How To Check Passport Status By SMS In Bangladesh


How to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh?

Bangladesh is one of the world’s most populous countries. It also has very limited internet connectivity in rural areas, where 80% of its people live. To help address this problem, the Bangladesh government has launched an SMS-based system to help citizens check their passport status. A new law has made it essential for foreign nationals to carry their passports with them at all times.

However, many people in Bangladesh don’t have the habit of carrying their passports with them when they travel. So how to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh? You can check your passport status through SMS in Bangladesh. You need to send the following information through text message:

How to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh?

How to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh? It’s easy to check passport status through direct SMS in Bangladesh. Just send the following data via text message:

If you want to know if your passport is ready, you need to send an SMS to 6969. Make sure the recipient is 6969. You can check Bangladeshi passports by entering the message code MRP <space> EID Number. If you apply for a passport, you must receive the EID number which is found on the delivery slip.

heck passport status by SMS

You will receive an immediate response after sending this message, whether your name is added or not. The system responds with either ‘confirmed’ or ‘rejected.’ The authority then accesses an international database and checks for your name and the status of your passport. Also, it will check if you have any special visas, any pending biometric consular fees, etc. If your information is right, you will receive a reply verifying this information through SMS within 10 minutes of sending the message.

You can also add additional requirements such as adding a valid date till the expiry of the visa or adding a name.

Suppose you need your passport urgently. You can send an urgent written request through email, WhatsApp, etc., but it will take days for authorities to inform you about the status. But if you are worried about stamp duty, they should ask the people using their mobile phones like phones/feature phones where money is paid (via plastic card).

The authorities cannot trace and communicate with you if you send an urgent message via SMS, Email, or Telegram. It also takes longer for this agent (Bangladesh Passports) to receive information from the official office in the Bangladesh Embassy where passport applications are handled, located abroad.

What is the Procedure to Check Passport Status Online in Bangladesh?

Now we know how to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh? Here you can also know the check passport status online. The following steps below are the procedure to check passport status quickly and easily in Bangladesh: 

  1. Go to the Bangladesh Passport website.
  1. On the lower right side of the homepage under the ‘Login’ section, enter your registration number on the left top corner of the passport page, then click the “Submit” button to proceed. The official website can be accessed to check passport application status online very easily after logging in.
  1. Enter the number printed/written on your passport, which is found in the top right corner of your application page under the “Change password” section. Simply enter your date of birth and a name, or add a name, to see whether your passport is valid.

Check Passport Status Online in Bangladesh

You can apply online for a child’s visa and select another person to submit directly to the chosen authorized officer, but only if required handwritten information is available. When an application for a Bangladesh visa online is applied for, some of the information on the applicant’s passport page is printed in abbreviation due to a long queue of pending applications.

What are the benefits of checking your passport status by SMS in Bangladesh?

Below are a few benefits provided with this feature: Benefits of System.

  1. No need to wait for days now as finding your passport status online is so quick and easy by adding your mobile number via SMS, even faster than what the web version offers. This ensures that your complaint will be instantly received through an instant SMS application by accepting a global texting system within Bangladesh Passport online for contacting persons immediately rather than once committed entry on the date of validity. BangladeshPassportOnline’s SMS service offers a more comfortable way for applicants to find their Bangladesh passport application status.
  1. you don’t have to wait in a long line in departmental offices any longer, where families and friends want to check their Bangladesh visa status via SMS or phone to avoid waiting until you locate your family and friends upon arrival at the office. Now, these services are offered by any individual, whether hiding somewhere in someone’s home country with his/her or her passport depending on choice option; otherwise quite possible for Bangladeshi applicants once the online application process is available so fast through SMS.

What are the drawbacks to checking your passport status by SMS in Bangladesh?

If you still think these benefits are just a dream, I have found the major downside of checking your Bangladeshi visa online by SMS. It won’t be only a lack of time to make SMS from abroad but a fairly high rate with all kinds of extra charges plus hassles for contacting most service people. That’s why it’ll be quite expensive if anyone needs these services in Bangladesh, as most likely they will try to look at one great card abroad and pay extra for this service with Bangladeshi visa application status by SMS.

Bangladesh passport check online Q & A

1. Can I check my passport details online in Bangladesh?

Yes. You can now check your passport details online. For this, you just need to register on the website and perform some simple tasks, like filling up an application form with your data, including the password for accessing the screen of My Passport Application E-Vault Service System (MAPAS), or selecting a preferred e-passport option, optionally sharing pictures of your passport, etc.

You may submit all the necessary information to process your application during certain time slots on the website as if you have submitted all the information to process your application. You are required to click on a button “IF APPROVED” or “NOT APPROVED” indicating whether you wish to avail yourself of the services of government offices for applying for an e-passport.

If approved by the MAPAS system, my invitation is sent back automatically; if not approved, you need to submit the same information again! If you have issued a local e-passport, your system will inform you about the new QR code within 4 hours. You can download this QR Code and share it with bank representatives in Bangladesh instead of taking time out to visit their offices.

2. How can I verify my passport?

Yes. You can verify your passport by entering the 12 digits serial number on the stamp or uploading your photo online. You can also verify your ID by uploading your photo to the official website of the government/police department, which only verifies government documents officially issued and fully valid. Private documents are not validated officially. 

3. How can I know my passport number?

To know your passport number, enter the ten-digit code in any web-based system before entering it online. This will print out all relevant information regarding the date of issuing, issue bank, etc. You need to have a printed copy which you can send or use for verification purposes too.

4. What is your passport ID number?

The passport ID number, also called USPB (Unique identification of Passport Beneficiary), is the ten-digit code on your e-passport. This id was introduced on all new passports in 2010. Before that, only 15 digits were usual for issuance and stored with the issuing bank.

5. How many digits are there in the Bangladesh passport number?

Bangladesh now has ten-digit passport numbers. The last digit is believed to be a check digit which will prevent alteration in any way.

6. Can I check passport details with passport numbers?

Yes. You can verify passport details using your alphanumeric signature against the ten-digit number. It is an easy method to check if someone has cloned or altered your document for any purpose.

Conclusion: How to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh? The government of Bangladesh recently started using SMS for passport verification, which means that it is now possible to check your passport status by SMS. This article will provide you with step-by-step instructions on How to check passport status by SMS in Bangladesh?. We hope this helps!

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