How To Open Nagad Account


How To Open Nagad Account (NID, Apps, SIM)

How To Open Nagad Account? Nagad is a new online banking platform that promises to make banking easier and faster. With Nagad, you can easily bank from your computer or mobile device and access your accounts through a simple and intuitive interface. Nagad is also one of the few banks that offer mobile banking services through Android and iOS devices, making it easy to access your finances. So if you’re looking for an easy-to-use and innovative bank platform, Nagad is worth checking out!

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What is the Nagad account?

Nagard is a Bangladeshi Digital Financial Service (DFS) managed by the Bangladesh Post Office, a government-funded organization (Bangladesh). It is a dynamic and secure digital financial service in Bangladesh provided by the Postal Service of Bangladesh. Bangladesh’s Ministry of Post and Telecommunication operates it as an associated department of Third Wave Technologies Limited. The Nagad System is the updated version of the earlier announced Postal Cash Card and Electronic Money Transfer System of the Bangladesh Post Office.

How to open nagad account with an app?

Nagad had the brilliant idea of allowing customers to open accounts by dialing * 167# from any phone number nationwide. Or You can also open a nagad account with mobile and internet. You no longer need to submit documentation to open an account. Driver’s licenses, pictures, or signatures are not necessary. Download the Nagad app to create an account.

The Nagad app can be downloaded for free. You will find it on the App Store and Play Store. To use the app, follow these instructions carefully:

  • To open a nagad account, you need a smartphone. You can access nagad on your phone by downloading the app. To select Bengali or English as your language, tap the language setting option on the top right side of the nagad app.

What is the Nagad account?

  • Once successfully downloaded, tap the Register button.

How to open nagad account with an app?

  • Press the “next” button after entering the phone number. After choosing a mobile operator, go to the next step (Teletalk / Grameenphone / Robi / Airtel / Banglalink).

How to open nagad account on mobile?


  • Now select the next tab.
  • You’ll need your national identity card to complete the process.

how to open nagad account without nid

  • Please upload your national identity card to both sides.
  • Take a selfie to set the nagad pin. Nagad will not use it without your permission. Read the nagad instructions attentively before moving on to the next stage.

How to open nagad account in airtel?

  • If you successfully take a selfie, you will receive an OTP verification code on your phone. If the SIM card is present in the phone, verification will automatically. Your cash account will be opened quickly if all of your information is valid.

How to open nagad account in teletalk?

 How to open nagad account on mobile?

Currently, Nagad is available on all SIM cards in Bangladesh. Customers need only dial * 167 # and enter their PIN. You can also open your Nagad account using the nagad app. Dial * 167 # from your mobile to open your nagad account at home.

Requirements to open a nagad account:

  • A SIM card that is active.
  • Active mobile
  • ID such as a nid \passport or driving license.
  • 2 passport-sized photos.

Process for opening a nagad account

  • To open your nagad account at mobile, dial * 167 # from your mobile phone. Set a four-digit PIN: text on your phone’s screen.
  • Your SIM card will contain information about ID sharing and the operator nagad. Enter a new PIN. Then confirm, and you will be able to open your Nagad account if you enter the same pin code twice. Now you can conduct nagad transactions without worry.

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how to open nagad account without nid

You can now open a nagad account without nid. Every customer will be able to make transactions in the account. The cash-out price per thousand in cash is 9.99 + 1.50 government VAT, resulting in the country’s lowest mobile banking fee.

To open a ‘Nagad’ account without, follow these steps:

  • To begin, dial *167#.
  • Then create a 4-digit PIN.
  • Verify by typing the PIN again.
  • Then decide whether or not you wish to be a transaction.
  • Your ‘Nagad’ account is now active.

How to open nagad account in airtel?

Nagad is now one of Bangladesh’s most popular mobile banking services. You can open a nagad account on any mobile phone operator, regardless of your network, because the consumer prefers Cash Out Charges, Nagad Send Money Charges and other expenditures.

You may access cash mobile banking just by creating a PIN on airtel at any moment. Dial * 16 7# from your SIM card to start a nagad account. The nagad account will be authorized when you choose a four-digit pin code.

How to open nagad account in gp?

If you are a gp user, you may now create a ‘Nagad’ account by dialing*167# from home. After successful registration, you will be given a chance to become a ‘Nagad Lakhpoti’ and get Tk.25.

  • To start, dial *167#.
  • Create a 4-digit PIN. Retype the PIN to double-check.
  • Your ‘Nagad’ account has been created.
  • Now you may complete the transaction how you desire.

How to open nagad account in banglalink?

Banglalink customers may now enjoy “nagad” digital banking services by dialing * 167 #. Any Banglalink subscriber may open a “nagad” account and use it to save, withdraw, and transfer money. Aside from that, Banglalink customers will soon be able to recharge their phones with nagad. Customers of any mobile provider can use the “nagad” app to access “nagad” services.

how to open nagad account in robi

You may easily open an account if you own a Robi or Airtel phone by using the USSD number *167# or installing the Nagad app. After creating an account, you’ll have access to several deals, including a Tk 25 immediate bonus.

How to open nagad account in teletalk?

Nagad is the postal department’s digital transaction service; for commercials on television, everyone should be aware of it. You may also open an account without going to an agent or entrepreneur for comfort and privacy.

Here’s how you can do it with Teletalk sim:

If you have Grameenphone, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, or Banglalink, you can activate your nagad account by dialing * 167# and setting the pin code for your account. Enjoy all the benefits of nagad!

Conclusion: How to open nagad account? Nagad is an online banking solution that lets users access their accounts and make transactions securely and conveniently from any device. As one of the most famous bank solutions, Nagad enables you to open a bank account without the need for an app or website. Follow these simple steps to open a Nagad account:

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