Teletalk Emergency Balance Code


Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2022

You suddenly feel that your mobile phone balance has gone to zero. You realize this at the exact time when you need to have a mobile phone balance. If you are a Teletalk customer, you can solve this big problem through emergency balance. You can take emergency balances up to taka.10, 12, 20, and 50 takas as per your choice.

We have published a detailed article about the Teletalk Emergency Balance Code on our website. But still, many people want to know how to check the emergency balance. Since you have to repay it, you should know if you have spent the emergency balance or if you have run out of emergency balance.

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How to get emergency balance in Teletalk?

Teletalk SIM users are relatively fewer than all other SIM operators, but still more than 2 million. Therefore, it is understandable that a certain percentage of these customers are unaware of how to get an emergency balance in Teletalk. We can know it from their search history.

 There are many packages to borrow money on Teletalk SIM. 10 to 50 taka emergency Balances can be taken on Teletalk SIM. Your emergency balance is dependent on your next recharge. Thus you must follow this thing. So we’ll attempt to explain this to you in detail today. We hope you will trust us and read our article all the way through.

You can read the following section if you are a Teletalk SIM user and want to know about the emergency balance code. 

  • Go to your mobile phone’s dial pad option.
  • After that, dial *1122#
  • You can easily get your Teletalk emergency balance.

This is how you can check the emergency balance in your SIM through the Teletalk emergency balance code. I hope you have no more worries or doubts about the Teletalk emergency balance code. From now on, you can check your Teletalk balance yourself.

Terms and conditions of Teletalk emergency balance

  • The duration of the emergency balance will be unlimited.
  • When the emergency balance is recharged, it will automatically be deducted.
  • To know the balance, dial *1122*0# or SMS loan info to 1122
  • The customer’s maximum emergency balance limit will vary depending on the monthly credit usage.
  • The service fee will be deducted from the emergency balance.
  • VAT will also be added to the service fee.
  • The maximum emergency balance limit will be determined per the conditions.

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Teletalk Emergency Balance Code 2022

The Teletalk mobile network is the fourth-largest in Bangladesh. At present, its number of customers is about 58 lakh 20 thousand. Its number is gradually increasing. 

Years ago, it was impossible to make calls after the mobile balance was exhausted. The operators now don’t let the customers remain without balance through an emergency balance feature. Generally, all mobile operators offer emergency balances to their customers under their own conditions. So today, we will discuss the Teletalk emergency balance code. Here we will talk about detailed information about Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.

All of us who are using Teletalk SIM have to face a problem. And among these problems, a common problem is not knowing about the emergency balance code. That’s why we constantly have to take Google’s help. So that we don’t fall into such problems, we should be fully aware of the Teletalk Emergency Balance Code.

We take emergency balances for various needs when our SIM runs out of money. Emergency balance is taken in different ways in different SIMs. If we take the emergency balance in different sims, the office gives emergency balance as per their wish. But you can take the emergency balance of Tk 10, Tk 12, Tk 20, Tk 30, or Tk 50 as you wish in Teletalk SIM. Dial code *1122# to get Teletalk emergency balance

USSD Loan Amount Fee
Dial *1122# The scoring function calculates the customer’s loan balance. Free
Dial *1122*10# 10 0
Dial *1122*12# 12 1.60 (1.2 BDT service fee + 0.40 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*20# 20 2.67 (2 BDT service fee + 0.67 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*30# 30 4.00 (3 BDT service fee + 1.00 BDT SC, SD & VAT)
Dial *1122*50# 50 6.66 (5 BDT service fee + 1.66 BDT SC, SD & VAT)

Teletalk emergency balance 10 tk

We will now discuss how to get a 10 taka emergency balance from Teletalk SIM. To get the emergency balance from Teletalk SIM, you must first open your dial pad and dial *1122*10#. Teletalk SIM will immediately provide an emergency balance when you dial this code.

Teletalk emergency balance check

Teletalk emergency balance check

Teletalk SIM users are increasing. But I don’t know how to check the Teletalk emergency balance. That is why they resort to others. But if you read this article today, then you can easily check your Teletalk emergency balance.

To check the remaining emergency balance after taking the Teletalk emergency balance, users need to dial *1122*0#.


Teletalk Emergency Balance Code FAQ

1. How can I check the balance of my Teletalk emergency loan?

To get an emergency balance, dial *1122# or go to the message option, write “Loan,” and send it to 1122 (charge free). 

2. What is the best way to check my Teletalk balance?

If you want to check your Teletalk balance, You can check the balance by dialing *152#.

3. Why am I unable to access emergency balance in Teletalk?

Teletalk Prepaid customers are not all eligible for the Emergency Balance Service. Customers with a monthly usage of 160 TK (average) are eligible for the Emergency balance program. To receive the Emergency Balance Service, customers must use the service and meet the Recharge Criteria.

Conclusion: Many teletalk users do not know about the Teletalk emergency balance service. So we wait to recharge after our balance is exhausted. But if we know about the emergency balance, then we can easily recharge the balance when we are in trouble. Teletalk will provide emergency balance service when your mobile SIM balance becomes zero or very low. In this article, we have discussed the Teletalk Emergency Balance Code so that you can get your emergency balance.

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