Robi Bondho SIM Offer 2022


Robi Bondho SIM offer 2022

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Robi is one of the well-known telecom companies in Bangladesh. Robi always welcomes their costumes warmly, and they provide a 4.5G network for their users. Especially for Bondho SIM customers. If you have a deactivated Robi SIM, you can enjoy this Robi Bondho SIM offer. Moreover, Bondho (Re-activation) SIM offers highly unexpected deals such as internet offers, low-cost and special rates for calls, bonus offers, etc. If you are eligible for these offers, you can activate any Bondho SIM package. Before you activate your off sim, please read this article. We hope it will help you.

Robi Bondho SIM offer 2022

In 2022, Robi has published their Bondho sim offer. From now on, Robi, you can enjoy these offers on 4.5 G\3.5 G\2.5 G networks. Here you will know about Robi Bondho SIM offer 2022, so continue with us.

Robi Bondho SIM internet offer

23 Taka 1GB data offer

All prepaid and postpaid Robi customers are eligible for this 23 takas 1GB data offer. Only 23 BDT will get you 1 GB of fantastic Internet. If you want to get this offer, recharge and dial *123*230#. The validity of the internet pack is 3 days. And you can use this offer multiple times.

9Taka 1Gb data offer

9 Taka 1GB internet is the most popular offer among the Robi Bondho sim offer. Many users activate their inactive Robi sim because of this offer. You have to recharge 9 takas to get this offer, and you will get the data pack.

The duration of this offer is 7 days. And if you want to check your internet balance, dial *121*1*4#.

48 Taka 6GB offer

Another Robi Bondho sim offer is 48 takas 6 GB data offer. It’s a monthly internet pack. No USSD code is required for this offer. You can start enjoying 6GB internet, 48 SMS, and 48 paisa Talktime with Robi Bondho sim when you purchase a Tk 48 recharge.

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Robi 1 GB 17 Taka offer

The Robi company offers a 1 GB ROBI bondho SIM offer for 17 Tk.1 GB of the Internet is included in the Robi Off SIM Offer for just 17 Taka per week. You have to recharge 17 Taka to activate the service. The validity of the offer is just one week. You can check the balance of your data by dialing *3#.

Robi 57 Taka 2.5 GB offer

If you activate your Robi Bondho sim, you will get 2.5 GB of data for 57 takas. If you want to use this Robi Bondho Sim offer, you must have 57 taka in your account. The deadline for this offer is three days. This offer is suitable for prepaid and postpaid SIM users. To check the internet balance, dial *3#.

10 Gb 101 Taka

Recharge 101 takas and get 10 GB of internet. You can enjoy 10GB internet [5GB (regular) and 5GB (4G)] at only 101Tak for 30 days validity. You can use the 5GB of regular internet anytime you want. You can only use 4G connections for 5GB. Validity period 30 days.

Robi Bondho sim minute offer

47 paisha\minute

Recharge 47 takas; you will get 47 paisa \minute and talk to any local operator. The validity of the offer is just 30 days. You can enjoy this offer multiple times.

90 minutes pack

You can enjoy Robi for 90 minutes for just 59 takas. Recharge with the exact amount first to receive this offer. Once you recharge, the amount will be credited to your main account. After receiving this offer, you can call any local operator. This offer is valid for 7 days.

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55 Paisa Minute 

55 paisa minute special offer for all unused Robi users. As a result, now there are two opportunities to benefit from this offer. In one case, it is for 15 TK, and in the other case, it is for 29 TK. You can reload your Robi SIM card for 15 TK per day to receive a special rate of 15 TK for 10 days. You can get 30 Days of validity by recharging 29 TK.

Robi Bondho sim SMS offer

Robi SIM will provide you with a number of free SMSes. You can apply it to any operator. However, if you wish to purchase an SMS package, here are some SMS offers.

180 SMS 5 Taka

  • Recharge: 5 Taka
  • SMS: 180
  • Duration: 3 Days.

48 SMS 48 Taka

  • Recharge: 48 taka
  • Validity: 30 days
  • Check SMS balance: Dial *222*12#

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Robi Bondho Sim bundle offer

4GB 120 minutes 119 taka

There are 4 GB of data (for any purpose) and 120 minutes of calling time to local numbers included in the Robi package. Validity is 24 hours (30 days). Your data balance can be checked by dialing *3#. For your minutes, dial *222*2#. This offer is valid for a maximum of 12 months.

3 GB Data with 60 minutes

Activate your Robi SIM if you are thinking about returning to it. With your SIM card, you may get a 4.5G network. If you want to return your Robi sim, you can use Robi bondho sim offer. You can purchase a bundle offer.3 Gb data with 60 minutes bundle offer will be best for you. Here you will enjoy 60 minutes of talk time at any local operator with three GB of data, .so if you want to get the offer, recharge 48 takas. Dial *3# and dial *222*2# for minute balance to check the internet balance.

Robi Bondho SIM offer check code

You can check if you qualify by sending in a free SMS from your Robi number, such as A*space>018XXXXXXX to 8050. The SMS is free, and there is no fee attached to it. Otherwise, you may dial * 8050 #, and Robi company also offers a Robi Bondho sim offer on its website and my Robi app. A Robi Retailer can also provide a view of the offer by dialing *999 #.

Robi new sim offer 2022

Robi always surprises its customers with amazing offers. Robi releases a new SIM offer. It only offers a special minute rate, internet rate, or call rate to its new customers. Here we have added some of the Robi new SIM offers.

1GB Internet 9 taka

If you are a new Robi customer, you can only get benefits from this offer. To use this offer, you need to recharge your sim at just 9 takas. You can use this offer on any local network. If you use Robi 4G net, you will be more able to browse the internet faster. You can get the offer 12 times a month. The validity of the offer is one week.

41 Taka recharge offer

This is another Robi new SIM offer for new users. For just 41 BDT, new users may get 1 GB of any net and 1 GB of 4G. You can use This offer is only valid for three months after activation. The offer is valid during this time, so you can use it as often as you like. The duration of this offer is 5 days.

42 Taka recharge offer

Robi is offering a 42 Taka Recharge offer to its users. After purchasing a new SIM, you can enjoy 2 GB of internet for 7 days. And this offer includes 8 minutes for 7 days and 48 poisha per minute on any local network.

96 Taka recharge offer

If you first time recharges your new sim, you can recharge 96 takas. After your recharge, 96 takas in your new sim 34 taka will be added to your main account. You may get 2 GB for 7 days. And 105 minutes for 10 days.48 poishas per minute for one month.

Recharge Internet offer Call  or minute rate Validity
9 Taka Recharges 1 GB 7 days
96 Taka Recharges 2 GB 48 poisha Data – 07 days Call rate – 10 days
42 Taka Recharges 2 GB  48 poisha Data rate – 07 days,Call rates – 30 days
41 Taka Recharges 2 GB 8 minutes, 48 poisha 7 days 

Robi Bondho sim all offers

Recharge Internet pack Minute pack Sms pack Validity
23 taka 1 GB 3 days
9 taka 1 GB 7 days
48 taka  6 GB 30 days
17 taka 1GB 7 days
57 taka 2.5 GB 48 poisha per minute  48 SMS 3 days
101 taka 10 GB 30 days
47 taka 47 poisha per minute 30 days
59 taka 90 minutes 7 days
29 taka 55 minutes 30 days
5 taka 180 SMS 3 days
48 taka 48 SMS 30 days
119 taka 4 GB 120 minutes 30 Days
48 taka 3 GB 60 minutes 7 days

Robi Bondho Sim offers terms and conditions.

  • Robi Bondho SIM offer can be used by customers multiple times.
  • The Robi network can modify Bondho SIM Offers.
  • Bondho SIM offer will be valid until the future declaration.

Conclusion: If you have a Robi Bondho sim, activate it today. And enjoy Robi Bondho Sim offer. Here I have discussed every bondho SIM offer so that you can get reactive your Robi SIM without any hassles.

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Robi Bondho SIM Offer FAQ:

1. How to know Robi off sim offers?

If you want to get a Robi bondho sim offer, visit the Robi website, or you can also check your offers on my Robi app, customer care office, or dial *8050#.

2. How can I check Robi minute offers?

You can check the minute’s status via the USSD code *222*2#, *222*8#, or *222*25#.*222*9# is Robi’s off-net USSD code for checking the remaining minutes.

3. How can I know my Robi SIM number?

If you want to know your Robi or any other SIM numbers, dial *2#

4. How can I increase any offer pack validity?

You can extend the validity of the SMS, internet, minute Pack by purchasing the same pack.

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