TIN Certificate Download


TIN Certificate Download

A TIN certificate is a document that contains information about the company or individual’s tax status. It shows the income tax paid by the business and details of any relevant interest, capital gains, inheritance tax, and profits. As the supply chain is the lifeline of any business, there is a constant need to ensure efficiency and safety. Today, all major companies have their TIN (Tracking and Traceability) system in place to meet this requirement.

Companies such as Walmart, P&G, Zara, and others use the TIN system to keep track of their products.TIN Certificate Download provides an easy way to get the TIN Certificate in PDF format. This is the best source to get the free TIN Certificate that various government departments require.

What is a TIN Certificate?

The TIN Certificate is a unique and essential document that lets you claim an unlimited amount of tax exemptions and deductions for your investment in residential property. A TIN certificate can also be used to prevent fraud when claiming an income tax exemption on your property or capital gains tax exemption on your property sale. The Certificate can be used to prove that you are a genuine investor. The information on the TIN Certificate is not public and is kept confidential by all companies who issue them.

When to make a TIN certificate?

The following government departments require a TIN certificate.

  • The income tax department for filing your Income Tax Return (ITR). 
  • The department of capital gains tax for filing your Capital Gains Tax Return (CGTR).
  • For claiming exemption on the purchase of the property.
  • To prove that you are a genuine investor to qualify for an income tax exemption or deduction.
  • To qualify for the purchase of real estate investment trusts (REITs).
  • To claim exemption on your property sale.
  • For claiming tax exemptions if you are a member of any cooperative society or mutual fund company.
  • Any other department which requires the TIN Certificate for claiming exemption on your property.

Rules for TIN certificate registration

You can apply for a TIN certificate download through any registered TIN agency in Bangladesh. A registered TIN agency is an entity that has been approved by the Income Tax Department and the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA).

  1. You must be at least 18 years old to apply for a TIN certificate. 
  2. You must be a resident of Bangladesh and a country citizen for at least three months.
  3. You must have been living in Bangladesh for at least six months before submitting your application. 
  4. You must have no criminal record or pending case with any law enforcement agency.
  5. You must not be a director, shareholder, or any other party who is liable to pay taxes in your name. 
  6. You cannot have an account with any bank for more than three months before applying for the TIN certificate. 
  7.  If you are filing your application through a registered TIN agency, you must have submitted your application in writing to the TIN agency. 
  8. You cannot be an applicant for any other type of certificate.

Documents required when applying for a TIN certificate.

You will need the following documents when applying for a TIN certificate download:

  1.  Your application form.

how to get tin certificate

  1.  Original copy of your passport.
  2.  Your bank statement for the last six months or any other documentation which proves that you do not have money in your account.
  3. Copy of marriage certificate, divorce decree, birth certificate, and death certificate of parents if you are a minor.
  4. Copy of certificate from the police or any other law enforcement agency stating that you have no criminal record.
  5. If you are applying for an exemption on your property, you must submit a TIN certificate with original documents issued by the Inland Revenue Department.
  6. If you are applying for an exemption for your business, you must submit a TIN certificate with original documents issued by the Inland Revenue Department.
  7.  If you are applying for an exemption on your vehicle, you must submit a TIN certificate with original documents issued by the Inland Revenue Department.

How to get TIN certificate?

You can get a TIN certificate at any of the following places in Bangladesh.

  1. TIN agency of the district where you are applying for a certificate. 
  2.  Any bank branch.
  3.  A TIN agency in any other district where you have lived for more than six months within the last five years. 
  4. TIN agency of any other district where you have lived for more than six months within the last five years.

If you are applying for a certificate from the district where you reside, it is mandatory to submit original documents issued by the local authority. Your TIN agency can issue a certificate to your parents if they reside in another district. The certificate can also be obtained at any embassy or consulate general in Bangladesh if your parents reside in another country.

If the local authority is not issuing original documents, you have to submit photocopies of the documents issued by the local authority.

The original documents issued by the TIN agency of the district where you are applying must be submitted when applying for a certificate from another district.

TIN Certificate Verification

When you submit your TIN certificate to the TIN agency, they will check whether your name is registered in their database. If it is not found, then they will send a letter requesting documents from you. Send all the requested documents at once with a cover letter to the TIN agency when you receive that letter. They will verify your documents, and if they are not satisfied, they will send you a letter stating that your documents are not in order and requesting more information.

If they are satisfied with your documents, they will issue a certificate stating that you have lived in their area for the required period and as per Bangladesh laws.

TIN certificate download

To download your TIN certificate, you have to go to the website of the TIN agency. You will find a link for downloading your certificate at the top right corner of their homepage.

You will be redirected to a page that will ask for your username and password after clicking that link. income tax.Login

TIN Certificate Verification

The TIN agency’s server will allow you to download your certificate once you have entered your username and password.

How do I know if a TIN certificate download is fake or not?

There are some basic things that you should check before downloading your TIN certificate.

  • If the website asks for any personal information, then it is most likely a fake website. And they ask for too much money; then, it is also a good indication of being a fake website.
  • The website may also ask for your credit card information, which is a fake sign.
  • This website may also be fake if you have used this TIN certificate in the past.

 Conclusion: If you have a TIN certificate, it is a good idea to keep a copy of the record with you at all times. Your card can be used as proof of identity, and your tax form can be verified against the record. And you will get the TIN certificate download option on the TIN website. From here, you can get a printed copy of the TIN certificate.

A printed copy is also helpful in notifying credit card companies that you have been approved for a new card or proof of identity when applying for loans. In case your TIN certificate gets lost or damaged, you’ll have to obtain a replacement within 90 days of its issuance.

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