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Skitto Number Check Code

Grameenphone’s latest operator SIM is Skitto SIM. Skitto is one of Grameen’s latest service providers offering SIM and Grameenphone Internet services at a low cost. Grameenphone provides their customers with internet services to encourage them to be more enthusiastic and adopt internet services.

For those who are currently using Skito SIM and want to search about all the codes of Skito SIM, today, we have listed each code sequentially below. So you can know all the skitto number check from this article, and you can receive all the services by dialing these codes.

How to check Skitto number?

GP has developed a new SIM called Skitto to provide faster internet service. Grameenphone is essentially encouraging Bangladeshi Internet users to use the Internet more. Skito SIMs are specially designed to provide customers with all kinds of internet offers at a much lower price and in an easy-to-purchase way.

The number of SIM cards used in our daily life may need to be checked from time to time for various reasons. Currently, most people using Skito SIM don’t know how to check their SIM number. You can use your Skito SIM  number in two ways if you wish. You can check a number through the Skitto mobile apps, and you can check a number through a Skitto SIM number code.

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  • Check your number with the USSD code.

You first go to your mobile massage option and dial *2#. After that, your number will appear on your mobile screen.

  • Check your number with the App.

Skitto offers a variety of offers through its apps, including Skitto sim number checks. After successful login of Skitto sim apps, you will see your number first.

You’ll be familiar with Skitto SIM apps if you own a smartphone. First, you need to log in to Skitto SIM apps. First, you will see the balance. Then you can use other options by typing.

Skitto Number Check Code | Skitto number code

Grameenphone, the best-of-the-best mobile phone provider in Bangladesh, offers a special SIM package called Skitto SIM. A Skitto sim is designed specifically for the younger generation.

 Skito SIM is a prepaid SIM card of Grameenphone which has added several facilities, especially for students. Skito SIM provides Grameenphone customers with low-cost internet browsing, low-call rates, and various facilities through a monthly subscription. Grameenphone Company first started providing low-cost internet service through Skito SIM in Bangladesh.

Skito started its service in Bangladesh a long time ago. It is an internet simulation but has all the facilities and services like other SIM cards.

Skito SIM has the same offers as all other regular SIMs. There may now be the question of how a customer can pay his offers to check through Skito SIM. In this case, mobile apps and Skito SIMs provide check codes. In this case, it may be necessary to ask what the Skito SIM offer check code is. With this code, you will be able to determine all the different number codes on your Skito SIM.

  • Skitto sim number check code.

If you want to check your sim number, dial *2#.

  • Skitto sim internet balance check code.

Skito SIM balance check code is *121#

  • Skitto sim internet balance check code.

Usually, we check the Grameenphone balance by dialing *566#. But to check Skitto SIM balance, you need to dial *121*1# or, *121*1*1#. You can also view it from apps.

  • Skitto sim minutes check code

If you want to check the minutes on your Skito SIM, you can dial *121*1*2#. You can also check minutes through apps.

  • Skitto sim SMS check code.

Dial *121*1*4# to check SMS on Skito SIM.

Skitto SIM All Balance Code At A Glance.

Service Codes
Number check code *2#
Internet balance check code *121#
Internet balance check code *121*1# or, *121*1*1#
Minutes check code *121*1*2#
SMS check code *121*1*4#
Customer care number 121

Skitto number example

You can use the same Skito SIM number if you use Grameenphone. Grameenphone and Skito SIM numbers both begin with 017 or 013. In other words, Skito SIM numbers are the same as Grameenphone SIM numbers.

It is necessary to dial the Skito SIM number check code in order to check your Skito SIM number. You will receive a message about your Skitto remaining account number after dialing. To check Skitto SIM number, you need to dial *2#. After dialling this USSD code, you will know your Skito SIM number or Skito mobile number.


Skitto Number Check F&Q

  • What is Skito SIM?

Skito is a mobile package of Grameenphone. Skito SIM can be considered a digital product for the new generation of the country. This SIM was launched two years ago by Grameenphone, the largest mobile operator in Bangladesh, to make internet use more prevalent and easier.

  • What is the code for Skito SIM?

Skitto SIM numbers or series, such as 017 and 013 for Grameenphone. In other words, the Skitto SIM code begins with 013.

  • Where to get Skito SIM?

Skitto sims are hard to find. Many individuals want to get this SIM but are unable to do so. This SIM must be purchased from a Grameenphone center. However, the Skitto SIM campaign has begun in a number of locations, and SIM cards are now available for purchase. This SIM is priced between Tk 120 and Tk 150.

  • Does Skito SIM have an SMS pack?

Yes, you will also get an SMS pack on this SIM. You can choose between a pack of 10 SMS or 100 SMS in the Skitto SMS pack. You can send these SMS to any local operator.

Conclusion: Grameenphone’s Skito SIM is very suitable for internet use. With Skitto SIM, Grameenphone encourages and conserves its customers’ internet usage. Due to the fact that so many people search for skitto sim codes and want to receive service by dialing, we have listed all the skitto number check codes above. It is simple to accept any of these services through Skitto Apps.

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