Grameenphone Minute Offer List 2022


Grameenphone Minute Offer List 2022

Hello, Grameenphone users. Do you know the affordable Grameenphone minute offer? Grameenphone provides its customers with the best and cheapest minute offer pack. The best offers are always available at Grameenphone. With the best network speed.

The number one telecom in Bangladesh is Grameenphone. More than 74 million, Grameenphone subscribers in Bangladesh.

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By reading the entire article, you’ll know all the details of Grameenphone minute offer 2022. You can discover the most useful offer for you. Also, you will know how to get Grameenphone minutes offers, which are available by recharge. Furthermore, we will accord you the Grameenphone minutes offer code.

Let’s check the most affordable minutes offer.

GP minute offer 2022

To alleviate you, I accommodate the best and cheapest offers in a list. When we need an affordable minutes pack. We have to face many troubles. It wastes our huge time. 

Recently, Grameenphone update their all minutes packages. So I will show you the best GP minute offer in 2022. 

In helping the minds of my honorable visitors. I create a list of Grameenphone minute offers. These lists help you to reach valuable packs and save time. From here you can purchase the pack of your choice smoothly. In the list, I will inform you of activate code, validity, and total minutes.

List of Grameenphone minute offer 2022:

Total minutes  Price Activate code Validity
10 minutes 5.70 taka *121*4024# 06 hours
25 minutes 14 taka *121*4001# 16 hours
40 minutes 24 taka *121*4002# 24 hours 
70 minutes 44 taka *121*4003# 4 days
85 minutes+ 50 SMS 53 taka *121*4004# 7 days
100 minutes 59 taka *121*4205# 7days
130 minutes 78 taka *121*4026# 7days
125 minutes 78 taka *121*4026# 7days
160 minutes 99 taka *121*300# 7days
200 minutes 113 taka *121*4007# 10 days
340 minutes 199 taka *111*4018# 30 days
410  minutes 237 taka *121*4008# 15 days
500 minutes 288 taka *121*5074# 30 days

How can I get GP minute offer?

Various ways you can purchase a Grameenphone minute offer. Each offer purchase way is each. You can purchase minutes offered by recharge and code. Some of them are available for each sim card. You can also check which is available for your sim. 

In this age of communication technology, we all can communicate with others in just a second through mobile. So we always desire to buy affordable minute packs. So Grameenphone always brings us affordable minutes offers. Therefore, the number of Grameenphone users is increasing day by day.

If you are a Grameenphone customer and want to buy an offer. Then you have to check the Grameenphone minutes offered first. Then you can purchase any pack of your choice.

  • From the GP app. Or
  • Choose a pack from the tables in our article. 
  • Get an activation code.
  • Dial the code.
  • Now quickly you get an activation SMS.
  • Check your remaining balance.

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Grameenphone minute offer list

Several proposals are available only for recharge. Those offers you can purchase by recharge. You just recharge the proper amount of your offer. They offer automated activation on your phone. 

Instantly we will notify you which offers are usable in recharge. Let’s check the list: 

Total minutes Recharge Validity
14 Minutes 23 Taka recharge 16 hours 
24 Minutes 40 Taka recharge 24 hours
44 Minutes 70 Taka recharge 04 days
53 Minutes 85 Taka recharge 07 days 
59 Minutes 100 Taka recharge 07 days
78 Minutes 125 Taka recharge 07 days
99 Minutes 160 Taka recharge 07 days
117 Minutes 200 Taka recharge 10 days 
199 Minutes 330 Taka recharge 30 days
233 Minutes 400 Taka recharge 15 days

Grameenphone minute offer code:

Grameenphone minutes offers are available in different ways. Some of them are available only for code. The offer has a personal code so you have to dial the code to get the offer. These offers are very useful. Because anytime you can activate the offer if you have sufficient amounts. So we amass the Grameenphone minutes offer code in a list. 

Grameenphone minute offer code 2022:

Total minutes Price Code Validity
21 minutes 14 taka *121*4001# 16 hours
37 minutes 24 taka *121*4002# 24 hours
67 minutes 44 taka *121*4003# 04 days
120 minutes 78 taka *121*4026# 07 days
160 minutes 99 taka *121*4005# 07 days
190 minutes 117 taka *121*4007# 10 days
310 minutes 199 taka *121*4018# 30 days
350 minutes 233 taka *121*4008# 15 days
480 minutes 298 taka *121*5074# 30 days

You can check balance dial *121*2*1#.

Note: Some offers may not be available at this moment. To activate the code offer on your phone you have to have a sufficient amount in balance.


Final thought: In our article, we will bring for you the best Grameenphone minute offer 2022. I expect you will be able to select according to your requirements after reading the content. And a conversation with your favorite individual for hours. If you get a boost by browsing our article today. Then stay with Grameenphone and stay with us. is an educational and technology site. From here you can receive all the updated information. Such as job circulars, results, routine, job exam questions, suggestions, solutions, SIM offers, online earnings, etc. 

If you have any questions just leave it below the comment box. So stay with Grameenphone and stay with us. To know educational and tech update information visit our website regularly.

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