Skitto SIM Internet Offer 2022


Skitto sim internet offer 2022- Exclusive Packages

Are you looking for skitto sim internet offer 2022? Skitto SIM is made for the lowest and choosy internet offers. But finding the best skitto sim internet offer is not very easy. To allay your sufferings, today I will discuss all skitto sim internet offer 2022.

Skitto SIM is a part of Grameenphone. But Grameenphone and Skitto SIM are not equal. skitto sim is specially made for the internet. So they designed their packages at a very low price. 

With this info, we will know the elaborate info of skitto SIM MB packages. Also, you will know how to buy a skitto SIM internet package. Furthermore, you will know 3 days, weekly and monthly MB packages. So you can easily select your suitable one from here. 

Skitto sim internet offer 2022

A few days ago, skitto update their internet packages. Skitto Package is very affordable and fascinating. For internet hungrier, these packs are very helpful. Their package is not only affordable price but also high speed. You can consume their pack all over the country at high speed. Their package is also very suitable for students and students’ budgets. So I collect all skitto offers in a table. From the table, you will know the total internet, price of the pack, and validity. 

Total internet  Price  Validity
50 MB 02 Taka 03 Days
100 MB 09 Taka 07 Days
1 GB 24 Taka 03 Days
1 GB 49 Taka 30 Days
1.5 GB 39 Taka 07 Days
2 GB 40 Taka 03 Days
2 GB 86 Taka 30 Days
2.5 GB 54 Taka 07 Days
3 GB 50 Taka 03 Days
3 GB 98 Taka 30 Days
5 GB 77 Taka 07 Days
5 GB 147 Taka 30 Days
7 GB 95 Taka 07 Days
8 GB 199 Taka 30 Days
12 GB 129 Taka 30 Days
17 GB 289 Taka 30 Days
25 GB (social pack) 389 Taka 30 Days

Skitto sim internet offer for 3 days

Skitto 3 days packages are found in very inexpensive and helpful. Skitto all offers are very choosy. You can purchase these offers from their skitto app. Also, you can consume their packages for everything. You can purchase their packages by recharge or code. To make a code offer, you must confirm your account has a sufficient balance. To alleviate I amass all skitto internet 3 days packages here. Let’s check it below:

  • 3 GB 3 days 53 taka

This is a very helpful offer for Skitto users. You can enjoy 3 GB of the internet with this offer. Also, you can consume their packages for everything. This you can purchase by recharge and code. This offer price is only 53 BDT.

  • 60 MB 3 days 2 taka

This is also a very helpful package for skitto users. You can purchase the offer for 3 days only at 2 BDT. Skitto makes this offer unbelievable. You also can purchase this offer by recharge and code. 

  • 1 GB 3 days 25 taka

This is another pack for Skitto users. In this offer, you will find 1 GB internet at 25 BDT. You have to purchase this offer from their Skitto app. You can consume this offer for everything. 

  • 2 GB 3 days 45 taka

This is another excellent offer for Skitto users. You can purchase this pack for 3 days only at 45 BDT. Also, this offer is applicable for recharge and code. You can consume this offer for everything.

  • 3 GB 3 days 55 taka

Lastly, an excellent Skitto offer is 3 GB internet only at 55 BDT. You can consume this pack for 3 days. You also can purchase this offer by recharge or code. So it is a very helpful offer for students and internet hungrier. 

Skitto sim internet offer for 7 days

Skitto also designed a pack for weekly users. Their weekly internet packages are very amazing. By considering customers’ demands, they make their packages very affordable. You can find Skitto weekly offers at a very low price. For students, these offers are very affordable and useful. So I amass all Skitto weekly MB packages here in a table. 

Total internet Price Validity
100 MB  9 Taka 07 days
1 GB 31 Taka 07 days
1.5 GB 39 Taka 07 days
106 MB 7 Taka 07 days
1 GB 30 Taka 07 days
1.5 GB 40 Taka 07 days

Skitto sim internet offer for 30 days

Skitto monthly packages are the most affordable and fantastic internet offers. For economize, you can purchase skitto sim internet offers. Their monthly package is very helpful for students and monthly pack users. For their affordable packages, skitto subscribers increased day by day. They become very popular all over the country. So I amass all skitto monthly packages below in a table. From the table, you can choose according to your requirements. 

Total internet Price  Validity
1 GB 59 Taka 30 days
2 GB 86 Taka 30 days
3 GB 100 Taka 30 days
5 GB  149 Taka 30 days
8 GB 188 Taka 30 days
17 GB  290 Taka 30 days
25 GB 389 Taka 30 days
3 GB 97 Taka 30 days
8 GB 193 Taka 30 days
16 GB 280 Taka 30 days
23 GB 377 Taka 30 days


  • To check skitto internet balance dial *121*1#. 
  • Some offer you can’t purchase at this moment.

How to buy skitto internet package

Skitto is a very different operator. So its internet pack buying system is also different. To buy a skitto internet pack, first, you have to download the skitto app from the play store. Then register and log in to the skitto app. With the skitto app, you can learn about all their packs. Like chill deals, data mixer lounge deals, gift packs ready packs, reward packs promo deals, secret deals, super hour deals, lukano deals, one chance deals, etc.

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The following conditions apply to their packs

  • All packages have text 1% surcharge, 5% VAT, and 15% Supplementary Duty. 
  • All data packages will be not applicable for no auto-renewal. 
  • After validity expire no unused data will apply for all data packages. 
  • When you purchase a pack the time validity period will start and the exact time validity expired. 

Skitto sim internet offer dial code | skitto sim internet offer check code

Skitto sim packages are also applicable for code. With a promo code, you can purchase their packages very easily. At first, log in to their skitto app and select the promo code. Where you will find your packages and can purchase a pack according to your requirements. 

Their packages are very inexpensive and valid. With their internet packages, you can find minutes and SMS bonuses. Below you can see their affordable and very popular 3 days, weekly and monthly packages. Let’s check their amazing offers:

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Ultimate thought: In my above content, I will ascribe you the latest information about Skitto SIM internet offer 2022. Skitto SIM is the best SIM for affordable packages than other Sims. From here you will know how to buy skitto SIM internet packages. Also skitto SIM 3 days, weekly and monthly internet packages. I expect that, after reading my content, you can purchase the best package for you. If you still have any questions then write in the comment box.

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