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GP Number Check 2022 | Grameenphone Number Check Code

Grameenphone SIM Company is one of Bangladesh’s most popular SIM companies. Many people use Grameen SIM because of the high-spread network facility. Grameenphone has more than 1 crore customers, but with the popularity of this large number of customers, Grameenphone has established the reign of Bangladesh.

Due to the increase in mobile phone usage, these operators’ subscribers are also increasing. As a result, we try to continually provide special information on our website for all of these customers. Because most of those who have such a high number of customers do not know various types of information and important points. One of the important points they missed is the GP number check. Through this article, we will share with you all the information about GP number check.


How to check GP number?

Every Gp sim has a specific number. We do various important mobile tasks using the GP SIM number on our mobile, including communicating with others. For all these reasons, we must remember our Grameenphone number.

For those who can’t remember their mobile number, this is very necessary and important to check our article. It is common for people who cannot even memorize a mobile number to ask the operator’s shop for the number and send money to it. So we have written this article for their convenience.

GP number check with USSD code.

As we know, many new GP users think about How to check the GP number? The way to check GP numbers is very easy. You can see the SIM number by dialing the following code number from your mobile to check the GP number. You have to dial a code from the SIM that you want to see the number of.

If you want to check your Grameen phone number, you can just dial a USSD code. You can check the phone numbers by just dialing a USSD code.

  • You have to enter the Grameenphone SIM you want to check into an active mobile handset number.
  • From there, you open the dial option and dial *2# this USSD code number.
  • Once you dial this number, you will see on your mobile screen your Grameen SIM number.

GP number check with the My GP app.

Also, you can check your sim number without code dialing. And for this, you have to use Grameenphone’s official app, My GP App.

  • Go to the google app store.
  • Now, you must download the My GP app.
  • Check your GP sim number.

We tried to explain it to you by sorting it for your convenience. We hope you understand how the whole process works.

We want to inform you that Grameenphone charges money for various services. Nevertheless, you can use this service for free. The above code number will not deduct any money from your account if you use it to check your own number.

GP Number Information

GP is the largest mobile operator company in Bangladesh. Grameenphone has been serving Bangladesh for more than two centuries. GP has the highest number of users than any other mobile operator, which is increasing daily.

It is important for those who use Grameen SIM to know the important code of Grameen SIM (GP all-important code). The Grameenphone SIM number checking process is simple: entering one code at a time. It becomes very difficult for us when we don’t know, no matter how easy it is. Today I will tell you about the GP number check and some other important codes. All Grameenphone SIM codes are given below:

Important GP SIM Codes

Service Codes
Number Check *2#
Balance check *566#
Check the package *111*7*2#
Minutes Check *566*24# or *566*20# or *121*1*2# or *1000*2#
MMS check *566*14# or *121*1*2#
Bonus Minutes Check *566*20#
FNF number set *111*2*1*2*number#
FNF Number Check *111*2*1*1#
Get Bonus Taka *566*8#
Emergency balance *1010*1#
Emergency balance check *566*28#
Megabyte package *111*6*1#
Data Check *566*10# or *567#


GP SIM Number Check F&Q

1. How do I find out who owns GP SIM?

You can quickly find out how many SIM cards are registered to your name by sending an SMS if you own a Grameenphone. To get more information, text “info” to 4949.

2. How to activate my GP internet?

  • Select Mobile Network > Access Point Name from the Mobile Settings menu.
  • Set up a new APN profile. The type, name, and APN are GP; GPinternet : APN.
  • You can set this APN as your default setting.
  • After configuring the handset, restart it.
  • Now turn, On your mobile data.

3. How can I purchase 10 minutes in GP?

Customers with eligible credit checks can claim this Talk Time offer by dialing *121*4024#.

4. How to check GP bondho sim offer?

You can learn about offers in a variety of ways. The easiest way to find out is to dial *121*5300#.

5. What is the way to check GP numbers?

Dial GP Number Check USSD Code *2# to check your GP SIM number yourself.

6. How to check GP sim internet balance?

Check internet balance on Grameenphone by dialing: * 121 * 1 * 4 # An SMS will be sent to the consumer informing them of their internet balance after dialing.

7. What is the GP customer care number?

Call 121 to contact Grameenphone customer care number.

Conclusion: Many of us aren’t aware of how to check our GP numbers. Throughout our daily activities, we learn something new every day, but we forget it all at once. Therefore, it becomes necessary to know. If you dial the USSD code, you’ll be able to check Grameenphone’s number. Dial *2# to check the Grameenphone SIM number.

According to the above discussion, we all understand that Grameenphone has the highest number of users among all the telecom companies in Bangladesh. Many customers who can’t remember their SIM numbers or have multiple SIM cards need GP sim numbers. Therefore, we have provided the GP number check code above for the convenience of the customers.

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