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How To Check Teletalk Number | Teletalk Number Check Code 2022

Teletalk is the only government mobile operator in the country. Teletalk being a government SIM, has some special benefits. So many of you use Teletalk SIM. But because almost everyone in the current generation uses multiple SIMs, many people sometimes forget the Teletalk SIM number. So to solve your problem, we will show you the Teletalk number check code.

You may search on YouTube or Google to know how to check Teletalk numbers. But many people can know the correct method of checking a Teletalk SIM number by reading articles or watching videos on YouTube, and many people do not know. So we have bought this article for your convenience. By reading our article, you can know your Taletalk number.


Teletalk number check 2022 | টেলিটক নাম্বার চেক

Teletalk is one of the most popular mobile network service providers in Bangladesh. Its total number of active subscribers in Bangladesh is 60 lakhs. If you are also a user of Teletalk, this article can be very important for you.

It is the only state-owned mobile phone operator in Bangladesh that offers 2G, 3G, 4G, and 5G technologies. Presently the only 5G internet service provider in the country, Teletalk started working in the country in 2004. 

Many of them are using Teletalk SIM. Teletalk SIM offers different types of offers at other times. We have a specific number in Teletalk SIM. Many of us do not remember our numbers. Then we need to check that number. And at that time, we have to check our Teletalk SIM number; otherwise, we cannot use it if necessary. Many of our Teletalk customers have asked us about checking Teletalk numbers.

You must dial a special code to check your Teletalk sim number. We will share the Teletalk sim number checking code in this article today so you can quickly check your Teletalk sim number. You can check your Teletalk sim number by dialing this code if you have forgotten it. You can check your Teletalk SIM number by dialing 551#. You can quickly check your phone number by dialing *551#. You can retrieve your Teletalk SIM number right now by dialing 551# if you have forgotten it.

How do I check my own number?

  1. Check the Teletalk number by SSD.
  • First, go to your mobile massage option.
  • You dial *551# from your Teletalk number.
  • After a few seconds, you will see a new window showing your sim number.
  1. Check Teletalk number by SMS
  • First, open your mobile dial mane,
  • Open the SMS option
  • Then type P and send 154 to this number.


  • First, you must open your mobile dial pad.
  • Then go to the SMS option.
  • Now dial W and sand to 321.

SMS informs you about the Teletalk number if you follow the steps shown correctly.

How to check the Teletalk number?

Have you forgotten your old Teletalk SIM number? You are worried about the Teletalk number check code if you have forgotten. But there is no reason to worry. Today on our website, we will discuss three rules about how to find Teletalk forgotten SIM number.

First Process.

First, if you want to find the Teletalk forgotten SIM number, go to the dial option of your phone. After dialing the phone, dial *551#. Within a few seconds, your Teletalk SIM number will appear in front of you. By adopting this method, you can know the number. And if you fail to know the number, follow the rules below.

Second Process:

If you fail to find the Teletalk SIM number by adopting the above method, then you can go to the message option of your phone. After going to the message option, type P. Then type that message and send it to 154. You will be informed of your forgotten Teletalk number in the return SMS.

Third Process:

Or you can use another way to check your number. Here it is:

Write W and send SMS to 321. Only then will you see your Teletalk number.

Teletalk number check code 2022

Teletalk Number Check Code *551#
Teletalk number SMS system-1 Write P and send it to 154
Teletalk number SMS system-2 Write W and send to 321


Teletalk Number Check Code F&Q

1. How to check Teletalk sim offers?

To know the Teletalk offer, you can dial the same code and know the code is: * 111 #.

2. How can I verify my own phone number?

You can use Teletalk USSD Code or Teletalk SMS Code if you have a Teletalk SIM card.

3. How to check Teletalk Number Balance?

You can use a dial code to check your Teletalk SIM balance. First, dial *152# from your mobile. After some time dialing the code, you will see your Teletalk SIM balance without any problem.

4. How to check Teletalk sim MB?

To check Teletalk MB, you need to dial *152# or *111# and

Conclusion: Have you forgotten your Teletalk SIM number and want to know how to check the Teletalk SIM number? Then today’sTeletalk Number Check Code article is only for you.

Most people don’t know the correct Teletalk sim number method. But there is no need to worry too much about it. Because today it is very easy to check Teletalk sim number. This article mainly talks about checking Teletalk numbers in 3 ways. So we hope you have got your solution.

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