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Saudi Arabia Visa Check By Passport Number

Millions of unemployed workers from Bangladesh migrate to the developed countries of Middle East Saudi Arabia every year in search of livelihood. It is significant for these people who migrated abroad for livelihood to check their visas before going to Saudi Arabia. Because you cannot enter Saudi Arabia without a visa, to enter Saudi Arabia legally, you must check your visa and enter the country with it.

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We have a full Saudi Arabia visa check online guideline in this article for those who don’t know how to do it. By following our guidelines, you can easily migrate to Saudi Arabia in a short time by checking a Saudi Arabia visa.

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Saudi Arabia visa checks online in Bangladesh

Visitors to Saudi Arabia will require a visa to enter the country. After you get the visa, you must check the Saudi Arab visa. Checking for a Saudi Arabia visa has been a lot of hassle in the past. But nowadays, any country’s online system of checking visas has come.

 You must provide your full name and passport number to obtain a Saudi Arabian visa online. You will also be required to upload a copy of your photo ID and travel document. The service usually takes around 3 days to process the visa application.

If you have applied for a visa to go to Saudi Arabia, then you can check the process for checking your Saudi Arabia visa with your e-passport number from our website today.

What are the requirements to get a visa to Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia is a country in the Arab world. Arabic is the official language of these countries. Saudi Arabia is one of the best places in the world to visit. To visit Saudi Arabia, you need a valid visa. Here are some important points to remember when visiting Saudi Arabia. The following documents are required for the visa process.

  • First, you must have a passport, which needs to be valid for at least six months.
  • Each passport must contain at least two (2) legible visa pages adjacent to each other.
  • You will need one (1) recent passport-size color photograph with a white background for your visa application.
  • Under 18 years of girls cannot obtain visas under certain rules. The authorization letter can be in Arabic or English, but both parents or legal guardians must sign it.

How much is e visa for Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia has opened its doors to tourists for the first time, breaking the conventional trend. Recently, the country’s government issued e – visas for the first time. The newly introduced e-visa will be valid for one year. During this period, they can stay in each province of the country for a maximum of 90 days. You can stay on this visa for a total of 140 days in a year. No overstay will be allowed.

Saudi authorities have launched an online visa application process for tourists from 49 countries. Additionally, visas can be obtained at the special counters of any of Saudi Arabia’s four international airports. Additionally, citizens of other countries outside of these 49 countries can apply for a Saudi visa at the Saudi embassy in their country.

A Saudi travel visa costs about 300 riyals or $80. In addition, travel insurance may incur an additional cost of 140 Saudi Riyals.

Different types of visa fees for Saudi Arab

Visa Type Single Entry Fees Multiple Entry Fees
Travel visa A travel visa costs about 300 riyals
Business Two thousand riyals, i.e., 45000 takas in Bangladeshi currency. 3 thousand riyals.
Work Visit Visa Two thousand riyals, i.e., 45000 taka  3 thousand riyals.

(Amount of fees may be changed)

Family Visit Visa About six thousand seven hundred and fifty takas in Bangladeshi currency.
Student Visa Two thousand riyals, i.e., 45000 takas. Three thousand riyals
Hajj Visa 45000  takas in Bangladesh currency. Three thousand riyals

How to check Saudi Arabia visa is original or fake?

If your visa is real, there will be your Sponsor company name. On the other hand, if no visa has been issued in your name, no information will be displayed. Or you can check whether a Saudi Arabia visa is real or fake online. Online visa checks are now available for most countries. Immediately after receiving a visa, you should check online that the visa is valid to prevent fraud. You can get the information about the visa online if it is valid.

You can do that by visiting Select Individuals from the drop-down menu. Once you have entered the passport number, click Find Applicant Data. To see all the information, including images, enter Visa Type Work, Current Nationality Bangladesh, Visa Issuing Authority Dhaka, Captcha Code, and click Search.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online BD

Unfortunately, many people are unaware of the process for checking visas online. Here are the steps to check visa online.

  • First, open a browser to check your Saudi Arabia visa and enter this link
  • As you will be checking your visa, click on the Individual option.
  • You must enter your passport number correctly in the Find Applicant Data option.
  • Select the type of visa you have applied for.
  • Fill in the blanks with the following information: Visa Type, Work, Current Nationality Bangladesh, Visa Issuing Authority Dhaka.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online BD

  • Lastly, enter the security question, i.e., captcha code, and click on search to view all your information, including the image.

Saudi Arabia visa check by passport number

If you have applied for a visa to go to Saudi Arabia, I would say that today you can check the rules of a Saudi Arabia visa check with your e-passport number from our website.

If you visit the official website of, you will usually find that all information is written in Arabic.

You can change the language by going to the menu option on the top right side. By clicking on the English option, you will be taken to a new page in English. If you scroll down from that page, you will see several options for querying your visa information. You must first select what data you wish to query.

You will select the visa option when you want to check your visa application. Then you need to provide your Application ID. You must then enter the number of your e-passport along with all the information, including English letters and digits. Then you have to fill in the captcha. Then you need to click on the search option. You can check the current status of your visa by clicking on the search option.

Visa checking facility

When traveling to Saudi Arabia, Bangladeshis must check their visa status. Bangladesh’s government now offers most online checks. To avoid fraud, you should check your visa online as soon as you receive it.

Many people get a visa through a broker; in that case, many people are in doubt to know whether the visa is original or fake. So if you check your visas online, you can be sure about the Saudi visa.

Saudi Arabia visa checks online in Bangladesh

Warning of visa checking

There are a few warning signs that you should heed if you’re checking your Saudi Arabia visa online. The first of which is the high number of fake websites and reviews that are out there. Be sure to research before making any decisions, as many of these sites may be fraudulent and could lead to serious consequences.

Always keep this information confidential and never send it unsolicited over email or other means.

Saudi Arabia Visa Check Online FAQ

1. Do Americans need a visa for Saudi Arabia?

Saudi Arabia requires a visa for all US residents, regardless of their duration or reason for visiting. Traveling to Saudi Arabia for tourism is now possible for US residents with an eVisa obtained online.

2. How to apply for a visa to Saudi Arabia?

  • Visit the eVisa website to apply.
  • To apply, click “Apply Now”.
  • Fill out the Saudi Arabia Visa application form.
  • The Saudi Arabia visa fee must be paid.
  • It usually takes 30 minutes for the e – Visa to be processed.

3. How much does a Saudi visa cost?

 It will cost around 7-8 lakh takas to visit Saudi Arabia.

4. How long does it take to get a Saudi visa?

You will pay USD 174.49 for your visa application, which will be processed within five days (service fees are included). Your visa will be ready in three days.

5. How long can I stay in Saudi?

All travelers, including pilgrims, must get a visa to enter Saudi Arabia. Tourist visas are valid for 360 days from the date of issuance and can be used for up to 90-day trips.

Conclusion: Hopefully, you learned something new from today’s article about Saudi Arabia’s visa-checking process. After reading this entire article, you can clearly understand how to check Saudi Arabian visas online. If you want, you can check the Saudi Arabia visa check at your home by following the rules.

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