SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh


Sim registration check online Bangladesh

Our daily lives are increasingly reliant on mobile phones. The way we communicate has been radically altered by mobile phones in recent years. It may only be necessary to use a cell phone for communication.

We can make calls, send texts, send and receive emails, browse the internet, buy goods, do banking online, listen to music, and much more with our mobile devices. But what mobile needs to operate is a SIM card.

SIM or Subscriber Identity Module is a system that allows a user to enjoy features like calling, texting, and surfing on a mobile device. And the companies who provide these services are called Operators. Bangladesh has six mobile service providers (Grameen phone, Robi, Teletalk, Airtel, and Banglalink), and most users use one of them.

Before September 2017, a person in Bangladesh could buy as many SIMs as he likes without any proper documentation. However, the government strictly applied the rules for Mobile operators to perform a registration for each sold SIM card. The issue arose because of the risk of rising terrorism in Bangladesh.

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After the new laws are applied nowadays, a person can buy a maximum of 15 active SIM cards under one Nation ID card. Also, there will be a sim registration check online in Bangladesh to ensure the SIM is not used in any illegal activity.

How to check sim registration status

Bangladesh’s government officials have implemented biometric SIM card registration to prevent fraud involving unknown or fake SIM cards. Multiple SIM cards can use one NID number. According to Bangladesh government laws, an individual may have a maximum of 15 SIM card numbers with any Bangladeshi mobile operator. So everyone has to know about the online sim registration check- In Bangladesh.

Your NID is one of the most important details that must be provided if you wish to register your sim card. A national ID card, a passport-sized photo, and a fingerprint are required for SIM registration. Do you know your sim registration status? From now, you can check your sim registration status from your home.

Even though we live in a digital era, there is no website to SIM registration check online. However, there are ways to check the statues with an App. You can find many apps that can detect the number of sim cards registered under your NID. Here is an App we liked: a Biometric SIM checker that can solve your problem easily.

Another method is to use a universal code provided by BTRC and then add the last four digits of your NID card in the reply. After a short time, you will get a detailed message on how many sims are under your NID card. It will come along with all the details of the operator and the year of registration.

Sim registration check code

In Bangladesh, there are six different mobile service operators. Each of them has its own unique codes for services. You can look specifically at sim registration check online code that your operator gives you to check your sim registration. However, a universal checking code from BTRC actually shows how many and which SIMs are under your NID card.

On your phone, dial *16001#

Then there will be a pop-up asking you the last four digits of your National Identity Card. Put the number and send a reply. After a few seconds, you will reply, including the numbers and total number of SIMs that you have registered with your NID.

Sim registration check code

Here is one suggestion for you. If you find any number that you can’t remember you bought, remove that from your NID. This also applies to those SIMs which are yours but not in use anymore. This is a practice that can save you from a lot of unknown trouble.

GP sim registration check

 The universal checking code is great to get all the SIMs issued on a NID card. But, you might have a GP SIM that you don’t know who is the owner of. And you want to know how to check GP sim registration status. You can check the information about the SIM owner by sending an SMS. And you can know about sim registration check online.  

From your message application, type “Info” and send it to 4949 from a GP sim. Your sim card details will be sent to you shortly. That will show you the NID number of the SIM owner. 

There is also another way to check sim registration exclusively on GP SIM. This method not only applies to the SIM on the device but actually works for someone else as well. Let’s imagine the scenario where you want to check what mobile Operators are registered under your father’s NID card. You can simply do that by Typing “Reg 17 Digit NID Card Number” and send it to 4949. In the reply message, you will see all the registered SIM card numbers registered with your father’s National Identity Card.

Robi sim registration check

Robi is formerly known as Aktel, is the second most favorite Mobile operator in Bangladesh after Gp. And many of you may have multiple SIMs of this Operator. The universal SIM registration Checker code may show you all the SIMs on a list. Thus, it is not something we all want. If you are looking to check only how many Robi SIMs are registered with your NID card, there is a way to do that

From your Robi SIM dial *1600*3# if your SIM is registered with your NID card, you will see a list on the returning message Numbers. All of your Robi SIMs will be listed there.

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Airtel sim registration check

Recently Airtel and Robi merged their network services. They share the same tower and have some similar offers as well. As they are almost considered the same network, it might be confusing to some of you. Will the code for Robi sim registration, and checks online code work or not? And how to check the airtel sim registration status?

To check all the numbers, including the registered Airtel SIM on your phone, dial *121*4444#. That will show you the numbers which are registered under the same NID card with which the Airtel SIM was registered.

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TeleTalk sim registration check

TeleTalk is a SIM that is controlled directly by the BTRC. You can easily check with which NID card your active TeleTalk SIM is registered. The process is pretty straightforward. 

  • First, Go to your Mobile’s Messaging App
  • In the ID of the receiver type 1600
  • Now in the Message Box, type “Info.”

That will show you the number of SIMs, Including your Teletalk SIM with that NID.

Banglalink sim registration check

Banglalink SIM has two ways to know the sim registration check online. One is under which NID card your active Banglalink SIM is registered. Another way to know that is that all the SIMs registered the same NID card.

If you only want to know with whose NID card your Current Banglalink sim is registered, just dial *1600*1#. You will see the details with the NID number and your SIM card number.

However, if you are interested to know how many other SIMs are registered along with the Banglalink SIM, dial *1600*2#.

Nid sim registration check bd

A biometric sim registration check online is now mandatory for all sim cardholders in Bangladesh. Your national identification card, a picture of you from your passport, and your fingerprint are required to be registered with your sim card. In recent years, many people have committed crimes using fake numbers. Due to these reasons, the Ministry of Telecommunications decided to register all sim cards. Using your NID, you can check the SIM cards registered to your account. We need to follow these steps.

1. Check Grameenphone sim registration under NID

  • Open the message option on your phone.
  • To send information,
  • Open the message option on your phone.
  • To send information, text 4949.
  • Responses to your request will be notified to you shortly after they are received.
  • Responses to your request will be notified to you shortly after they are received.

2. Check Airtel sim registration under NID

  • The first step is to go to the keypad on your phone.
  • From your phone, dial *121*4444#.
  • Within a moment, you will receive a reply message with the necessary information.

3. Check Banglalink sim registration under NId 

  • To begin, turn on your phone’s keypad.
  • Type *1600*2# into your phone.
  • In a few moments, they will provide you with all the information you need

4. Check Robi sim registration under NID

  • Start by selecting the keypad option on your phone.
  • Enter *1600*3# into your phone.
  • You will receive information in a reply message.

5. Check Taletalk sim registration under NID

  • To start, open your phone’s message menu.
  • Send “info” to 1600.
  • You can see after a few moments how many SIM cards are registered under your/any national ID (NID).

Sim registration FAQ

1. How can you change sim ownership?

Transferring ownership of a SIM card is possible. Licensed local operators are the only ones who can help you. You will need to provide some documents as proof of address and picture. 

2. How do I block my SIM card online?

Register your case and request that you want to block your sim by calling the hotline. In many cases, Some of the sim provider companies will even provide the duplicate sim free of charge within a few hours.

3. How can I check my GP SIM registration?

If you have a GP sim, you can check its status online. You can access your GP mobile number at *16001#. Your screen will pop up with a message. To access your account, you’ll need your NID’s last four digits.

Conclusion:  Sim card is very important for our telecommunication. But if you want to legally use a sim card, you have to register it. You can register your sim from anywhere under your Nid card, or you can use a sim registration check online.

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