Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022


Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022, Gold is a very precious metal. Because of its ductility and malleability, gold is known as an ornamental metal. Jewelers can design decorations easier with diamonds because of these characteristics. A woman’s interest in ornaments dates back centuries. Although women worldwide enjoy jewelry in general, Asian women are especially fond of jewelry made of gold. Women regard gold as a precious metal, and their curiosity motivates them to research the gold price in Bangladesh today. As per the Bangladesh jewelers association, we will discuss today’s gold price.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today

As a result of the increasing price, Gold price in Bangladesh today 22-carat gold will be sold at Tk 78,686. 21 carat gold at Tk 75,195. 18 carat gold at Tk 64,428, and traditional Gold at Tk 51,205 per gram (11.64 grams). In spite of this, the silver price remains unchanged at 933 BDT. Gold prices have risen further in the last two weeks in Bangladesh’s gold market. The cost of gold has increased by about 2,014 Taka per ounce. The Bangladesh Jewelers Association (BAJUS) has informed that the price of gold will be raised again. Today the price of silver is rising along with the price of gold.

On the other hand, the Jewelers’ Association has informed that it has also increased wages to increase the jewelry price. According to the Jewelry Association, VAT on the jewelry sector in other parts of the world and the Country’s revenue on Bangladeshi customers will increase.

Prices of gold and silver increase together when the price of gold rises. In middle-class families, wedding jewelry is made with gold-plated jewelry or silver. Because at present, the cost of gold is much higher. So people from the middle class and ordinary families are more inclined towards silver. And for this, the price of silver has increased well. So we have to know the price of silver.

  • 22 carat = per Vori 1516 taka.
  • 21 carat = per Vori 1435 taka.
  • 18-carat =per Vori 1435 taka.

Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022


Gold Price in Bangladesh Today Per Vori 2022

Saudi Arabia and the U.S.two countries mine gold and typically control gold prices. Gold prices are influenced by both the value of the currency in each nation and market demand. In Bangladesh, Gold prices are determined by the Bangladesh Jewelers Association. Worldwide, including in Bangladesh, gold prices change every day. Rates for each unit can be found in tolas, grams, and gram equivalents in Bangladesh Taka.

When we buy gold or know the price of gold, we know the price of gold according to the carat of gold. The cost of gold is determined based on the carat of this gold. Gold is available in many types of carats. One of them is .24 carats, 22 carats, 21 carats, and 18 carats. However, Bengalis are better known as Bhari.

However, karats and Vori are not the same. Gold of 24 carats is not easily available in our Country. Therefore, 22K carat gold is most popular and in demand. The following is the gold price in Bangladesh today for all types of carat gold.

What is the price of 1 Vori gold in Bangladesh

One Vori gold price in Bangladesh 2022

There is a slight difference in Gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori 2022 in the price of new and old gold. The price of old gold is comparatively lower than new gold. So let’s know about the 1vori gold price.

1New 1 Vori new gold price 

Gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori has been resolved by Bangladesh’s Jewelers Samity. New pricing will make it easier for people to purchase gold for a lower price in many categories.

There are three main categories of Gold in our Country. There are four gold qualities: 18K, 21K, 22K, and 24K. The cheapest gold is 18K, and the most expensive gold is 24K. These categories are also priced differently.

According to our calculations, 1 Vori of gold is equal to 11.664 grams. 

1 Vori 24k gold price in Bangladesh:

In the current market, you can buy 1 gram of 24K gold for 6,475 BDT. According to the latest price, the price of one Vori 24K gold is  BDT. This price needs to be multiplied by the remuneration per gram.

1 Vori 22k gold price in Bangladesh:

In Bangladesh, 22K gold is currently priced at 6,370 BDT per gram. The total cost per Vori is, therefore, 78,686 BDT.

1 Vori 21k gold price in Bangladesh:

Compared to 22K gold, 21K gold is a bit cheaper. To get 1 more, you have to spend 75,195 BDT for 1 Vori of 21K gold. 

1 Vori 18k gold price in Bangladesh:

All types of gold are more expensive than 18K gold. At the latest price, one gram of 18K Gold will cost you 5,350 BDT, and one Vori of gold will cost 64,428 BDT.

Used 1 Vori gold price

You have to pay 15-20% less for used gold than for new gold. It depends on the seller how much the price will vary. Gold bought from the same seller will give you an additional 2-3%.

1 Vori 24K Used Gold Price:

It is almost 15% less expensive to sell used Gold of 24K than buying new. It is impossible to predict whether the selling price will go above 20%, regardless of the seller.

1Vori 22k used gold price:

In general, gold prices are cut by 15 to 20% off when selling 22K gold. It might be worth it to sell it to the store from which you bought it since they might offer a good discount.

1 Vori 21k used gold price:

When it comes to used gold, 21K gold is the most popular category. Sell 21K used gold and receive 80% of its actual value.

1 Vori 18k used gold price:

Even new gold is the cheapest in this category. The price of this used gold is close to 20% lower than that of new.

18-carat gold price in Bangladesh

21-carat gold is a little less good than 22-carat gold, however. 21 carat and 22-carat gold are very close, and their price is very close—the difference between 21 carats and 22-carat gold is 19/20. The purity of 21-carat gold is 7.50%.

21k gold price in Bangladesh today

Recently, BAJUS said that they would start selling gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori  2022. 1 Vori is equal to 11.66 Grams.

The price of old gold will drop by 20% per gram for those looking to sell it. I hope this was helpful to someone who was trying to find the price of hallmarked Gold 21 carat.

Bangladesh Gold Price Today 22k

There are 22 components to 22-carat gold, of which 22 are gold, and two are other metals, such as copper, silver, etc. In order to make gold last longer and be heavier, some other metals are usually mixed with pure gold. Of the 100% gold in 22 carats, only 91.67 percent is pure gold. Different types of metal make up 8.33 percent. Due to its lower purity, 22-carat gold costs less than 24-carat gold.

 Coronavirus has contributed to a big change in gold prices in Bangladesh. (Allresultus) gold price in Bangladesh today (BD) as of Vori 2022. Get the gold rate for 1 Vori in Bangladesh 2022 with per tola gold price. A variety of ways are available to buy 22-carat gold on the market today.

Today 24k gold price in Bangladesh

The purity of 24 Karat gold is 999/1000, also called (.999). America and Europe rarely use it as a material to make jewelry, while Asia does.

Gold Price in Bangladesh today is affected by a number of factors, and prices fluctuate daily. In a country, gold rates are determined by demand and supply, global economic conditions, and currency fluctuations, with prices changing every day. Despite the most common use of and search for 22k gold, some people prefer 24k. Today’s 24 k gold price in Bangladesh is also one of the more frequently searched ones for gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori.

What is the price of 1 Vori gold in Bangladesh?

Gold unite  Price 
1 Vori 24k
1 Vori 22k 78,686 BDT
1 Vori 21k 75,195 BDT
1 Vori 18k  64,428 BDT

How is Gold Measured?

Many people do not know the exact calculation of gold. So we have come up with an accurate measure of gold for you. As per the weight is given below:

In Bangladesh, this calculation is used-

1 Vori =16 annas
1 Vori = 96 Ratis
1 anna = 8 Ratis

International measurements are: 

1 ounce = 2.3405 Vori.
1 ounce = 28.3495 grams.
1 Vori = 0.41134 ounce.
1 Vori = 11.64 grams.

Conclusion: The price of gold and silver is increasing at a higher rate day by day, affecting the whole world. Gold prices are also rising sharply in the international market. All countries are feeling its effects. On the other hand, the price of gold is growing more than falling during the Corona period. Corona seems to have refreshed the gold market. If you want to buy gold or silver, it will be better to buy now, or the price will go up further because the market price will increase day by day. So everyone should know the Gold price in Bangladesh today per Vori 2022.

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