There will be no charge if you are using a Grameenphone SIM card.
  • 10) If you are not in the Dhaka city area, then you can SMS ‘DPL<Space><10 digits DL no>’ to 9866 or call 1111 and follow instructions.

A Bangladeshi EID number is used for checking a passport. The number is on the delivery sheet for your passport when you apply for a passport.

Is it safe to use a BRTA driving license check online in Bangladesh?

BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh is safe to use. It will never hold any information that could be used against you if you ever need it in the future when applying for this same license.

Every identity document copy number and personal identification number submitted on the individual passport page states ‘certificate’ or ‘notarial act approved by Ministerial Order for Grants. During the temporary period of overseas assignments, like when you are not permanently living in your home country, the copy number may coincide with another one. However, it will always be unified under a unique personal identification number each time someone visits to make this application.

Suppose you are checking a Driving License Check Online Bangladesh. This way, you will not have to provide any additional information, except for the copy number you will have to provide once and for all (the copy number was checked through an established process).

How does BRTA Driving License Check Online Bangladesh work?

There are chances that the person who bought your previous license might now be using someone else’s name. For instance, he might have changed his passport details. You need to ensure that all required information is provided when applying for an online Bangladesh Administration’s official website BRTA driving license; the online Bangladesh Administration can also issue a duplicate number of the driver licensing agency for Bangladeshis abroad with attaching their local driving licenses. The person providing the duplicate number will have to bear all costs of producing these documents after that date.

To request this duplicate number, you are strongly advised to refer to the following information:-

You must provide copied passport pages with the original photo page, which has your Bangladeshi name followed by a crossed two-digit personal identification number uploaded in it. You need not put any other details on those copies as security reasons consider it vital to comply with the rules and regulations listed there.

You must also submit two copies of your earlier driving license or green card, which you used for foreign country assignments before relocating back to Bangladesh. These documents will be needed closely with you when applying through a BRTA driver’s license check online in Bangladesh. You should put some handwritten signature whether it is included on previous pages or exactly done on this new paper so as not to face problems later. The copies of the documents must be signed by your witnesses who are specifying to fulfill their due duties about affidavits and testimonials for this application.

After that, you can apply through the BRTA driving license check online Bangladesh official website only 15 days after all required documents are mailed directly via an express courier service or picked up personally at your registered address in Bangladesh.

How long will it take to receive results from the BRTA driving license check online in Bangladesh?

The whole process will take approximately ten minutes. You must be careful to enter all the required data, including the ones that are not mandatory, for it to work properly!

After submitting all of your data, you will receive the appropriate results. If some information is absent from your record, this means that there are no problems with it, and your Driving License is valid for longer than three months as required by law. If such a problem appears, you must immediately contact the nearest police station or road safety department to learn how to solve it. Otherwise, you might be fined by the police.

If your Driving License is still valid for less than three months, this means that you do not have an active driving license. You must contact the nearest road safety department to learn how to change its status and make it valid for longer periods. If you cannot do so, you will have to pay a fine.

Driving License Check Online F&Q

1. How can I check my DL Online BD?

Download the DL Checker app from the Google Play Store to check your BRTA driving license. The BRTA server allows you to view the photo, card status, and information of your driving license by simply opening the app. You can also enter your DL number or Reference number.

2.  How do I download DL?

First, go to your mobile’s Play Store and search for DL ​​Checker. You will find an app called DL Checker containing a picture of a human outline with HSDL text. Install it, and it will appear at the beginning of the search. 

3. How can I download my soft copy driving Licence in Bangladesh?

First, you must download the DL checker app from the download. After installing the app, click on Open. As soon as it opens, first input the date of birth, then enter the DL No or Reference No and press the submit button; you are done. BRTA’s server will show your desired ID card with a photo.

The driving license will contain your name, date of birth and license validity. Besides, the renewal date will show the Issuing Office and Card Status. No need to go to the office to check or print the driving license BRTA. You can easily find out by yourself. So you can check whether your driving license or someone else’s driving license has been printed at home.

4. Who issues the driving license?

The Bangladesh Road Transport Institution (BRTA) issues driving licenses in Bangladesh. The BRTA is located in 32 to 62 administrative circles and is supervised by the Ministry of Communication and the Motor Honda Ordinance.

5. Who can apply for a driving license?

A non-professional license can be applied for at age 18, while a professional license can be applied for at age 20. In Bangladesh, no one under the age of 18 can operate a motor vehicle, and no one under the age of 20 can do so as a profession.

6. How long does it take to get a license in Bangladesh?

If you receive a learner’s permit, you will have 2-3 months to complete your driving training before taking a written and practical exam to obtain your original driving license.

7. Can I drive in Bangladesh with my Indian license?

The national driving license is translated into an international driving permit. It allows drivers to drive in other countries. You must always carry both your national and international license. An International Driving Permit can be obtained from Bangladesh AAB.

8. How much does a driving license cost in Bangladesh?

  • The professional license fee is 1680 Tk (with a renewal fee of 05 years).
  • A driving license for amateurs costs 2542 Tk (with a 10-year renewal fee).

9. What is the process for renewing a driving license in Bangladesh?

You can visit the Bangladesh Road Transport Authority office. Please submit a completed application form with all supporting documentation. Take all necessary tests, whether they are theoretical, practical, or both. Once you have successfully passed all the required tests, your driver’s license will be renewed.

10. What types of driving licenses are there in Bangladesh?

There are four types of vehicle licenses: H (heavy), M (medium), L (light), C (motorcycles), T (three-wheelers), P (personal safety vehicles), and X (utility vehicles).

Conclusion: The traffic law applies to all vehicles, including cars, motorcycles, three-wheelers, and tractors. It makes it mandatory for all drivers to have a driving license issued by the government. If you want to check the status of your driving license, you can do a driving license check online.

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