Nid Card Download Online Bangladesh


Nid Card Download Online Bangladesh

NID card download online Bangladesh is the latest trend in online security. The nid card is a digital identity card used by citizens of Bangladesh to access various government services online. It allows you to access your government records, apply for a passport, and more. Keeping your nid card safe is essential, as any breach could result in identity theft and other security problems. Therefore, check out the NID card download online Bangladesh if you want a new way to protect your online activity.

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Nid Card Download Online Bangladesh

A national id card is essential for every citizen of a country. Citizens of Bangladesh must have a NID to access various public services, including utility connections. They also require the NID to open bank accounts. If you have not yet received your nid card, you can easily apply for a nid card. It is much easier to get a nid card than in previous years. 

How to download a nid card online in Bangladesh?

The Bangladesh Election Commission site now allows voters to download an online copy of their NID. Card. Voters can register to get a National Identity Card online before downloading the National Identity Card online copy. If you have taken a picture to become a voter but have yet to receive your NID, you can pick up temporary (provisional) documents of the NID. Use the slip number on your voter registration form to obtain the card. If you’ve lost your NID, use the slip number on your voter registration form. Card, but the NID. You should find it on the form. You can still attempt to obtain the national identity card in this manner. There is a chance of success.

How to download a nid card online in Bangladesh?

  • There you may see a variety of options.
  • Select the Voter information option from the Other Info section.
  • Then, open a form box and fill it out. You will need to enter your slip number, which you received, and your birth date.
  • To view your voter details, click on See your Voter Details.
  • Afterward, you will need to copy your NID. Number, then click the Register option, and they will open a new page, where you will need to click the button that says ‘want to fill out the form.’
  • After that, you will need to fill out another form containing your NID. Number and date of birth. Then you will have to complete another captcha carefully. Now you can click the submit button.

You may also receive your national identification card number by sending an SMS from your phone. You can quickly obtain a NID for those who just registered but have not received it yet. If you have a mobile phone, go to the message option and enter your date of birth (day-month-year) into the nid space with the form. Send the message to 105. You will receive your national identity card number in the return message.

How to Apply for an id card in Bangladesh Online?

Those Bangladeshis who are yet to register to vote and over the age of 17 should fill out the online application and contact their local Election Office to provide biometric information.

 NID. Card Application Requirements:

  • Bangladeshi nationality.
  • Your age must be or more than or equal to 17 years.
  • Does not have a competent court proclaim them to be mentally ill.
  • Candidates must be considered residents of a particular electoral district.
  • Your online form should be printed.
  • A copy of the SSC diploma or equivalent is required to prove age.
  • Blood group report.
  • Birth certificates photocopy.
  • An ID photocopy of the father, mother, and husband/wife (required).
  • Copy of utility bill/rent receipt/holding tax receipt (as a proof of address)
  • Certificate of Citizenship (as applicable)


  • Visit the Bangladesh Election Commission’s website.
  • Fill out the required information on your form.
  • Except for the full name, all the information should be in Bangla Unicode.
  • Ensure you check all the information carefully after inserting it with the preview option.
  • You’ll need to create a pdf file for that form, print it out, and then submit it to the local election commission center.
  • You will receive your card after we have verified your information and address.
  • Give a copy of the receipt to collect the card.

How to recover a lost NID. Online Card?

As Bangladeshis, NID. Cards are becoming increasingly important because they are equivalent to social security cards or passports, both of which are equally important for citizens of other countries—having a NID. A stolen, lost, or misplaced card can put you in grave danger, but it isn’t the world’s end. You can get another copy of your nid card. Please make a new one as soon as possible since it is essential for most of the application procedures available in the country.

The following are some easy methods for getting your new ID card:

  1. You should file a general diary (GD) with your local police station to prove that your card has been stolen.
  2. To get a new ID card, you will have to fill out the ‘Lost ID Card Form’ at the NID. Registration Wing.
  3. There is a total processing charge of Tk 368, which must be paid with Dutch Bangla Mobile Banking. You must include the Transaction ID (TRX) number on the form to prove payment. 
  4. Photocopy the general diary and attach it to the form.
  5. Please send the form to the same email address you used to retrieve it.

Uses of NID. card

  • Purchasing and selling of land
  • Nationality.
  • Benefits and rights of citizens.
  • Open a bank account.
  • Financial assistance from a bank.
  • The government provides pensions.
  • Buy a sim card.
  • Marriage registry.
  • Passport.
  • Maintainers of Share-BO accounts.
  • Business licenses are required for the trade.


1. Is it safe to get a nid card online?

Yes, it is safe. The process is simple. Your ID card and Smart Nid Card will be sent to you via PDF using your Voter Number or Registration Slip. To download your nid card, you must visit the Election Commission Bangladesh Site.

2. What are the benefits of getting a nid card online?

The online process is fast and convenient. You can get your ID card through a secure and private Internet connection or access the site on any mobile phone or computer. You will be finished with all of your applications within three days by taking advantage of third-party sites.

 3. Is national ID compulsory?

Yes, your nid Card is compulsory as part of the Citizenship Act. The act has several benefits for citizens, including identification and tax collection.

4. What papers are required to become a new voter?

You will need a Birth Registration Certificate, SSC or Equivalent Examination Pass Certificate (if any), a copy of any utility bill for proof of address, a Citizen’s Certificate, a Photocopy of the parent, and NID. Card of a married spouse, Passport, Driving Licence, TIN number (If any).

Conclusion: If you’re looking for an easy process to Nid card download online Bangladesh! You have come to the right place. Our website provides step-by-step instructions on downloading your nid card online in just a few simple clicks. By following our guide, you’ll be able to access your nid card at no time!

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