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Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code 2022 | Loan Check Number

Bangladesh’s largest mobile service provider is Grameenphone. They have been providing their services in Bangladesh for a long time and have gained popularity among a large number of people by providing their services. In that sequence, you are using the largest mobile phone service provider in Bangladesh. And you already know what we will discuss in today’s article. This is because we have confirmed that to you through the title.

So those of you who feel the need for GP emergency balance withdrawal but don’t know about the Grameenphone emergency balance code. To those who have searched online to find out, you have come to the right website. This is because here, we will tell you about the Grameenphone emergency balance code. Through this, you can enjoy emergency balance anytime in any situation.

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How To Get Emergency Balance In Grameenphone?

GP’s emergency balance service is the perfect way to ensure your credit never runs out, no matter what happens. With just a simple Grameenphone emergency balance code, you can get the emergency balance you need to stay connected and call when you need it most. So if you need gp emergency balance you need to follow some steps:

  • Go to your mobile’s dial pad to get the emergency balance on Grameenphone or GP SIM.
  • And type *1010*1# then call with your GP SIM.
  • The request process will be completed immediately with the message “Your Request Process Successful”.
  • After that, another message will immediately come to your SIM and will give you the emergency balance.

In this way, you can easily borrow emergency balance or money through your GP SIM. Hope you benefited from today’s article. When you are in danger, you can save yourself from danger by dialing this code and borrowing money on your Grameen SIM.

Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code 2022

Bangladesh’s largest mobile phone operator Grameenphone has launched a new facility called “Emergency Balance”. Under this feature, all prepaid customers under the network can take credit with a 30-day tenure for insufficient or zero balance. It was launched on September 02, 2013.

When you are a GP user and have been using GP SIM regularly, in that case, you can avail emergency balance facility from Grameenphone if the balance runs out while you are talking on the phone. There is no opportunity to Flexi- load. Grameenphone provides an emergency balance facility for their customers from a minimum of 11 takas to 200 takas. But to take emergency balance, you need to know the code or method of taking emergency balance. Grameenphone emergency balance code you can enjoy the benefit of emergency balance from Grameenphone.

You can get the GP emergency balance by dialing *1010*1#. You can bring emergency balance through the My GP app. If you don’t have my GP app on your mobile phone then install it from Google Play Store. Now you log in with your number then inside you will get the option to bring an emergency balance.

Some codes related to emergency balance

  • Emergency balance activation code *1010*1#.
  • Emergency Balance Check Code *121*1*2#.
  • Code *121*1010*2# to check if you can withdraw the emergency balance.

Conditions for the Grameenphone GP Emergency Balance

You can use your emergency balance at any time to call any operator number. We have collected some terms and conditions for those who want to use Emergency Balance, of course, these are collected from Grameenphone. So those who are interested in using emergency balance must know about these terms and conditions

  • A GP emergency balance (GP loan) cannot be taken again until the first one has been repaid in full (GP loan).
  • You will receive an SMS that confirms the validity of your GP Emergency Balance.
  • The emergency balance can only be used for calling and texting, so customers cannot purchase internet packs using it.
  • The offer is not applicable to Skitto users.
  • GP minimum emergency balance amount is 11 taka.
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We have collected all the information in this article from the official website of Grameenphone, so there is no possibility of any mistake. That’s why you can trust us without a doubt.

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Grameenphone Emergency Balance Loan

The main topic of this article is the Grameenphone emergency balance code. Now we are going to discuss that issue in detail. Grameenphone was the first to bring the idea of ​​emergency balance in Bangladesh. Grameenphone was the first to introduce the Emergency Balance System. After its launch, it got a huge response from the customers. Because it is considered one of the customer services the number of GP customers increases a lot.

The GP companies have introduced a facility to provide users with emergency balances for emergency calls when they do not have mobile balances. Many people are taking advantage of this benefit, while many others are denied it because they don’t need it. However, if you ever feel the need to use this service, you can collect GP Emergency Balance by dialing the code provided by us.

The emergency balance loan code is *121*1*3# or *1010*1#. By dialing it you can easily take an emergency balance from a minimum of 11 takas to a maximum of 200 takas and you can use everything with this money.

Grameenphone Emergency Balance Check Number

If the mobile balance is reduced or exhausted then a certain amount of money can be borrowed from the mobile company, that money can be taken by dialing a USSD code, then the mobile phone company deducts this money from the balance, and the mobile balance runs out. This process of borrowing money from the mobile operator after departure is called emergency balance and the amount deducted is called emergency balance.

You can check your emergency balance with the GP Emergency Balance Check number. Dial *121*1*2# to find out your balance. After you receive your emergency you may check your balance by dialing *121*1010*2 to find out how much you are eligible for.


Grameenphone Emergency Balance Code FAQ

What are the ways I can get a GP emergency balance of 200 Taka?

If you want to use the emergency balance amount for both phone calls and SMS, dial *121*1*3# to obtain the emergency balance and *121*1010*2# to obtain the qualifying amount.

Is it possible to remove the emergency balance in GP?

You can deactivate the emergency balance feature by dialing *1010*5#.

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Conclusion: We have given you an idea about the Grameenphone emergency balance code above. Hope this article will be useful for you and you can get the emergency balance on your phone very easily.

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