Sundarban Courier Service Tracking


Sundarban Courier Service Tracking (Service Charge, Off Day)

Sundarban courier service tracking is a fast-tracking service to send your parcel anywhere in Bangladesh. The Sundarbans courier service’s uniform and structured delivery system will ensure that the deliveries safely and accurately reach their destinations. The steps of shipping your parcels to anywhere in the country are simple and easy with the help of Sundarbans courier service. It is an ideal choice for international courier services.

Using the services of a reputable courier service provider is obviously what you would want to do. But, being aware of the company’s policies and regulations is critical. The following article will be of help when operating a logistics service provider.

Sundarban Courier Service Tracking

All Bangladeshis know Sundarban as the pioneer of courier and parcel services. Corporate Customers to ordinary Bangladeshis have been using Sundarban’s services over the years. 

You will be able to exchange different types of merchandise at the Sundarban Courier Service tracking branches based on the amount of money you have available. You can also use the Sundarbans courier service to transfer any type of documents, such as clearance, a certificate, or a mark sheet. However, you must pay a delivery fee of taka 20 in such a case.

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What is courier service tracking?

A package or courier is tracked by tracking its location throughout sorting and delivery. By tracking packages, we can confirm their origin and movement and estimate their delivery time. The primary objective of this parcel tracking system is to provide clients with information about the package’s progress, delivery status, projected arrival date, and a delivery estimate.

Services of Sundarbans courier service tracking:

Now we’ll learn about the Sundarban Courier Service tracking mechanism. If you like, you may check where your shipment is right now using the website of Sundarbans Courier Service tracking feature. This is a really valuable service. Consequently, you won’t have to worry about constantly calling the branch. If you wish to monitor your Sundarbans courier service shipments, you’ll be given a number when you place your order. This is simple to accomplish with this tracking number.

Sundarban Courier and Parcel Service Limited currently have 560 local offices in 64 districts within the country and 185 abroad. Has successfully operated international courier services in various countries. Sundarban Courier & Parcel Service provides parcel, condition, home, and office delivery services in different parts.

  1. Document service: They provide this service to corporate and retail clients across the Country. They provide a unique number for the clients and handle all documents from stamping scanning to printing. They also send emails with delivery updates.
  2. Gift Item Service: Non-document (gift item) delivery service refers to items over 200 grams and under or equal to 3.0 kgs that are not documents or parcels. They offer this service with payment confirmation proof within any settlement.
  3. Super Express Service: At present, Sundarbans Courier and Parcel Service have 560 + branch offices in 6 divisions, 64 districts, and 452 Upazilas and 751 thanas and village level in Bangladesh 180+ branch offices outside the country. In the company’s enclosed lists of service categories under “Super Express Service,” these are documents for “Extra Urgent Delivery.” Each document has a BDT 120/- booking fee.
  4. Document Corporate Service: Different Bangladeshi corporations utilize this service. The Co-packing Supervisor’s signature delivers the documents within 24 hours of order acceptance.

They make guarantees in ensuring safe delivery, using proper packaging and handling to protect their clients’ valuable documents. It is a secure way for executives doing business from different countries, regardless of APO/FPO addresses, to deliver their important papers safely at local or international locations.

  1. International service: Sundarban couriers provide their service worldwide. This is a tremendous service to international buyers and business people of Bangladesh. So Sundarban couriers provide their services at very low rates but with proper guarantees.

The company offers a special courier service for international clients to deliver their papers across the country. If your order is distributed in more than one country, you can specify which country you want your papers addressed and notified from.

In this case, users will have the option to select Bangladesh, US, UK, etc.), and the courier will be surcharged from those countries to your location. By selecting these options, you can save on additional costs.

  1. Value Declared Service: This service is offered through 110 branches and agency locations throughout the Country to collect the stated amount on “Ecommerce and Condition Parcel Products”.

Working process of Sundarbans courier service:

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Booking: First of all you have to book for courier service delivered to your address accordingly.

Users can also customize their selection of courier services per needs or demand and avail these services.

Packing: The second step is packing. The Sundarban couriers confirm the placement of the goods and care while packing, as they have to handle delicate orders.

As a result, there is a high chance of multiple types of damages occurring due to sharp handling by customers. The time taken to process parcels is long, which will reduce the value and increase your costs if proper packaging services are not provided.

Transportation: The next step is transportation. Because the time to get your parcel at your door overseas depends on several factors, including distance and a few other tributes you have paid for, this process can be done by various means apart from courier services like air waybill shipments or ahead of them, etc.

Delivery: The last step in their working cycle is delivery which we believe should not occur without proper coordination with all stakeholders involved, such as your employee and the recipient.

What is the Sundarbans courier service charge?

Its charges strongly depend upon your order size, service, and timing.

  1. Packaging cost for a carton box: A big carton box costs is-80 taka, and a small box costs 30 takas. It is important to know that the cost of a parcel per kilogram is 10 TK.
  2. Document cost: A document per copy is taka 30.
  3. Cost of a yellow polybag: 100 TK per poly bag.
  4. Cost of white poly bags: Each bag can accommodate parcels weighing 1.5 to 2 kilograms. The cost of a polybag is 130 TK.
  5. Instant Delivery

The package will arrive at the recipient’s location immediately, saving you time. You can take advantage of our special faster delivery service if you need your shipment delivered quickly. A delivery fee of 150 BDT is charged for a distance of 3 km or less.

  1. Same-Day Shipping

Small companies and store owners will love it. If you wish to maintain your commitment to your consumer, take advantage of our same-day service.

  • The delivery fee is 100 BDT.
  • The cost of COD is free up to BDT 2000.
  • There is a 1% fee for COD.

Sundarbans courier service off day

Sundarban Courier Service also has off days in which they do not work on particular days. You cannot place the order when you know your package will get delayed due to Friday or a national holiday. 

But, if you know the date your parcel will be deliverable to its destination on that particular day, then place an order for delivery.

Sundarbans courier service pays only when it delivers the predetermined package and not per billing cycle/previous days. They normally take payment from their customers due to the booking of parcels.

These couriers generally work in the night and early morning hours to ensure that people get their parcels on time. Other than this, there are specific modes of transportation for preferred customers like airway bills, roads, or trains.

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Conclusion: If you are looking for a reliable courier service to ship your valuable items, you can always check Sundarban courier service tracking. They have a wide range of services and are known for their great delivery timings. Now that you know the Sundarban courier service tracking process, it’s time to start planning your next move. If you have any questions or need help choosing a phone, let us know. 

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