Rocket Cash Out Charge


Rocket Cash Out Charge 2022

Rocket Dutch Bangla Bank’s mobile banking system is the first company to introduce mobile banking services in Bangladesh. Bkash has gained immense popularity, but Rocket still occupies a strong position due to its various services.

As Rocket plays an important role in mobile banking nowadays, you must pay the Rocket cash-out fee while transacting with Rocket. If you transact or cash out through Rocket Mobile Banking, there are limited Rocket Cash Out Charges for you.

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And in today’s article, I will try to discuss in detail all the issues related to Rocket’s cash out. Friends, today we will tell you how much you will spend per thousand if you cash out or withdraw through here. Read this article carefully for details.

Rocket cash in charge

Rocket has made banking and advanced payment transactions accessible to everyone. Through Dutch Bangla Bank’s service, Rocket, advanced payment transactions are possible at numerous agent points in the country at affordable prices. It is quite fast and more efficient than other means of banking. Also, this service is a boon to people in remote areas.

Rocket’s transactions are protected by the trusted transaction system of Dutch Bangla Bank, so users have no need to worry about security. Rocket’s automated system can prevent many types of fraud. Rocket is also very conscious of not transferring money illegally.

As Rocket is part of Dutch Bangla Bank, it makes sense that advanced banking services will be included. Cash in the facility of Rocket’s numerous advanced banking facilities.

You can load money into your Rocket Mobile Banking account via an agent or personal Rocket account. It’s called cashing in. For example, you can load money on your mobile through Flexi load or a retailer.

It’s always free to use Rocket Cash in the Rocket Salary account. Also, Rocket Send Money is charge-free.

Your Rocket account cost largely depends on how you withdraw money. You can cash out or withdraw money from a Rocket account in three ways.

  • DBBL Branch,
  • rocket agent

Rocket Cash Out Charge 1000

 If you want to know about Rocket Account or use Rocket Account, you have to pay different charges; one of the most important charges is Rocket Cash Out Charge. That is when someone sends money to your Rocket account. And when you withdraw that money from the agent, the money will be deducted from the balance of your Rocket Mobile Banking account directly from Rocket Mobile Banking. 

However, many people do not know the amount of this money or the Rocket Cash Out Charge, so we will try to inform you about the Rocket Cash Out Charge.

  • Cash-out charge 9 taka

Rocket Mobile Banking Cash Out Charges Reduced You can cash out from Rocket Mobile Banking by charging only 9 takas per thousand. Rocket  Mobile Banking brings cash out at the lowest rate in Bangladesh.

However, you cannot cash out from all places at a charge of 9 takas per thousand; the Rocket authority has imposed conditions here. You can cash out at 9 takas per thousand from any branch of Dutch Bangla Bank in Bangladesh or from any ATM booth of Dutch-Bangla Bank. This mobile banking cash-out charge for Rocket Salary account customers is fixed at Rs.9 per thousand at agent points.

  • Cash-out charge 16.70 takas

The cash-out charge from Rocket Regular Personal Account agents is fixed at Tk 16.70 per thousand. Rocket Mobile Banking charges Tk 16.70 for customers using Rocket Cash Out from accounts other than salary accounts. However, customers of Rocket Salary are free to withdraw money from their accounts via Rocket ATMs.

Account Type ATM USSD App
General account charges 1000 thousand 09 takas 16.70 takas 16.70 taka
The salary account charge is 1000 thousand Free 09 takas 09 takas

Rocket Cash Out Charge 1000 From Agent

Cash out from Rocket Agent points will cost taka 16.70 per thousand. If you cash out 1000 taka to Rocket Agent, you will get a total of 1016.70. Still, the Rocket fee or the charge will often be a bit more if you cash out from a Rocket agent, but in this situation, I prefer you to use a Rocket ATM. In contrast, Rocket ATM charges less.

Rocket cash-out limit

Money transactions with rockets are a very common thing nowadays. But a maximum number of times you can cash out. Not many people know exactly how much money they can cash out. Someone wants to know again. Let’s know about the cash-out limit today.

  • You can send money 100 times per day. 
  • You can transact for up to taka 25000. You cannot cash out even one taka more than this. You have to wait until the next day.

If you want to know how much money to cash out, you can cash out a maximum of  25 thousand takas per transaction. Can cash out  25000 takas five times per day and 150000  takas per month.

Rocket Cash Out From The ATM

There are several ways to cash out or withdraw money from Rocket, but Rocket users know that Rocket Cash Out Charge is the lowest charge. If you withdraw money through an ATM booth, you will have to pay only taka 9 for a thousand takas. Rocket’s cash-out costs are low for all mobile operators in Bangladesh.

If you are a Rocket customer, you can withdraw money from Dutch Bangla Bank ATMs in Bangladesh at a low cost. You will only be charged 9 takas per thousand when you cash out from your Rocket Account.

Withdrawing money from ATM booths has certain disadvantages, but the biggest advantage is that you can withdraw money from ATM booths anytime, 24 hours a day. This way, you don’t have to depend on anyone if you fall into danger. So let’s all learn how to withdraw money from the ATM booth to the Rocket account.

  • First, you enter the Dutch Bangla ATM booth by entering your Rocket account phone number on the phone. After entering the ATM booth, you go to the booth machines.
  • Then select the mobile banking option of the ATM booth. After choosing the option, press from account option and mobile banking account number in this option, and you enter your 12-digit rocket account number.
  • At this stage, you need to enter 4 digit PIN of your Rocket account. After entering the PIN, you must specify the amount and press the correct button.
  • After doing this, a call will go to your mobile. The call will ask you for your PIN. Once you confirm your rocket’s pin number, the code will be deleted immediately.
  • Wait for a while; once the process is completed, your withdrawal amount will come from the ATM booth. Now Collect the money.

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Rocket Cash Out Charge FAQ

How to check Rocket balance with code?

If you want to check Rocket balance with code, follow the below section:

  • Dial *322#.
  • Enter the number 5 in the balance option 5 and send.
  • After you have entered the PIN, you will see your balance.

What is a rocket?

Rocket is one of the most popular mobile banking services in Bangladesh. Rocket launched in 2011.

How to  Open a Rocket account through Code?

Rocket code is typically used to open bottom mobiles. We’ll show you how to create a Rocket account using a code.

  • Dial *322#.
  • Click 1 to send.
  • Later, it will ask to set the pin.
  • Set PIN.
  • Then go to agent point or DBL branch.
  • Give a one-copy photo.
  • Photocopy of NID card.
  • After that, KYC or form will be provided.
  • You will fill and sign and submit.
  • You will be notified through SMS that your account is activated within three/five days.

Conclusion: Dutch Bangla Bank Rocket Mobile Banking is the best mobile banking in Bangladesh and provides various benefits. Rocket Mobile Banking is providing help to every people in Bangladesh. All people from remote areas are getting the opportunity to receive banking services through Rocket. Rocket Banking continues to inspire people through convenience. That is why Rocket Mobile Banking allows people to enjoy the benefits through various offers of Rocket Mobile Banking.

Let’s open a Rocket Mobile Banking Account in Dutch-Bangla Bank and enjoy multiple offers. However, those who do not know Rocket Cash Out Charge read this article.

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