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Robi Number Check Code 2022 | How To Check Robi Number?

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Robi SIM is currently a popular mobile telecom service provider in Bangladesh. This is normal if you are a new Robi SIM customer. Because initially, you may not remember your mobile number. And many Robi customers use Robi SIM and do not know their Robi SIM number. Robi SIM number can be known by checking the Robi number. However, many people do not know the Robi number check code. So we have bought this article for those who don’t not their number.

What Is The Code of Robi?

If you have forgotten your purchased Robi SIM number, enter the code * 140 * 2 * 4 #. After calling this code for 5 seconds, you will see your preferred Robi SIM number on your phone.

Another code number: You may quickly check Robi’s phone number by dialing *2# in your phone’s dialing menu. Dial this code to find out your Robi SIM number.


How can I know my Robi number?

Currently, there are several ways to view the Robi SIM numbers. But the easiest way is to check Robi’s number by dialing the code. As mentioned earlier, there is a specific code for checking the Robi SIM number; by dialing, you can quickly check the Robi number or use my Robi app to check your number.

You can check the number by dialing the code.

If you dial the Robi number checking code, you can check your Robi number very quickly. Use the following code to view your Robi number: *2#

If you want to see your Robi number, go to the dial option and type *2#. By doing so, you can check/view your own Robi number easily. Here is the process for checking Robi sim number:

  • To check the Robi number with the code, you first need to go to your phone dialer.
  • In that case, *2# should be entered there.
  • You will see your Robi SIM number there.

Use the MY Robi APP.

You must first download the Robi app in order to access Robi numbers using the app. You may download the app on both iOS and Android devices.

After installing the app from the play store, you need to log in. After login, you can check your own Robi number from the app dashboard.

In these two ways, you can easily see Robi’s number.

Robi Number Check Code BD

Checking the Robi number is very simple. We can easily see the Robi number on our mobile devices. Robi provides its customers with a code that can be used to check their numbers. You can check your Robi number by dialing that code for Robi customers.

We know the code to see Robi SIM number is – *140*2*4# or *2#. We can get our Robi number by dialing *140*2*4# or *2# code on our mobile.

Robi Number Information

It is very important to know our respective phone numbers because we need our phone numbers to flexiload, call someone in urgent need, etc. So we will discuss the codes to see the forgotten SIM number here.

Many of us who are Robi customers cannot see the Robi SIM number. Due to not being able to see the number, you cannot use your own number for any need; you cannot balance, and you have to face various small problems. So through this article will share with you the USD crore to see the Robi SIM number. The code to see Robi SIM number is: *2#

Robi Sim All Codes

  • Robi Number Check Code *2#
  • Robi Balance Check Code *222#
  • Robi Emergency Balance Check Code *222*16#
  • Robi MB Check Code *3# or *8444*88#
  • Rabi Minute Check Code *222*2#
  • Robi SMS Check Code *222*11#
  • Robi Bundle Check Code *123*3#
  • Robi Call Rate Check Code *6#
  • Robi Bonus Balance Check Code *222*1#
  • Robi Emergency Internet Check Code *8811*1*1*1#
  • Robi Emergency Internet Balance Check Code *123*3*5#
  • Robi Internet Offer Purchase Code *4#
  • Robi Minute Offer Purchase Code *0#
  • Robi SMS Purchase Code *121*2*7#


Robi Number Check Code FAQ

  • Is it possible to check Robi’s number through SMS?

No Currently, you cannot check your own Robi number via SMS.

  • How to check Robi  SIM balance?

You may check your Robi balance by dialing *222# if you have a Robi SIM.

  • How to know the name of the owner of the Robi SIM card?

If you don’t know if the Robi SIM card you are using is registered to your name, you need to contact Robi Customer Care to find out.

  • How to recover Robi’s number?

You will need the NID card (the NID card with which you topped up the SIM) if you lose a Robi SIM and can’t remember its number. Robi Customer Care can assist you in this regard if you provide them with your NID card.

Conclusion: I hope you got an idea about Robi number check Code from our article today. This fundamental article will be very useful for Robi customers. Thank you for reading our article and benefiting from it. Please share our article and stay tuned for more!

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