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Rocket Code | Rocket Helpline | Rocket Balance Check

A lot of people are interested in the Rocket code. Nowadays, more and more people are using mobile banking services to send and receive money. In Bangladesh, the ROCKET mobile banking service is top-rated. Dutch Bangla Bank’s mobile banking service has become increasingly popular among Bangladeshians since Rocket caters to many needs in the past few years. In Bangladesh, transferring money from one area to another used to be impossible even five years ago.

Bangladesh has developed mobile banking, making this possible. For this reason, many people want to know about rocket code. So read this article if you want to learn more about the rocket account.

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How To Open Your Rocket Account?

If you want to create a rocket account, you have to know the rocket account opening process. So you can open an account in three ways. These are 

  1. Open with code.
  2. Open from agent point.
  3. Open with the app.

1. Open with code

By calling * 322 # from your mobile, you can quickly re-register on the Rocket. Follow the steps below.

  • First, dial *322# from your mobile.
  • Then, click 1 on your phone to reply.
  • You will need to enter and send your Rocket PIN code in the last step.
  • Now, you have done your pre-registration. It is easy and hassle-free to register for the account opening process.

2. Open your Rocket Account From Agent

You can open a Rocket Account at any Rocket Agent Center near you. For the account opening process, you will need to bring several documents.AFTER completing the KYC form, you will attach a photo to it to verify your identity. These documents are:

  • Your mobile number.
  • One copy of the passport-size photo.
  • Photocopy of your national ID card.
  • After filling out the form, the Rocket Account Rocket Agent will collect your fingerprint and signature.
  • After that, you have to wait 3 to 4 days, and then your account will activate.

3. Open your Rocket Account with the app.

Using the Rocket App is the easiest way to open Rocket Accounts. You can access Rocket Accounts through mobile applications. Let’s try to do this according to the instructions.

  • First, go to your mobile settings, tap on the Play Store app, and download the rocket app.
  • Now open the rocket app.
  • Next, log into the app with your phone number. Then open a new account.
  • In addition, you will be given a 4-digit PIN when you click the Next button.
  • You will receive an SMS with a 16-digit security code to access your Rocket account.
  • Press the OK button after verifying the security code.
  • Ensure you capture and upload both portions of your National ID Card.
  • Click on the Next button after submitting your National ID card picture.
  • Ensure that all information is submitted correctly.
  • Look directly into the camera on your phone and take a selfie. Upload the picture.
  • You can now access Money Banking Services through your Rocket Account.

How To Check The Rocket Account Code?

When you open a Rocket account, you may need to check it. Here are the rules for checking a Rocket account:

You can check rocket code in two ways:

  • Dial code.
  • Through the app.

You can check your Rocket account by dialing the code. * 322 # is the code to view your Rocket account. You can use this code to check your Rocket account and receive all Rocket services.

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Apps allow you to see your account as follows:

  • Open your rocket app.
  • Then enter your mobile number.
  • Upon logging in with your secret four-digit password, you will see your account.

How to check the rocket account code?

Rocket Balance Check

Do you know how to check rocket balance? If you have a rocket account, you must know about it. You can check your rocket account balance in two ways. You can use any of these ways to check your credit. These ways are:

  1. Dial the USSD rocket code.
  2. With mobile rocket app.

Dial USSD code:

  • Go to your mobile’s keypad option and dial *322# 
  • Now, you will find some options.
  • Tap on number 5 to enter into the My account option.
  • If you want to check your balance, reply with 1.

Use the rocket app:

  • Open your rocket app.
  • Log in to the app.
  • Tap to check balance.
  • Your current balance will be displayed.

Rocket Helpline Number

If you have questions about the Rocket, you can call the rocket customer care office.365 days 24/6 hours, you will get rocket customer care service.

  • To know any information: dial 16216 
  • To get the rocket code: dial *322# 

Since the beginning, Rocket has been providing its customers with a support service to resolve various problems of their customers. Their service quality has greatly improved since calling the Rocket Helpline.

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How to delete your rocket account?

  • Your Rocket account balance must be 0 before you can close your account.
  • You must visit the nearest Dutch Bangla Bank branch whenever you make your Rocket account balance zero.
  • When you visit that branch, you have to fill out a form; these forms are pending once you have filled them out.
  • If you are having trouble closing your Rocket account, you must go to the nearest Dutch Bangla Bank branch.

Rocket Code | Rocket Balance Check FAQ:

Can I recall the money if I have sent it to the wrong number?

No. Once we have confirmed the transfer and sent you a confirmation SMS, money cannot be recalled. Recalls and reversals can be requested, but these requests will be unsuccessful in most cases.

Do I need a smartphone to withdraw money from Rocket?

No, you do not need any smartphone to withdraw your money from the rocket. You can withdraw money from your account with a smartphone or without a smartphone.

Conclusion: Rocket is the top-rated mobile banking service. However, there are still some people who do not know the rules of opening a rocket account. And no idea about the rocket account. In this article, we have discussed Rocket. We hope you have got your desired rocket code. But remember one thing do not share your rocket code or password with anyone. If you share your rocket password, you may get into trouble. So you should be careful about these matters.

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