Robi SMS Code 2022


Robi SMS Code 2022: All Packages

Are you looking for the latest Robi SMS code 2022? Robi recently updated all their SMS packages on their official website. Robi all SMS packages are found at very affordable prices. They always designed their packages considering customers’ demands. So we always desire to purchase Robi SMS code packages. To help you today I will discuss all Robi SMS code packages 2022.

With this info, I will inform you of the Robi SMS code. Also Robi SMS pack for on-net and off-net. Furthermore, I will inform you of Robi international SMS packages and combo packages. So let’s discuss Robi SMS code 2022. 

Robi SMS code 2022

Robi SMS packages 2022 are stingy and amazing SMS packages. The Robi SMS packs have various catalogs offered. This package is useful for off-net and on the net. In these packages, you get daily SMS, weekly SMS, and monthly SMS packages. These packages are very low in price. These packages are very helpful because any type of user can easily select theirs according to one.

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You can purchase these packages by dialing a unique code or recharging a sufficient amount. Also, these packages are useful for prepaid and postpaid users. So I amass all affordable Robi SMS packages here in a table. From the table, you will know the details of packages such as validity, network (on the net or off-net), activation code, SMS quantity, and price. Let’s check the details below:

SMS quantity Price Activate Code Validity Network
500 SMS 12 Taka *123*6*5*2*1# 01 Days Off-net
100 SMS 1 Taka *123*6*5*3*1# 01 hours Off-net
250 SMS 12 Taka *123*6*5*1*1# 07 Days On-net
100 SMS 5 Taka *123*6*5*4*1# 01 Days Off-net
200 SMS 10 Taka *123*6*5*5*1# 03 Days Off-net
400 SMS 10 Taka *123*6*5*6*1# 01 Days Off-net
20 SMS 3 Taka *8666*40# 01 hours Any operator
350 SMS 15 Taka *123**6*6*4# 03 Days Any operator
500 SMS 10 Taka *123*2*7*2# 30 Days Any operator
500 SMS 12.18 Taka *123*2*2*1# 30 Days Postpaid
800 SMS 10 Taka *123*6*5*7*1# 02 Days On-net
900 SMS 30.44 Taka *8666*25# 30 Days Any operator
1000 SMS 18.26 Taka *123*2*2*2# 30 Days Postpaid
1500 SMS 20 Taka *123*2*7*3# 30 Days Any operator
1800 SMS 158 Taka *8666*1500# 28 Days On-net

Robi SMS pack 2022 (Any operator)

Robi also designs packages for those who desire to use any operator SMS packages. This means who is willing to contact with SMS packages his any operator closest. These packages are very affordable in price. You also can purchase these packages for a month. You can activate these packages by dialing the code or recharging. These packages price with texts such as VAT, SD, and SC. If you have sufficient amounts then you can purchase these packages by dialing the unique code. So I amass Robi any operator SMS packages here. 

SMS quantity Price Validity Activation code Network
100 SMS  13.39 Taka 24 hours *8999*90# Any operator
180 SMS 5 Taka 30 Days *123*2*7*1# Any operator
450 SMS 10 Taka 30 Days *123*2*7*2# Any operator
1400 SMS 20 Taka 30 Days *123*2*7*3# Any operator

Robi international SMS code

Robi’s amazing offers are international SMS code packages. If you desire to send SMS to your friends abroad. Then with Robi international SMS packages, you can easily send SMS. These packages are also very affordable.  You can purchase these packages just by dialing the code. With this pack price also add texts like VAT, SC, and SD. To fulfill my visitors’ demand I also amass Robi international SMS code packages here. With this table, you will know the offer details below such as SMS quantity, activation code, price, and validity. Then you can select according to your requirements. 

SMS quantity Price Activation code Validity
3 SMS 3 Taka *8666*3# 01 Days
5 SMS 5 Taka *8666*4# 03 Days
7 SMS 7 Taka *8666*77# 02 Days
8 SMS 10 Taka *8666*6# 05 Days

Robi SMS combo packages

Robi SMS combo packages are also very helpful for Robi customers. They always make their packages according to their customers’ demands. So the subscriber count of Robi increases day by day. With the Robi combo package, you can receive a bonus internet. You can enjoy this internet as you want. All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase these packages. So I amass all combo packages here. let’s check the details of Robi combo packages below.

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Robi combo SMS pack 100 SMS 5 taka

This is the best Robi combo SMS package. You can purchase this SMS pack only at 5 BDT for 1 day. With this pack, you can receive a bonus of 20 MB internet. You can consume this pack for any operator. So you can enjoy your time with any operator holder friend. You also can purchase this pack by dialing the code. This pack is called the Robi mini combo pack. Let’s check the SMS pack details below:

  • SMS quantity: 100 SMS.
  • Validity: 01 days.
  • Price: 5 BDT (with VAT, SD, and SC).
  • Network: any operator.
  • Activation code: *123*6*6*3#
  • Bonus: 20 MB. 

Robi combo SMS pack 350 SMS 15 taka

This is another amazing Robi SMS combo package. This SMS package price is 15 BDT. You can enjoy this SMS pack for 3 days. The pack SMS quantity is 350 SMS. You can purchase this pack by dialing a code. This pack is very helpful because you contact any operator friends. With this pack, you can receive a bonus of 60 MB of internet.  All prepaid and postpaid users can purchase this pack. Let’s check the offer details below:

  • SMS quantity: 350 SMS.
  • Validity: 03 days.
  • Price: 15 BDT (with VAT, SD, and SC)
  • Network: any operator.
  • Activation code: *123*6*6*4#
  • Bonus: 60 MB. 

Robi SMS checking code

  • You can check your remaining SMS balance by dialing *222*12#.
  • You will know about more affordable packages by dialing *123*6*5#.


  • Some SMS packages may not be available at this moment.

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Conclusion: In my article, I will ascribe you the latest Robi SMS code. Also, give you a Robi SMS code for any operator. Furthermore, provide you with Robi international SMS code and Robi combo SMS packages. Hopefully, I said that after reading the content you can purchase the cheapest offers for you. Also, you can enjoy your time easily. If you get to benefit from my today article then don’t forget to share the content. 

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