How To Check Nagad Account Balance


How To Check Nagad Account Balance?

Nagad is a prominent provider of mobile banking in Bangladesh. It is currently the most popular mobile banking service in Bangladesh. It’s simple to open a nagad account, like bKash.The Department of Postal Service launched its Mobile Banking service on March 26, 2019. Nagad can now be used for all digital transactions, and today we will see how to check nagad accounts?

Are you having trouble checking your Nagad balance? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered! This article will show you how to check nagad account balance on any device or browser. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to keep track of your progress and stay on track with your goals.

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How to check nagad account balance?

You can check nagad accounts using two methods: 1. dial code and 2. nagad app. To check nagad accounts, dial the nagad account code * 167 #. Within a few seconds after dialing this code, you will see your account details with many options: – Balance Check, Send Money, Cash Out, Bill Pay, Mobile Recharge, etc. From there, select the best option that suits your needs. 

Balance check method :1

  • If you want to check the balance of your Nagad account, you need to dial * 167 # from the mobile number you used to open it. Then you will find a variety of options.
  • You need to go to (My nagad), type in 7, and click the send button. 
  • You will see two options, one of which is “Balance enquiry.” To access the Balance enquiry option, type 1 and click the Send button again. 
  • Once that is done, you may type the secret PIN from your Nagad mobile banking account. You will have to click the send button again after typing the secret PIN.
  • Your nagad mobile number and PIN will gradually show your nagad account if they are correct.

Balance check method:2

You may also access your nagad account by downloading nagad apps from the Google Play Store. You must first download the nagad applications to do so. After installing the app, you must log in with your nagad account’s mobile number and secret PIN.

Once you log in, you’ll see the interface, and there, you will find the types of nagad services you can choose from. After selecting the service you want, you can use it. 

Nagad account check code

Today, many consumers do not know how to check Nagad account balance. If you read our article, there are instructions on how to check nagad account balance? Check out our article to learn more about nagad account checking guidelines. We made specific details about it as clear as possible.

Nagad Code is the code necessary to access the nagad account balance. You may balance your nagad account by mobile with this nagad code.

Before you can get the nagad Mobile Banking Balance Check Code, you must have the nagad Account check Code number. Enter *167 # to check your nagad account balance.

  • You can check your nagad account balance by dialing * 167 # on your mobile phone. Now you will find a different option if you want to check your balance, Type 7.

Nagad account check code

  •  To check your nagad mobile banking balance, type 1 and click on Send.

Nagad Account Balance Check From Apps?

  •  Then enter the PIN of your nagad account and click on the Send option.

How to check nagad account balance without apps?

  • Nagad account balance will be displayed when you click on the send option and enter the PIN of the nagad account.

Nagad Account Balance Check From Apps?

Nagad has released its mobile banking app. With the app, it is easy to access a nagad account. The Nagad app makes all the information about a transaction readily available, so there is less chance of making a mistake during the transaction.

  • Nagad apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store fairly easily. First, go to the Play Store and search nagad, then you will find the app, then you have to download it, then after downloading, you have to install it. 
  • Install the nagad application, open it, and you’ll see three options here: the phone number, the PIN, and the bottom-right login option. 
  • When you create a Nagad account, you must input your mobile phone number. After that, you must enter your PIN.
  • Once you have entered your mobile number and PIN correctly, click on the login option. The NAGAD application will then appear before you, and you can tap the text at the top to know your balance.

Nagad Account Balance Check From Apps? Nagad Account Balance Check From Apps?

  • After you’ve logged in, you’ll be directed to the app’s main page. You can also verify the account with just a click on this page. To check the account, select the “Tap to find balance” button at the top of this page. 

How to check nagad account balance without apps?

Although many people are familiar with the nagad account balance check guidelines, new customers frequently want even more information regarding nagad. Thus today’s article will focus on the nagad account balance check guidelines. I’ll tell you all you need to know about nagad account balance without using the app.

  • To check your Nagad balance, dial *167# 
  • You will be taken to Nagad’s mobile menu by clicking this button. 
  • You will have several choices here.
  • You must choose the My Nagad option.
  • It will open up a variety of new options.
  • Here, you must select the Balance Enquiry option.
  • You must enter the Mobile Menu PIN to access the menu.

Frequently asked question

What is the code of Nagad?

‘Nagad’ Accounts can be opened by dialling the code *167# and entering a PIN. Customers from every mobile operator in the country can use the *167# code to open a ‘Nagad’ account.

How do I get my bonus on Nagad?

If you make payments online with a Nagad dial code or application, you can get a 10% bonus. You must finish the payment to the merchant number appropriately in this case.

What is a nagad account?

Nagad is Bangladesh Post Office’s digital financial service. Nagad App is a dynamic and secure digital financial service app that enables everyday transactions such as cashing in, cashing out, and transferring money. 

What is a Nagad Islamic account?

Nagad Islamic now offers a Zakat calculator and various Islamic lifestyle services to observant Muslim clients on its website and app.

How can I delete my Nagad account?

A National ID card is required to delete a nagad account – the ID card you opened the account with. To delete a Nagad account, the account balance must be zero. After that, you must contact Nagad Customer Service. Tell the customer service agent that you wish to close your Nagad account. The representative will then inquire about your account. The nagad Customer Care Representative will close your account if you deliver the nagad account opening documentation; however, your account will not be closed if the account details are not provided correctly. 

Conclusion: How to check nagad balance? This article will share how to check Nagad account balance?. Nagad is currently Bangladesh’s second-largest mobile banking service. You can quickly and easily determine how much money you have left in your account by following our simple steps.

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