Robi Emergency Balance Code


Robi Emergency Balance Code 2022

Dear Friends Welcome to our website. Today we are going to discuss with you the Robi emergency balance code. If you have a Robi SIM and are taking a Robi emergency balance, it is very important to know the emergency balance check rules. Today you can learn the rules of Robi emergency balance code 2022 through our website.

If you read today’s article carefully from the beginning to the end, you will know completely about the rules of checking the Robi emergency balance. The rules will be described in sequence at the bottom of our article. I hope you stay with us.

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How To Get Emergency Balance In Robi?

Would you like to know how to get an emergency balance on Robi? Robi is the second mobile operator company in Bangladesh. Since that very beginning, Robi has been trying to provide a variety of services for you at very low prices. They offered services at somewhat lower prices. The Robi emergency balance code is our pleasure to present to you today. Throughout the article, we will try to explain how to check Robi Emergency Balance. Please read our article carefully and learn about the Robi emergency balance code. It’s really easy to take the emergency balance in Robi; simply follow the instructions. Here are the steps.

  • You can open your phone’s dial pad.
  • You need to enter *8811*1#.
  • You can also send START to 8811.
  • Now, get your Robi emergency balance.
  • You can cancel your registration by dialing *8811*2#.

After you have got your emergency balance, you must check your emergency balance, so here is the process of emergency balance check:

  • First, open the dial option on your mobile.
  • Dial this USSD code *1# from that dial option.
  • You can use another USSD code if you want. This code is *222#
  • If you’ve taken an emergency balance from your SIM card, you should dial it from the same SIM card. If you dial from another SIM, your emergency balance will not be displayed.
  • This process is free, and you don’t have to pay anything.
  • After dialing the USSD code, you will see a confirmation on your mobile about the balance of your emergency balance.

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Robi Emergency Balance Code 2022

Mobile network operators provide emergency balance in times of danger as part of their support for their users. Due to this, you run out of phone balance in an emergency and do not have time to recharge it.

You may need to recharge in all these emergency cases. And keeping this need in mind, Robi provides emergency money loans to their customers. The loan amount depends on your regular recharge amount. Robi gives you an emergency balance of up to takas 100 per your recharge amount.

You can check whether you are covered under the emergency balance service on Robi SIM by dialing *8#. To get the emergency balance on Robi SIM or instant balance on Robi SIM, you go to the dial pad of your mobile and type: *123*007# and dial through your Robi SIM. You can see the emergency balance of a minimum of 12 takes on your sim as soon as you dial.

You will receive an emergency balance on your Robi SIM by dialing the above code. Your Robi loan amount will depend on how much money you spend with your SIM monthly or annually. Every Robi SIM is typically provided with an emergency balance of 12 takas. However, spending much money on SIM cards will receive more emergency balances.

Regardless of how much emergency balance you have received, the borrowed money will be deducted from your balance on the next recharge. If you recharge until the amount lent to you is repaid, the amount lent to you will automatically be deducted from your original balance.

Robi emergency balance Terms & Conditions:

  • All eligible Robi prepaid customers can enjoy emergency balance service up to Tk 100.
  • You can check if this service covers you by dialing *8#.
  • If you take a loan of Rs 12 or more, you will be charged a notification fee of Rs 2 (excluding tax).
  • The balance is applied to any voice call or SMS sent.
  • Check your emergency balance instantly by dialing *1# or *222#.

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Robi Emergency Balance Code FAQ

1. How can I get Robi emergency Mb?

Robi customers now can receive an Internet Emergency Balance of up to 1 GB, with a minimum of 200 MB. Select the mobile dial option for the emergency balance by mobile dialing and enter * 8811 * 11 #.

2. How do I find my Robi number?

You can see your own Robi phone number by dialing *140*2*4#. You can also try *2#, which is also listed on the Robi website as a code that will display your own cell number.

3. How do I take minutes in Robi?

You can check your remaining minutes by dialing *3#. You can check the off-net minute by dialing *222*2#. Dial *222*9# to check your SMS.

Conclusion:  If you are a Robi SIM user, then there is good news for you. If your mobile recharge runs out for any reason, you can easily get the emergency balance from Robi. Many times it can be seen that we are in the midst of various activities, and we do not have time to recharge when we need to make an urgent contact but what to do when we do not have money on our phones. That’s why Robi gives you an emergency balance through which you can withdraw your balance at any time. So for your convenience, we have discussed Robi emergency balance code 2022. We hope you would like our article.

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