GP Bondho SIM Offer 2022


GP Bondho SIM Offer 2022 | Grameenphone Bondho sim offer 2022

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GP Number Check Code

The Grameen phone is the most used mobile phone network in Bangladesh. The number of users is about 5.5 crore. Now Grameenphone offers a variety of Prepaid and postpaid offers to its users. So one of their offers is the GP Bondho SIM offer. Grameenphone Bondho SIM Offer refers to a GP SIM Card that has not been used for a long period of time. If you have an off SIM card, you may be eligible for an offer. So if you are an owner of a GP Bondho sim, you will find a GP Bondho sim offer in this article. Let’s read the entire article before activating your SIM.

Gp Bondho sim offer 2022

The GP Bondho SIM offer 2022 is only available to users who have not operated their SIM for a long period of time. If you don’t use your Grameenphone SIM for several months, then you can take advantage of all the exciting offers.

Gp bondho sim internet offers

To get fantastic internet from the Gp Bondho sim offer, activate your inactive GP sim and enjoy this great deal.

GP 500 MB 5 Taka:

Enjoy a super internet offer in just 5 takas 500 MB. To get this offer, activate your Bondho GP sim, so dial *111*90# to activate your GP sim card internet. Now Dial *121*5050# or dial *121*3210#. Dial *566*10# or *121*1*4# to check your sim card’s internet balance. You can enjoy this offer two times, and the validity of the offer is just 7 days. You can use this 5 takas 500 MB offer at 2g\3g\4g network.

GP 1GB MB 9 Taka:

1GB 9 TAKA! Isn’t it interesting? At this offer, you will get 1000 MB for just 9 Taka. It is one of the cheapest offers from the Grameen phone network. To get this offer, dial *121*3444#, or you can get the offer from my GP app. The data pack is valid for one week. After activation of this offer, check the internet balance. You can use it on a 2g\3g or 4g network, but you can’t use this offer more than once.

GP 2 GB 17Taka:

Recharge 18 takas and get 2GB of internet. It’s a low-cost internet offer for GP users. Another exciting thing about this offer is that you will get the bonus of 2 GB of data with a regular 2 GB of internet data. So do you want to enjoy this offer? Dial *5020*2100# or dial *5020*2101# and to check this 2 GB internet dial *5020*2211# 

GP 5 GB 47 Taka offer:

The 5GB, 47 taka offer is one of the best GP Bondho sims offers in 2022. After a long time, GP has published a 5 GB internet offer at a very low cost. Otherwise, before 2022, 5GB of data was very costly for ordinary people. The validity of the 5 GB internet offer is 30 days. Now GP prepaid and postpaid users can use this GP Bondho sim offer. To use this offer, dial *121*5000#. 

Remember one thing; If you use GP sim from October 2, 2020, you can use this offer. Or skitto users can’t use this offer.

GP 2.5 GB 57 Taka:

GP has released a new fantastic GP Bondho Sim Offer 2021 on its official website. Now you can receive 2.5 GB of internet with just 57 takas. To obtain the offer, go to your mobile’s keypad option and dial *121*3242#, but the valid date of the internet is just three days.

Data Price Code Validity
500 MB 5 taka *121*5050# 7 Days
1 GB Mb 9 taka  *121*3444# 7 Days
2 GB MB 17 taka *5020*2100# 7 Days
5 GB MB  47 taka *121*5000# 30 Days
2.5 GB MB 57 taka *121*3242# 3 Days

Call Rates and minutes offer for GP Bondho sim.

If you are an inactive customer of GP, you can get various GP Bondho SIM offer. You can enjoy internet offers, call rates, and bundle offers. Here are some call rates offered for GP Bondho SIM users.

GP 11 Taka 48 poisha minutes:

Enjoy GP 48 POISHA minutes in just 11 takas. If you want to get this offer firstly, you have to recharge the exact amount. Then the recharge amount will be added to your main account. After getting this offer, you can call any local operator. The validity of the 11 takas 48 poisha minutes offer is 30 days. After the special call rate’s expiry period ends, you will be returned to your prior offer/package. If you are a Skitto SIM user, you are not eligible for this offer.

GP 28 Taka 48 minutes:

The 48-minute package for 28 TK is exclusively for 30 days available to GP Bondho users. But remember one thing, you can get this offer just one time. And the validity of the package is 24 hours. To check minutes balance, dial *121*1*2#

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GP Bondho sim bundle offer

If you want to get the GP Bondho SIM offer, you must first know if you are eligible or not for the offer. You can quickly determine the current SIM’s status.

101 TK 3 GB 48 Poisha per minutes:

This is a package that allows users to take advantage of the internet and minutes at the same time. There is 3 GB of internet included with the offer, along with 100 local minutes. You must recharge exactly 101 BDT to activate the offer. The validity period is 30 days. By dialing *121*1*4#, you may check both balances.

Gp bondho sim offer check code

GP provides Gp Bondho sim offer that is generally better than other mobile sim card companies in Bangladesh. The Grameen phone is offering attractive offers to bring back their deactivated customers. If you are eligible for the offer, you can enjoy the GP Bondho SIM offer. If you are a GP Bondho SIM customer, you can verify your eligibility through SMS. So the Grameen phone Bondho sim offer check code is *121*5300#.

Go to your message option and text BHK <space> TYPE 01700000000 and now send to 9999 number. After sending this SMS, operators will receive your text, takas, and respond to you.

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GP new SIM offer

Are you looking for new SIM offers? You will find excellent new SIM offers in GP. Grameenphone New Sim Offer 2022 is intended to attract new customers and also value the new customer. We’ve included the GP New Sim Offer and their information here. If you are going to buy a GP new SIM, you will get information from here.

Recharge offer:

After joining the Grameen phone network, you have to recharge 34 takas; then, you will receive one GB of the internet—the validity of 1 GB of the internet is one week. You can check your GP internet balance by dialing *121*1*4# *121*1*4#. On the first recharge, you will enjoy 1 POISHA per second to any local operators and 4 MMS for 7 days validity.

66 Taka 110 minutes offer:

The 110 minutes offer is for new GP users. To use this offer, you have to recharge 66 takas. You can use the minutes at any operator in just 10 days because the validity of the minute offer is 10 days. You can purchase the offer two times.

17 Taka 1GB offer:

The 1GB, 17 taka offer is the most demanding offer for customers. You can get the offer by recharging 17 takas and using 1GB of internet. And the expiry date of the internet is seven days. And you can enjoy it nine times per month.

9 Taka 1GB offer:

This is one of the best offers for GP new customers. In this offer, you get 1 GB internet just 9 TAK. You do not have to dial any activation for the offer.

New SIM bundle offer:

A minute bundle is available from Grameenphone for new SIM cards. With your new SIM card, you will get 30 minutes of talk time. And if you recharge 119 takas, you will get 100 minutes at any local operators with 2 GB internet (1GB + 1GB 4 G). The validity of this offer is 30 days (Activation day +29 Days).

40 Taka Free Talktime:

You will receive 40 Taka in your account balance after activating your new SIM card. Recharges will be provided by your new SIM provider immediately. You will receive free Talktime time once you recharge.

If you need to contact a local number, you may use Talktime. The validity period is 30 days.

Grameenphone Bondho sim offer 2022

The Grameen phone offers an inactive Bondho SIM card to its valued Prepaid users. GP Bondho SIM Offer 2022, Graeenphone’s reactivation offer, is available to you if you wish to reactivate your GP Bondho SIM.

You can benefit from low call rates along with a great internet data bundle with GP closed sim reactivation. However, you will receive an excellent call tariff for an extended period. Grameenphone Bondho SIM offers 2022 are for users who have not used their Grameenphone SIM for at least two months.Gp inactive customers are eligible for 48 poishas per minute call rate with a one-second pulse. Also, you can enjoy a 1 GB data pack at the 9 taka offer.

Gp Bondho sim offer pack: 3 GB +100 minute +48 poisha pulse per second call rate.Recharge 110 Taka .validity 30 days. 28 Taka 48-minute offer: Recharge 28 taka and validity 24 hours.

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11 taka 1Gb offer: 

Offer  Taka Code Validity
1 GB internet 11 taka *121*5044# 07 Days

5GB 47 Taka offer:

Offer Cost Code Validity
5 GB 47 taka *121*5000# 30 days


Conclusion: We hope you have found all of your GP Bondho SIM Offer. If you have a Gp Bondho SIM, activate it today and enjoy this GP Bondho SIM offer.

Gp bondho sim internet offers


  1. How can I activate GP to deactivate SIMS internet?

Firstly go to your mobile settings, then click on the mobile network, and you will see an access point option. Click on this option. Make a new APN profile. Name: GP and APN: GPinternet now Set this APN as the default configuration. After configuring the handset, restart it. Turn on your mobile data.

2. How can I know GP internet packs?

You can know about your GP internet packs, My GP App.USSD,SMS,GP Website,customer care service.And you can check your internet balance by dialing *121*1*4#. And to check the amount, go to the keypad option and dial *566#.

3. How to activate Any SIM card?

To activate your SIM, recharge it first. And enjoy the Bondho sim offers. Be sure that you are allowed for the Bondho SIM offers.

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